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  1. I'm all for Tannehill. They're the same guy. We know for a fact whoever we get, they WILL play.
  2. LB Brandon Marshall is gonna be on the market.
  3. Confirmed. Now I really need someone who's good at PhotoShop to go dig up pics of Henry lying on his Serta on Twitter and put Brady in bed with him. And pics of Henry and Brady kissing of course going all the way to his college days
  4. You guys are really arguing about RB catch % in AB thread? There's a thread about Brady being gay. Go argue over there.
  5. Lol that's hilarious. Love PK man. Carrie U or L Vonn?
  6. They all look good as a GM if they get a QB. Imagine if Flacco and AB go to the Broncos.
  7. Much more likely we get a guy like Tate or Humphries. The trade and contract capital alone for AB is too steep. Once you add in the locker room problems, social media, etc, he's starting to be in the untouchables column. A team essentially has to have a few things: cap space, a bigass ego, a solid QB, and the belief that their locker room is kosher. Colts might have that, which sucks for us lol.
  8. And then lost to the Biloxi Mudcats Junior varisty team.
  9. Better than rookies, worse than vast majority of current rosters, but that's a fine line honestly.
  10. With his character mark and ACL, where we he fall? 2nd? 3rd? He was top 20 100% likely top 15 before. Would probably spend a 2nd after trading down in 2nd. Can't let this guy last until the 3rd. Drafting him is the same as giving up a 2nd or 3rd now to trade up in 2020 for a 1st.
  11. And his dad talking trash about Vols/Butch Jones on Twitter:
  12. Don't forget his parents talking shit about Kamara on Twitter...https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Bolt/Jalen-Hurds-mother-takes-shot-at-Alvin-Kamara-on-Twitter-51631747/
  13. Transfer rules. I guess the 1000th person telling him he wasn't NFL running back material it finally sank in.
  14. You can watch his games and tell he's not gonna be able to do that in the NFL. Dude was just running all over the field like every play was a punt return.
  15. The good old days of big hits. Miss em. I wonder how often NFL Replays Top 20 Biggest Hits has been submitted in court?
  16. No but I follow them due to proximity. His parents basically threatened transfer his entire career that if Kamara ate into his carries, he would be gone. That's why one of NFL's best runners didn't do much until Hurd left. They tried to get Hurd to move to TE or Receiver, but he refused. He's a whiny bitch.
  17. The guy who had Kamara on the bench during Butch Jones' tenure? The guy who lets his parents ruin his college career? Haha no thanks
  18. Just picking on Kyle. Guess it was a swing n a miss
  19. Well, I guess I'll never join the land of Ben Gay and geriatric costume parties.
  20. This son of a bitch never passed for 3k and averaged 55% in the league. He's also the epitome of mediocre NFL QBs. He's a HS coach for crying out loud.
  21. Yeah I think Corey had a good year even though he had a shitty QB. Hopefully Mariota gets his shit together. So we can trade him.
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