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  1. Road to the super bowl doesn’t go through Brady or Ben in NFC. Easier path?
  2. Who picks a 3-13 team over a 9-7 team with a playoff win where the very defense you would be coaching carried the team for most of the year? Worrisome about Mike V
  3. The fact that they batted so many balls coming right over our receivers back, shows how little separation there was. I'm sure at least one of those was Marcus not getting the ball there quick enough and allowing the DB to close whatever tiny gap there was, but I really don't expect a QB to thread a needle literally every single play. Sometimes the WR has to actually make a play on a ball.
  4. I just don't see him keeping the same OC that Whiz picked. If he gets the job and does keep Michaels, I'll recant my theory and agree with you.
  5. For all who are mentioning continuity with the playbook for Mariota and not having to learn a new offense, remember that Mularkey took what they already were using in Whiz's playbook and adjusted a few things. I find it highly unlikely that he'd keep that same playbook if he returns. He wasn't going to change the entire playbook in this middle of the season, and I'm sure some concepts are retained but I absolutely think the playbook changes if he's retained. Edit: I'm not talking about the continuity with coaching staff, as I agree that would be a good thing for Marcus, just the playbook situation.
  6. Like I mentioned, it's not that we're last that makes any difference at all, unless we were interested in the 6 that hired. It's the fact that everyone in the country is available and we've only scheduled 3 interviews, none of which I consider solid HC options.
  7. I'm not upset about getting any of them.......The only two that intrigued me were Hue and Gase. My being upset comes from the fact that we have scheduled 3 interviews with one of those being Mularkey. If we had scheduled interviews with the 14 candidates you listed, it would be a different story. I don't want Mularkey, Marrone, or Austin so until I see more schedule interviews, I'll continue the pessimism
  8. I like the GM hire.. Part of me is excited that we now have our choice of literally anyone, but the pessimist inside me knows that Mularkey is our future and I get eternally pissed off again.
  9. With the news coming out of all these coaching hires, it looks like the Titans are the last team in the league to remedy anything, as per usual. Pederson to the Eagles Koetter to the Bucs McAdoo to the Giants Kelly to the 49ers. Gase to the Dolphins Jackson to the Browns We suck.
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