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  1. I would be careful reading too much into what teams say both privately and publicly in the lead up to the deadline https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/10/06/jaguars-wont-trade-jalen-ramsey-despite-offers
  2. I'm pretty sure he's banned from the Jets facility
  3. JRob has made only one in season trade (Correa) so far in his tenure anyway. He doesn't operate that way
  4. Brian Poole, who he mentioned, is really good inside too and would probably be easier to acquire
  5. I'm not sure tbh. That could be it, but he looked really bad against the Dolphins and Raiders from what I saw. Had a few penalties. He was then completely destroyed by DK Metcalf. It is a little concerning how much teams were throwing at him especially with the lack of talent elsewhere early in the season
  6. Gilmore is 30, not playing well, expensive and the Titans have 2 outside corners. It isn't happening
  7. I don't even live in the country and can easily understand how it works
  8. The 9ers play on the west coast, they aren't being moved to 1pm
  9. They are the regions. The Titans Steelers are being shown in the red area
  10. CBS would have protected the game. Why would they give up their marquee game of the week?
  11. Of course the Titans knew about any immaturity issues. Nothing like that gets past NFL teams when it comes to high draft picks. They obviously thought the strong locker room and OL room would help to straighten him out. It didn't work
  12. Tannehill is a bonafide MVP candidate whether he wins one or not. The only bad thing is the Titans didn't get him a couple years sooner Also, his contract that was so widely maligned is the best non rookie contract in the league. 29 million a year, complete bargain
  13. That was with a retard at QB. I saw a stat last week where good QBs are shredding the blitz this year at an historic rate. I think the Titans should play their own game like they have te last couple weeks. They've been throwing more on 1st down it seems and throwing more in general. The Steelers secondary is helped big time by the pass rush so there's opportunities there
  14. LOL where was the prediction? I said if he continued to play like he did the first couple weeks for the entire season he could be replaced. He's playing a little better now and his contract is probably too big anyway
  15. One of the best throws you'll see all year. He was money the last 2 drives
  16. What an elite throw by Wentz. Thats what you hang on to
  17. I saw a stat where he has like 100 more yards than CJ and AP had after the same amount of games
  18. Hightower has some crazy seperation stats. He's lightning quick
  19. This is arguably Wentz best game of the season LOL
  20. You can thank Wentz for the 7 points the Giants have on the board
  21. First of all Wentz could have easily stepped up in the pocket without spinning left, then I have no idea what the throw was
  22. That was a really good throw with a collapsing pocket
  23. How do you expect him to complete that with Ertz out!!?

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