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  1. Climate change is something for white privileged libtards. Like prince Harry agonizing over if he should have more than one kid or some millionaire actor agonizing over becoming a vegan. It does not mean a thing! None of these treaties or climate summits ever require developing countries to do anything or pay for anything. It is just some cluster fuck way to blame capitalism and a few wealthy countries. The piece on Indonesia I linked explains it all. They are never required to do anything, they simply agree that they will try and in the end they have not done a damn thing to reduce greenhouse gases. Nothing! They are the 4th largest country in the world and they will do nothing to reduce their carbon footprint. They continue to cut down palm trees so they can use the oil for fuel. Pakistan and Nigeria are the 5th and 7th largest counties and both are increasing population at over 2% a year. What are you going to do about that? Both are oil producing countries and they just discovered oil reserves in Pakistan that might be larger than all the reserves in Kuwait. You think they will just sit on those reserves?
  2. Yes yes! From the libtards! I'm not telling you to have fewer kids and to not eat meat brainstem.
  3. How am I dictating where anybody should live? I asked a question redneck. I'm not the one predicting that rising tides will destroy millions of people you libtards are.
  4. I'm more on the nature side of this argument than the nurture side. There are families with several boys and with the same parents in the same family, same house, same values one ends up being gay while the others are not. Women become gay for different reasons. It may sound unkind but ugly women can become lesbian only after they have been rejected and perhaps abused by men. Lesbianism is a much more political thing.
  5. They do interviews with spies. LOL this moron is serious about that. Spies do not like Trump!
  6. Let me tell you about my Iraq experience. It is 100% true just as I am Rolltide! We were in Fallujah in a fire fight with ISIL rebels. You could smell the gunpowder from the M16 rifles. A group of our guys were trying to get a flank position 2 miles to the East. I saw a blue flash of return fire and faintly heard an Airforce officer scream "man down". Just as I heard that a massive explosion sent me flying 50 feet in the air. It was a mortar. When I came toI noticed by big left toe was gone and scrapnel had turned my right shoulder into hamburger. Remembering the brave air force officer who was down I crawled on my hands and knees the 2 miles to reach him. He was Sgt Albert Kessler a black, Jewish gay hero! He was dying! I placed my lips over his mouth and breathed life into him. I then put his limp black Jewish gay body over my back and carried him 3 miles to the nearest aid station and then collapsed. Save him first I cried given my special love for blacks, Jews and gays. They did all they could and placed him in a jeep and drove him to the nearest real hospital in Bagdad. I would later find out he had died. I cried uncontrollably for 3 days. Had Kessler just been a white man I would have cried for only 5 minutes. Dick Cheney personally showed up and tried to pin a special medal the bronze cross to my chest in the infirmary. I told him to take his medal and fuck off! That is my Iraq story.
  7. What does Rogue mean by this? Making a complete ass of himself?
  8. Absolutely. From the book "population bomb", 1968 to the projections made at earth day 1970 to all the idiotic bullshit predictions made about global warming by your heroes. None of them have come true! None! There was not mass starvation from over population the world is better fed today than in 1968 when that commie pos wrote that book. The tidal wave that Al Gore predicted will never come. Your boy Obama is buying expensive coastal property in Martha's vineyard. Why isn't he buying a home in Kentucky or some land locked state? He knows it is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. You are just proving what a dumb shit you are. Read very carefully. The central theme of this thread is that 80% or more of the world has little or no interest in doing anything to fight climate change! You are wasting your time! Comprende? Either they are poor countries with growing populations trying to achieve greater affluence and development or they are countries that rely on fossil fuels for their economic well being or both! Get out of your little racist white world and pay attention. To truly make the world green you would have to militarily invade or outright destroy half the world's people and FORCE them to change how they live!
