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  1. I think they'll open it up a small bit more. They don't have a retard at QB and Henry was on one of the greatest stretches ever to finish the year
  2. The game is in nearly 4 months
  3. Bud is a really good poster but his obsession with Mariota I do find odd. I'm sure it comes from the ridiculous excuses that were made last year but it's still strange and over the top imo
  4. The most painful thing about the KC loss is that they went up 17-7.
  5. Mahomes is easily the best QB in the NFL. It's not a slight on anyone to say he's better
  6. Have you ever seen Mahomes play football? He has just finished arguably the greatest 2 year stretch by any QB ever
  7. Well he would say something like accuracy or production instead of going straight for arm talent unprovoked...
  8. Dude it's tough to make that throw even by the best NFL QB standards. Remember Mariotas throw to Jace Amaro? Basically the exact same thing except Mariota put it 10 yards short. Their arms aren't really comparable. I am nearly certain the opinion that he has a weak arm all comes from one game against Fresno State where I read he was injured. J Rob literally said arm strength was what he liked most about him. He dropped because he can't read a defense and has terrible mechanics
  9. Yes he does. J Rob listed it as the reason they drafted him. The dude can throw 50 yards throwing across his body
  10. I'm as big a Tannehill fan as anyone but come on now. He was probably a top 5 QB in 2019 but that's 10 games. You can't put him above Watson and certainly not Brees. If we're talking 2019 Jackson was also better but I would take Tanny going forward. I would say Tannehill is probably on the level of Stafford and maybe Rodgers at this point. I'd have him probably top 10 just ahead of guys like Cousins and Wentz
  11. Dunbar is a really really good player. Sign him!
  12. Good for him. The Titans need more speed at that position but I think we have forgotten how impactful he was to begin 2019 when the Titans defense was playing at an elite level
  13. The reality is we have no idea. I would say its 50/50 whether the roster is better or worse. Tannehill and Henry could take a step back. Simmons and Brown could well be elite this year. Beasley may have a bounce back season. Landry and Jonnu could continue to develop. I would say the chances are that they're better because they have a lot of players knocking on the door of becoming some of the leagues best at their positions
  14. Clowney has unequivocally stated that he wants to play for a contender and not a bad team for money
  15. Pathetic, old man! It's on at 4:30 am here.
  16. That is easily America's biggest contribution to defeating the Nazi's IMO
  17. It's not just America too, here in Ireland we were taught it was the Brits with the massive help of Americans. In France you can assume the same because of that graphic. It's crazy to see the White House official twitter account say "The Americans and British defeated the Nazis" without even a mention of the soviets, but obviously not surprising
  18. The U.S of course played a big role, but the Soviets were easily the biggest factor overall in winning the war. It's not close. The U.S fought 10 Nazi divisions, the Soviets fought 200. Something like 80% of Nazi deaths were at the hands of the Soviets. I get what you mean about the perfect timing of the U.S intervention, that much is obvious, and it is way more nuanced than I am giving it credit for, but the wider point I'm making is that the Soviet's role has been severely downplayed because of years of western propaganda. It's pretty crazy, especially this graphic.
  19. I remember the board pretty unanimously wanted Warford in round 2 if we passed on Warmack in round 1
  20. They were fined just before AAS took over IIRC. I can't remember if there was a figure given but it was 6 figures

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