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  1. They need to pass something to shove healthcare / insurance prices way the hell down.
  2. Max is still here but I can't seem to get Guru or any of the others to verify my new email address so I'm stuck with my social experiment sock. Sincerely, MadMax
  3. And you can bet your ass there are at least 3 on this board who agreed with it. And still do.
  4. Fuck Russia and fuck any of you fuckers who don't agree. Yeah, fuck you.
  5. This horseshit probably pisses me off as much as anything. The GOP is only interested in a GOOD education for rich kids, further extending the inequality in this country.. And by GOOD education, that includes a certain "massaging" of history. I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to realize this but still toe the party line.
  6. It was a normal, fucking tour.
  7. Yeah, we need at least one annoying contrarian.
  8. Take out the fun digs at you and where was I wrong? I'm a Christian and I see more of my so called "brethren" being hateful than any other group of people.
  9. As a Christian, it's our duty to put the Word out to anyone who is willing to hear it. As a reward, there will be more gifts bestowed upon us, the more we spread the Word. It says, in the Bible, there will be rulers and reigners in Heaven. Some people (I find them to be the dweebs who were beat up in high school types) who are obsessed with ruling and reigning once they get their rewards. Me? I'm fine with fire insurance. If I'm in Heaven, why do I need to rule over anyone? Earl definitely fits in with the shitheads who want to rule and reign over the rest of us. We should be spreading the Word because we love one another and want everyone to spend eternity with the Lord, not because we want to lord over other souls. Other dumbasses, I feel, become militant because of a lack of faith, they were taught to go to church etc. and continue to do so but use their so called religion as a weapon against those who don't look, behave or believe the same way. It's not a good look and turns people away. Earl fits in here, as well.
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