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  1. I like Henry but I wouldn't put him top 10. Hes in the 10-15 range IMO
  2. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I wouldn't want a Qb developed under this staff, but with what we have seen recently (#5 scoring offense since Tannehill took over, 100% success rate in the RZ) , if the offense continues at this pace does the narrative change to Smith being a good OC?
  3. If Tannehill gets an extension and plays well for the next couple years JRob will be thought of as a genius for getting him for a 4th
  4. Apparently he was benched for poor effort.
  5. Can't see how the Titans make the money work for a signing like this with all the guys to be re-signed
  6. That stat they showed where he is 1-7 vs the Titans is crazy. The last 3 games have been crazy too. Blocked FG, huge 2nd half comeback and Succups FG to win at the death
  7. Just busting your balls. He's a way better passer than I thought after last year. Will be very interesting to see if he can sustain it. Injuries or defenses figuring you out normally have a way of levelling things
  8. Agreeing, just continuing the discussion. He's fun to watch
  9. I think he's a way better passer than Vick was. He has the odd erratic throw but he has one or two absolute dimes a game too. He isn't afraid to challenge coverages and he doesn't bail from the pocket as often as you'd think. He's really good. It's interesting that the league figured out Kaep with Greg Roman but can't stop Lamar with the same OC.
  10. The Titans didn't run many plays in the first half and the Chiefs couldn't stop Henry at all in the 2nd half. They got the gameplan absolutely right
  11. Tannehill came up huge and threw the ball so well, but he had a couple of maddening moment. He should have secured the ball properly on the fumble instead of just sitting there and the sack on 3rd down before the 4th and 17 you can't take. Overall another great performance though.
  12. My vote would go to Wilson at the moment, but Jackson has been unbelievable this season. He is on pace for 3700 yards passing and 27 TD's while completing 66% of his passes, he's also on the way to well over 1000 yards rushing. The Ravens have the best offense in the league because of him and have big wins over the Patriots and Seahawks recently. It won't be surprising if he gets MVP
  13. LOL at the people saying opposable thumbs would be a factor. As if they're gonna sit down and play a game of Madden to determine the victor
  14. This is going to be a blowout. If staff are going to get fired mid-season, I think it will be after this game
  15. Chris Trapasso is in love with him
  16. I think Lewis is way better in this department, I don't really think it's close
  17. Buck Reising talked about JRob sitting with media members for away games after the Denver gaame. He said PK made a huge deal making fun of Allbright about Allbright saying that sources told him Tannehill could be week 1 starter. PK said something along the lines of "Jon Robinson is right here, why don't you ask him"
  18. How it works is teams in round 1 get to pick players before round 3! So if you really think a QB is going to be good, it's better to pick them in round 1 because otherwise someone else might take them!
  19. We know what Tannehill is. Do you never want a rookie QB again?
  20. Tannehill is not a franchise QB. I'd be fine with him for a year, but the Titans should absolutely be picking a QB in round 1