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  1. Unless he’s cheap, which he won’t be, I wouldn’t bring him back. I don’t anticipate they will either.
  2. They’re being held on ALL of Mahomes scrambles. They haven’t been called for a single hold all day.
  3. chiefs haven’t been called for a hold all day despite numerous obvious holds. Titans have been called for 2 bogus holding calls.
  4. How do you get a false start when you aren’t even gonna run a play?
  5. Lewan playing like shit, been absolutely dominated several plays. Jonnu hurt and was in medical tent end of half. browns and jets both blow the last 2 mins of the first half in their games.
  6. Why the fuck do we insist on having two kickers on the roster??? Why do we still need Succop? I’m glad they signed another kicker but there is ZERO reason to have Succop on the active roster.
  7. Starting to think we may not resign Logan Ryan. He’s a great slot corner but he’s on the decline and only Great when the other top corners are healthy and playing well. He got roasted again today.
  8. He’s been open numerous times today and hasn’t gotten the ball.
  9. Fuller playing really sucks. Prevents extra attention on Hopkins. Watson’s downfield numbers aren’t very good without fuller but of course he’s playing today.
  10. He’s been pumping him with confidence for weeks with no pay off. we literally have 2 kickers right now. One for kick offs, who struggled to get touchbacks consistently yesterday, and 1 who only does field goals, and is 1 for 5 on the year. It’s being overlooked bc the offense is on fire right now. But what happens when the Texans game comes down to a field goal? If we have 10 secs left and a 52 yard field goal to win the game, you comfortable trotting either of those guys out there? Succop has no confidence in himself. also Vrabel has been great lately BUT is always questionable in the kicking game. This is the same guy that sent santos out there for a long Fg after he already missed 3 kicks and it was fourth and short. parkey missed 1 xp but otherwise was perfect and bringing him back frees up a roster spot. I would bring him back immediately.

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