  10. In a mere 3 minutes Biden makes the following mistakes or lies in a story. These are not mistakes they represent a disregard for the truth and a disregard for the people he is speaking to. He could have fact checked aspects of the story, refreshed his memory and prepared himself. Why bother he can just wing it and nobody seems to care. How does this attitude make him an acceptable candidate? When the events occurred. What the heroic act was. Of course he acts as of he was heroic. Liar. Type of medal involved. Military branch. Rank. His own role. He claimed this happened when he was VP but he was a senator at the time.
  11. Hyperbole to commit fraud. A fraud that would cost trillions in American treasure and reduce our standard of living. Libtards have been making outrageous statements about climate and over population for 50 years. They have all been proven to be lies. You cannot defend that!
  12. How many of you can steal documents from your job and then release them to outsiders, press and get away with it? I cannot take medical records out of a facility and use them as I see fit. Comey was deposed by the house judiciary committee after his firing. He said then that there was no evidence of collusion and he told Trump personally that he was not under investigation for collusion. So why did he use what he knew was a bogus dossier to trigger a special council investigation? I'm shocked that you libtards even have the nerve to show your faces on this thread. You had dishonest un elected bureaucrats violating the law and the rules of the FBI to change an election result. How can you defend that?
  13. Biden also forgot Barry's name at a town hall after bragging how they are best friends. Gulp. That's why he needs to name Ajamu Baraka as his official running mate. Democrats are too dumb to know the difference.
  14. A moving but false story is how the Washington post described liar Joe's fabrication.
  15. The climate change lie is an existential threat to our freedom. The issue is obviously out there when all of the demitard candidates are talking about massive changes to our economy. Bernie's recent plan for CC will only cost $16.3 trillion! I guess Bernie is barking a flying birds? There was an idiot on CNN, your hero who said that Trump will kill millions. He was talking about CC.
  16. Serious pwnage is what is going on in this thread. The world does not want to go green. Nobody wants to sacrifice their quality of life or pay more for energy. Co2 is not a pollutant.
  17. How about this one. A Texas town of 70,000 people tried to go totally green in 2012. They had the blessings of Al gore and Michael Bloomberg and the mayor was a republican. The end result is that the average resident is paying a $1000 more per year in utility bills. They are paying for wind power they are not using and not benefiting from cheap natural gas that is available.
  18. Trump being vindicated big time. McCabe will be prosecuted for lying and Comey should be for his bogus FISA warrant. Did Btowner actually quote Comey? What a tool. Nobody can defend what Comey did. You cannot. No FBI director can act that way and be totally partisan and political. He tried to entrap a president elect. That is wrong no matter who the president is. We cannot have rogue FBI people acting that way.
  19. Biden told a touching, powerful war story that had the complete attention of the audience. Not a single bit of it was true. Total bullshit! He cannot even understand that people will know he is lying. Even the Washington post called him a liar.
  20. Here is an interesting paper about the absolute failure of the Kyoto treaty that also makes it clear that warming is not even bad. . The entire science is in doubt. Poor countries would be left off the hook to pollute all they want. In summary Kyoto was basically useless.
  21. A total piece of trash moron was on CNN the other day saying that Trump will personally be responsible for millions of deaths. He was talking about CC. Why do you libtards think like that? CC is America's fault? We are the primary reason for CC and the only solution. Where does that come from? I know you idiots hate this country. We are responsible for 15% of Co2 emissions. The rest of the world is responsible for 85% but somehow we are at fault? This asswipe would never say that the president of Indonesia, Nigeria, Iran or India are going to kill millions. Where does this piece of shit get off talking like that?
  22. Whether you believe in man made CC or not I have proven on this thread that there is little or nothing we as Americans can do about it. 80% of the rest of the world is not in on this with you. They want electricity, cars and industry. They are not going to stop eating meat and they are not going to stop having kids and they will not stop pumping oil. CC is almost more of a western white guilt ideology than a reality. How stupid. I also find it interesting that Canada and Australia are producing the same per capita greenhouse gases that we do even though they pay greater lip service to this BS.