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  1. Trick plays? 3rd and 20, he went threw his progressions and instead of taking off, he dumped it to Lewis who gained 11. That’s a good play
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/long-time-patriots-nemesis-says-tom-brady-clear-cut-no-2-all-time-more-of-a-system-qb/
  3. 12.4?!? Isn’t this the equivalent of putting your name on a test and not answering any of the questions?
  4. As the GM of the organization, ultimately every problem and underperforming area comes back on JRob. Personally I don’t think he’s been great nor terrible. He’s hit on some things, missed on some. My biggest frustration is with the offensive line. We have one of the most expensive offensive lines in the league and largely the most underperforming. Obviously Lewan being out hurts us but Kelly has actually been the best lineman the past 3 weeks. I think the Ben Jones extension is trash, I don’t even need to mention the revolving door at RG right now, and Saffold hasn’t been good at LG. As far as I’m concerned, not addressing the interior properly has been JRobs biggest miss. Even with that miss, a good coach can get his players to reach another level and we clearly haven’t done that. So then ultimately Kevin Carter falls back to JRob also. This can be fixed but not likely until the offseason.
  5. 2 sacks were on play action last night. In both situations it was play action from under center. I looked at the game this morning since play action seems to be our longest developing plays. Play action from under center (6 times) was largely ineffective. The first time we did it, he hit Sharpe for 23 in the first half. The other 5 times, we had a screen for 0, a throwaway, a sack, Mariota scrambling on the defensive holding, and another sack. When we ran play action from Shotgun (8 times), we had: missed out route to Jonnu, 30yd to Humphries, throwaway, 5yd pass to AJB, 20yd pass to Jonnu, Henry's dropped screen, Delanie for 29, CD one hander for 15. The majority of our big plays came from Play action under Shotgun. 3 possibilities of error: 1: Mariota can't process fast enough to turn his head around in a normal play action and find the open receiver, 2: O-Line can't block for the 4 seconds it takes to execute play action under center (2 thru the handoff, 2 for the qb), or 3: its a combination of both. I'm miserable having watched that trash for a second time this morning.
  6. This situation is our best chance to get points
  7. That was a good back shoulder throw. Brown too busy pushing off to get his head around and find the ball
  8. Road to the super bowl doesn’t go through Brady or Ben in NFC. Easier path?
  9. Who picks a 3-13 team over a 9-7 team with a playoff win where the very defense you would be coaching carried the team for most of the year? Worrisome about Mike V
  10. The fact that they batted so many balls coming right over our receivers back, shows how little separation there was. I'm sure at least one of those was Marcus not getting the ball there quick enough and allowing the DB to close whatever tiny gap there was, but I really don't expect a QB to thread a needle literally every single play. Sometimes the WR has to actually make a play on a ball.

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