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  1. A to Z says he was late to practice Wednesday with a “headache”. they have sources calling him “worthless” “lazy” and “useless.” That’s not good.
  2. Beddingfield said AJ Brown would be inactive for some games based on matchups. He immediately lose any confidence I had in him.
  3. What happened to the “historic” punishment Florio was talking about? Jackass.
  4. My big concern from this is teams will scheme for Sambrailo specifically. When Lewan has gone down he’s down fairly well but if a team goes into it there will be no Lewan, I think he’s gonna see a lot more attention. Worrisome but what can we do, overall we’ve been a lot luckier than most with injuries this year.
  5. Can’t wait to see this Offense with Corey back hopefully next week. People may forget he was having a very good start to the season.
  6. Absolutely agree. And people forget, their receiver was WIDE OPEN. If it wasn’t for a great Simmons deflection, the game was over right there.
  7. Over 600 yards on offense. And still needed overtime. So excited but damn the defense needs a spark.
  8. Their defense has to be gassed. Run it down their throats. Let’s go.
  9. Bullock has fucked the titans so many times. He missed a game winning FG against the titans that would’ve sent them to the playoffs a few years ago.
  10. 4-0 with a 14 to 0 lead might end up being a 4-2 team really quickly. Crushing.
  11. It seems like their receivers are open by 5+ yards on EVERY PLAY.

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