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  1. By corporate I mean he will actively seek out and utilize big money corporate bundlers.
  2. Any of the conspiracy guys in here ever figure out what uranium is, and why the uranium 1 conspiracy makes zero sense? Or have they tried to diplomatically turn the page to just lashing out and trolling?
  3. That's noble of Biden and all but let's not kid ourselves - he is the big money corporate donor guy in this race.
  4. OK. You have now posted two links, neither of which says Jon isn't coming back, and both of which agree there is a very good chance he is coming back in some firm, albeit probably different than in the show. So I'm going with shtick.
  5. The one thing about greyworm not killing Jon snow. That woild totally be out of line for his character. Greyworm is a soldier. Like the most soldiery guy that ever soldiered. The Unsullied follow orders and kill. That's what they do. Dany Def halped Greyworm become a bit more human but the guy was raised Unsullied. He follows orders. He isn't going to freelance and kill a prisoner. Especially not someone like Jon Snow. Some of that episode was a mess at the end for sure but Greyworm not doing a fucking thing without being told is 100% true to his character.
  6. Is this shtick? It is almost 100%certain Jon is coming back in the books. And it is absolutely 100%that his heritage is going to be the same in the books as in the show. This is one of the worst takes in this thread.
  7. BTW won't be able to watch this for several days so if all my predictions are way off that won't be why I'm staying away from this thread.
  8. People keep talking about who is going to sit on the iron throne. Is this just a shorthand way of saying who will rule westeros? Cuz there is no iron throne. The whole red keep was destroyed right?
  9. Definitely possible. I didn't see it this way but yeah I could see that.
  10. That's what I think. Not to be a lady in a castle but just to be happy
  11. That would be interesting but totally put of left field as the show hasn't done anything like that
  12. That was my thought when I first saw the scene. Which fits because Arya has always been connected with the God of death. Guess we will see
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