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  1. When you hire proven liabilities as coordinators when you don't want to outsource, this is the product. You get what you fuckin deserve- -- Joker.mp4
  2. It's cool Vrabs, let your ego single handeldy ruin this team by keeping everything in house. One of the most prolific offenses we've ever had ruined due to stubborn buddy buddy can't have an outside coach outshine me head ass.
  3. Whoever the fuck was that Safety should've kept inside contain, mf bit on the outside and then just stood there like a dumbass while Lockett waltzed in.
  4. He's coming off a torn ACL, his podcast is starting to gain traction and be one of the most listened to in Barstool Sports brand, and he just got his ass beat worse than I've seen since Steve Hutchinson vs Albert Haynesworth in 2009. Is his mindset really 100% in football when he makes tweets like this worrying about his image instead of keeping his head down and going to work prioritizing football? If he keeps playing like he did today then it doesn't matter that we have AJ, DH and JJ if Tanny if dead.
  5. oh oh one of my favorite in doing these is Aaron Donald over Lewan and letting Roos play for another two or three years before his replacement.
  6. Does anyone else just cope by laughing but still feel the pain deep within for wondering why the forces that be made you a Oiler/Titans fan? Pedro Pascal Crying Original Remastered with AI 2K 30FPS.mp4
  7. Maybe using a 2nd round pick on Chandler Jones and then drafting a WR in the first would've been the better play this offseason instead of crippling our cap on a edge rusher coming off a torn ACL and a past their prime WR.
  8. I'm always down for pessimism and like to see chaos especially in Titans social media. But the Buccs lost their first game last year and then were blown out by the Saints later on. Hopefully this will be our combination of both those games if we really are contenders for the Superbowl
  9. Maybe this shot to his huge fucking ego will put him back to reality and not on top of that barstool sports mindset.
  10. Same shit different year. I'm gonna go do something productive like look at anime tits or play Apex.
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