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  1. They're saying probably Nov. Worst case scenario: playoffs. The good news is that he might help us get INTO THE PLAYOFFS. The bad news? There's no bad news.
  2. I was actually kinda worried they would get Simmons. Buncha mocks had him going there. Imagine Houston AND Simmons going into the back of the season or the playoffs. End of Tanniotas seasons.
  3. He's a standup guy for what he's doing for these 2nd and 3rd rounders' lives.
  4. They just showed a pick of the Raiders draft room. Webster was there shuffling a deck of cards with all the players' names on the cards. Him n Mayock played War to decide the picks.
  5. Def wouldn't call those punches. He slapped her face a few times. Who knows what that woman did to his family. But really the whole time it looked like he was trying to stop the violence. Maybe he did that to cool the crowd because he knew they wouldn't stop until justice was served. But once again, we're talking about something a CHILD did in a MOB MOMENT to someone who did something horrible to his family. So...he gets a pass IMO.
  6. Go fuck yourself Ruston Webster! WE'RE BACK!
  7. Haskins then Metcalf then Winovich then...? We got our pick of the litter fellaz. Let's trade back! Or Simmons
  8. Da...Raiders lmao Hire the broadcasters they said........Send the scouts home they said.
  9. #1 Why do you still post to this board? #2 Isn't this a duplicate post? #3 No matter how fugly someone is, there's always someone willing to fuck them. Unfortunately, that one person is you. #4 Go fuck yourself.
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