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  1. It adds to the allure if they're winning. This shit sells jerseys outside of Cleveland. Every OK fan just bought another Baker jersey. Browns want to be part of the conversation again. The Dawg Pound loves this shit. He's the same guy who said, "I'm about to drop 6 on you motherfucking bitches," and then did.
  2. Yeah really don't understand why it warrants so much discussion. It's VY/CJ2k all over again. All these closet Texans fans...
  3. I feel like he's right there in the middle of the tier 3. None of this matters though. It's a new season, and his performance for these 16 games will define him.
  4. Why won't they publish numbers showing how much they received used towards non-abortion activities and support?
  5. It's about fucking time. They only really offer one thing: abortion.
  6. Vegas is gonna drain every last dime out of that Rust Belt game 1.
  7. That's how I see it. OBJ sometimes takes a minute to uncover with his wild ass routes. Baker won't have that long. He's gonna take some chances though...which gives Byard some chances. We will be less aggressive, pounding the big fella and chipping away with easier passes, moving the ball with discipline. That team is gonna think they're the 90's Cowboys vs the 2015 Bills--
  8. Gonna be tough to guard those receivers, but I don't think the Brown's oline is gonna be very good. Baker is gonna wanna start fast. I think we frustrate them into some mistakes and grind this one out. Marcus has been pretty good in game 1's. 17-16 Titans Browns win that division after taking a tough lesson from a team they should have beat (Titans). I took Baker, Jarvis, and Browns D in fantasy draft last weekend.
  9. Thanks for efforting. Mariota will outplay Tanny and keep his job. He will get injured, as is his way. Tanny will perform just as well or better in his absence, and Marcus' agent won't allow a huge discount. Mariota walks next year to a team like Ravens or Washington or one that has a 1 year hurt QB. He will play a few more years and retire. Hell, he might go to the Pats one day and fill in until they draft Brady's heir. But he won't be here next year unless he has a monster year.
  10. Marcus is just a football player. It was really stupid, but he's a competitor. Hard to turn that off. That's also an indictment of a mobile QB. When a guy has been rewarded his entire career for going for it with his legs, his instinct will always kick in--he will never be able to turn that off. I always thought he would take the next step after reports of his football IQ and "photographic memory" which seems to occur (laughably) in about half the QB's that Jon Gruden interviews. But his conservative behavior, lack of pocket presence, and tendency towards running instinctively have dampened his potential and development. His ceiling is Alex Smith, which is sad, cause I was hoping that was the floor.
  11. Floyd said on J&GM that he watched a lot of dline in camp and AJ and Daquan have improved and are looking good. They're good depth, but I can't wait until we don't rely on them. I'm a sucker for upside.
  12. Will Isaiah Mack make the team? If he goes PS he's gone...
  13. Your redzone offense is not gonna be very potent without the threat of RB.
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