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  1. They run $5 specials all the time. That’s why I did and it’s worth it absolutely. Especially if you care about other Nashville sports like the preds.
  2. They INSIST on running Henry non stop, then on 2nd and 3rd and 2, they don’t give him the ball. I’m stumped.
  3. Vaccaro is done. Was good when signed but is worthless now.
  4. Need to throw a screen to Evans to slow down the pass rush.
  5. Brewer was put on covid list today. He’s essentially ruled out for Sunday, not way to come back in time. Douglas would play who sucks.
  6. He for sure will get a chance but his low kicks, line drives made me nervous.
  7. 40 TD QB 2K rusher 1k receiver 1k receiver (984 technically with 2 missed games) With your pro bowl LT missing and being replaced with a 3rd string PS player Best offense in Titans HISTORY and people say losing the OC isn’t a big deal. Hilarious. I hope he’s in town one more year to run it back with hopefully a good defense. No coordinators are perfect, everyone has bad games/decisions etc. But the guy has done an amazing job overall. and if not I hope the replacement does even better and tbere is minimal drop off. But peop
  8. Whoops, still foggy and just looked at the graphic. Good call
  9. HUGE forgotten play..... the tackle by Butler and overturned 2 pt conversion.
  10. 4th and 11 you HAVE TO KNOW they’re gonna blitz. That’s piss poor. Up 16 with a chance to win the division and they’re pissing down their leg.
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