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  1. Titanstattoo25

    How do we beat the Colts?

    Hope he hurts his shoulder again? I am not sure u have an answer. Excited to see them play Mahomes. If you told me today they were going to win the Super Bowl I wouldn’t be shocked. I’d be pissed but not shocked.
  2. Titanstattoo25

    2018-2019 Wildcard Weekend Thread

    Luck is the best player in the game by far. Wouldn’t shock me if this game wasn’t that close. I hate the Colts more than anyone bc they had Peyton for so long, had one bad year when he was hurt, then got Luck. Honestly wouldnt shock me if the Colts got hot and made a run. They’re 9-1 in their last 10. Whose slowing the Luck down? Maybe the Ravens??
  3. Titanstattoo25

    Did the departure of Watterson impact our season?

    We just talked about the pranks he always would pull and the story Fisher told on the radio of Watterson putting his truck on blocks and taking all the tires when he came back with the Rams and how the stunt delayed the Rams from leaving and cost the team 40k dollars etc. He was great, told him I’d love for him to write a book with great stories and he said all his guys would kill him lol but he was very nice. Was with his family so we just talked as we landed as I didn’t want to bother him.
  4. Titanstattoo25

    Did the departure of Watterson impact our season?

    Was on a flight with him a few months ago, he was nice as could be and was funny as shit. Had just had surgery himself and said he had been putting off fixing things for himself for a while.
  5. Titanstattoo25

    Week 17: Colts at Titans Game Thread

    There’s a safety you can’t see in the picture but zero reason to miss Taylor so badly.
  6. Titanstattoo25

    Big Trouble in mid-sized Nashville.

    I think a sign of a good GM is admitting and cutting loses so I’m hopeful he does so. Granted replacing 3 starters is very hard on one line so we will see but Kline shouldn’t be starting at all. He is awful at both but really bad at pass pro.
  7. Titanstattoo25

    Big Trouble in mid-sized Nashville.

    This would be very bad. Kline is the worst of the 3 and has no reason to continue being a starter. Jones has the IQ without a doubt but physically isn’t strong enough, and Spain should be replaced as well. I’d say Kline is the biggest of the weak links followed by Jones then Spain.
  8. Titanstattoo25

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    Doubtful is no longer an injury designation. Either that or probable? They got rid of one of them.
  9. Titanstattoo25

    Breaking: Mariota NOT expected to play today

    ESPN: Titans fear the wrong hit could cause permanent damage to Marcus Mariota. Also ESPN: If the Titans win, there’s hope Mariota can go in the playoffs. huh?
  10. You’re forgetting everyone is on IR lol Casey Ryan Smith Conklin Walker etc
  11. Titanstattoo25

    Week 16 Around the NFL Thread

    Any given Sunday but I think if Saints blow it it’s over. Browns are hot but ravens and Steelers aren’t losing at home blowing the playoffs. I cant believe the saints were just up 10 and now are about to be losing. We needed ONE of the top 2 teams (Saints/Chargers) to win at home. Both had everything to play for, and they may both blow it.
  12. Titanstattoo25

    Week 16 Around the NFL Thread

    My god If the Saints could just get a stop the game would be over. Saints march right down down the field after half, go up 10, crowd back into it, and promptly let Steelers march right the fuck down the field. Awful.
  13. This would be a bad sign if true, no clue who these guys are though.
  14. Titanstattoo25

    Week 16 Around the NFL Thread

    How do you take out Drew Brees and put in Hill who promptly throws into double coverage?!?!! Makes no damn sense to me???