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  1. Adoree playing huge parts in all opening game TDs this year. cleveland- drops INT on first play Indy- commits a terrible Pass interference Jax- doesn’t know how to fall on the punt, continues to try and pick up a wet ball.
  2. Jags haven’t led a single minute of either of their first two games....
  3. That crew called the least amount of penalties last year....
  4. I agree I think he’s on the decline as well. Also you don’t have to designate anyone to return anymore. You’re allowed to activate up to 2 players but no longer have to designate who ahead of time. Rule changed last year I believe.
  5. If you make the initial 53 and then go to IR you can come back after week 8. Also am I the only one who wasn’t a huge Succop fan? I was hoping they’d replace him soon anyway. He was somewhat reliable from short distances but I never felt confident with him. Lastly he hasn’t kicked hardly at all during offseason, that’s scary to put him out there with games possibly on the line from 47+ etc.
  6. Blake Beddingfield Did a 53 man roster projection for PKs site. I enjoy Blake’s work but In it, he says the AJ Brown will probably be inactive at times due to not having speed and only being an intermediate guy. that’s hilarious. Unless he’s hurt no way he’s ever inactive.
  7. It is raining and storming very hard here. Yes it would suck for the fans but they need to cancel tonight. Risking injury on a super soaked field for a “scrimmage” would be a terrible thing.
  8. Would AJ Brown even make sense here? My understanding was he’s mainly a slot guy and since we signed Humphries would that even make sense?
  9. Damn it Risner would’ve been the perfect pick to me.
  10. I’d kill to get Dalton Risner. He’s 100% a jrob Vrabel kinda guy.
  11. That is true but the drop in price for preseason was very small while the increase for other games was HUGE.
  12. My season tickets have gone up over $400 for a pair of corner club level seats, an average of $46 per game for 2 seats. That is extremely disappointing. I expected $5/10 per seat per game increase but this was crazy. They can market it as they lowered pre season ticket price but as a STH you’re still required to purchase, and tickets to other games went up considerably. This team has made the playoffs once in the last 10 years and I am as die hard as they come but I am beyond frustrated. That is an insane price jump especially when the whole game day experience is mediocre. Food is still way overpriced, average quality, parking passes are very expensive, traffic is horribly managed etc. Don’t think vintage “aldephia coliseum” is ever coming back. They’re driving away more and more fans. Beyond pissed.
  13. Hope he hurts his shoulder again? I am not sure u have an answer. Excited to see them play Mahomes. If you told me today they were going to win the Super Bowl I wouldn’t be shocked. I’d be pissed but not shocked.
  14. Luck is the best player in the game by far. Wouldn’t shock me if this game wasn’t that close. I hate the Colts more than anyone bc they had Peyton for so long, had one bad year when he was hurt, then got Luck. Honestly wouldnt shock me if the Colts got hot and made a run. They’re 9-1 in their last 10. Whose slowing the Luck down? Maybe the Ravens??