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  1. Starting to feel like its Lindstrom at the moment. Just too many connections at our biggest position of need on the team.
  2. I couldnt tell you the last time we drafted somebody from Ohio State
  3. That Bosa will be the third DL drafted. Just a GM picking at 4 or 5 saying that
  4. Hes really not good regardless. Put Mariota with Bevel and hes not gonna produce even 100% healthy like Wilson.
  5. Theres no doubt we'll go OL early in the first two rounds in the draft. Right guard was a huge hole before Kline was released.
  6. Lets list them Mularkey Robiskie Knee Injury Surrounding talent Nerve Injury Then you look at guys like Luck and Wilson who don't need great talent at every spot. Wilon's OC was just as bad as Mariota has had so far but puts up MVP numbers.
  7. I think we would take a Wr thats fast in the middle rounds, if we do draft one.
  8. Him and Casey, so Id say alot. He would be better than Jones and Johnson.
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