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  1. Def wouldn't call those punches. He slapped her face a few times. Who knows what that woman did to his family. But really the whole time it looked like he was trying to stop the violence. Maybe he did that to cool the crowd because he knew they wouldn't stop until justice was served. But once again, we're talking about something a CHILD did in a MOB MOMENT to someone who did something horrible to his family. So...he gets a pass IMO.
  2. Go fuck yourself Ruston Webster! WE'RE BACK!
  3. Haskins then Metcalf then Winovich then...? We got our pick of the litter fellaz. Let's trade back! Or Simmons
  4. Da...Raiders lmao Hire the broadcasters they said........Send the scouts home they said.
  5. #1 Why do you still post to this board? #2 Isn't this a duplicate post? #3 No matter how fugly someone is, there's always someone willing to fuck them. Unfortunately, that one person is you. #4 Go fuck yourself.
  6. Basically Ryan Fitzmagic without the intelligence. No thanks. Yall are getting silly even suggesting it. I get why shitty beat writers would post it, but I expect better from posters on the #1 Message Board.
  7. I hope it's not Christian Wilkins. I'd rather have Bradbury. Wilkins will be a good player, but he was pedestrian often shutdown at Clemson. JC is his comparison, which requires a ton of work ethic and study. JC isn't the most impressive from a talent perspective, and neither is Wilkins. I want a nasty game changer, regardless of the position.
  8. Yeah gonna stay home because of storms. May just head down there tmrw after work
  9. When I do mocks this year, I keep finding a ton of picks between 1-3. After that, there's a huge drop off. So I kinda agree. There will be 4-5 people there at 19 who are fairly equal at multiple positions. If we trade back, we get one of them, plus an additional.
  10. I think he could play a 4-3 end or linebacker. Definitely edge. He's a pure pass rusher. They say he got fat after the season. He certainly has the production, albeit at a lesser school.
  11. Imagine Simmons and Jaylon Ferguson on the same team.
  12. I honestly see us trading back here, but I didn't want to pick "other." Jrob recently said multiple times in an interview that he wants more picks. Like, repeatedly. He even said, if we could drop back but still see a reasonable amount of choices left of equal ranking that he would want to do it. Simmons is a top 5 talent that we may never get to draft again for a long time. He is the missing piece we've not had for 10 years. He will make everybody around him better.
  13. You guys are out of your minds if you think Winovich is worth a 1st round pick. He's a special teams 4th rounder who has peaked.
  14. Like I said before, the thing that kills me: they marched in there and started cleaning house. Trading players, firing scouts. I understand sending them home bc they're "not your guys" or bc you're gonna fire them, but why fire them? These scouts found some solid players. They found some of the top players that the Raiders have seen in 20 yrs. Now you send em packing? It's kinda cray to me.
  15. I like out picks, but Indy picking 4 defensive players? Seriously doubt that.
  16. The only similarity is effort and ethnicity. He should be a late 3rd rounder - middle 4th
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if he drops to the 4th or 5th
  18. I think Winovich is maxed out. Reminds me of Klug. Could contribute but shouldn't be considered among elite.
  19. Could see us taking a shoe-in at guard that might grow into RT. Jrob seems to have the deck shuffling attitude that BB does.
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