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  1. Bigger question is what are you gonna do with all that pussy youre gonna get from supermodels?
  2. Him playig well for a sustained amount of time is a long shot.
  3. I think he'll get tagged regardless what happens
  4. Adoree didtnt look anywhere near as aggressive after the Patriots game.
  5. I dont get that at all Davis is an aggressive player that is hard to bring down after he has the ball in his hands.
  6. A grizzly would destroy a gorilla 10 out of 10 times.
  7. Apparantly its because he's white. South Africans hate white people and have been murdering white farmers for awhile now.
  8. He would never dress because he doesnt play special teams
  9. You about have to take something with how violent the game is.
  10. It would be nice if Mariota outplayed just one of the younger QBs that has entered the league the past couple of years.
  11. Its gonna be the Warriors for the next 2 or 3 years.
  12. It took 8 years to get away from Davis for a larger role.
  13. We're not waiting 8 years
  14. I mean we have Delanie Walker. Jonnu is nowhere near that
  15. I'm probably drafting a rookie QB next year regardless. Mariota had his shot to show what he can do. Hes not worth the price tag. He is what he is after 5 years in the league.
  16. Do you want my autograph?
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