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  1. Is there anyone who saw the title of this thread and did not immediately know who the author was?
  2. Yep, and right after freedom democracy and security, his next most frequent talking point is that the Republican party does not have a monopoly on faith, and that Democrats should no longer just cede this to Republicans. Sure there are plenty of Atheists in the Democratic party, but there are also Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodist, Evangelicals, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. He is a guy who can talk about faith in a real way, but while also maintaining the "big tent" of the Democratic Party.
  3. Wow, I went searching for articles to see if Bernie's team is attacking Mayor Pete, and look what I found instead: https://www.jfklibrary.org/learn/education/profile-in-courage-essay-contest/past-winning-essays/2000-winning-essay-by-peter-buttigieg
  4. BTW the really interesting thing from that Emerson poll is: (1) in the same poll just a couple of months ago, Pete was at 0%. That's a big rise in name recognition. (2) Pete is polling at 22% among 18-29 year olds. That's Bernie's base. Bernie still leading with this group with 44%, but it makes sense Pete would appeal to that demographic. If this trend continues, that puts Bernie in some peril.
  5. Yeah exactly. And while being gay could hurt with moderates and some dems, the churchgoing thing will help there imo. If nothing else I hope some conservatives will learn that plenty of LGBTQ people are people of faith. in my experience they are barely less likely to attend church than the average Democrat, depending on locale of course. Almost all the gays I know in Macon go to church regularly.
  6. I believe he has a greater than zero chance, but even if not, one can be a serious candidate without having a legit shot to win. He will have a significant affect on the dialog and issues, IMO. And if the guy finishes in the top three or better in Iowa, watch out.
  7. Eh I think it's a good point. People like us that are very informed find it hard to identify, but there is a very large portion of the electorate that doesn't have a clue. The fact so many people pulled the lever for a black dude with that name is pretty amazing. And you gotta remember there are plenty of people who are prejudiced but don't know it and certainly woild never think of themselves as bigoted. And then for a guy like Trump to win next, I dismiss any talk that this person or that "can't possibly win." the seemingly impossible happened the last three elections in a row.
  8. If beto poll numbers start looking good that Obama fundraiser won't be alone. A lot of the campaign talent will start to jump on board. There was talk early on a lot of the sharps were keeping their powder dry and not committing until they found out what Beto was gonna do. I think his delay probably cost him some of those folks, but behind the scenes most of the pros seem to think Beto is the one to back.
  9. I've got all these knuckleheads blocked. Are they seriously not getting the satire?
  10. Yes, but the really dumb thing is HE SET IT UP that way, to only have "one shot" at diplomacy. This is what everyone warned about pre-summit, that it was too early for a summit, because if you have a summit and it doesn't work and things breakdown, you have nowhere to go.
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