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  1. According to Cory Booker saving the lives of black and brown babies, half who are female is denying women of color health care. This shit is crazy! There is a political risk involved here for conservatives because states with large black populations could turn blue. In a state like Alabama 42% of aborted babies are black. Personally I do not care. These babies have a right to be born and this is America.
  2. Notice how he ignored my posts in which a made a total non religious care for the pro life position. Heartbeat laws made total perfect sense and that scres the shit out of these cretins.
  3. Bullock to me is the only candidate that I would consider supporting unless Howard Schultz or Bloomberg runs. The way the democrats are going there is no tolerance in the party for moderation.
  4. Simple odds Joe Biden vs Trump. 4 of the last 6 presidents were reelected. You can actually count Johnson's landslide win in 64 as a posthumous reelection of Kennedy in which 6 of the last 8 were reelected. It is an obvious advantage. No president lost reelection with a good economy. 4 of the last 5 former VPs to run for president lost. Only Bush in 88 won. Nixon in 60, Humphrey in 68, Mondale in 84 and Gore in 2000 lost. Being a former VP seems to help in the primaries for name recognition but not in the general.
  5. Barack Obama was an unknown 30 year old in 1991. He would not run for office for another 5 years and he would not get get his first book published for another 4 years. He has no reason then to hide his birth place. His connections to Kenya were not deep he did not know know his biological father. His mother left Hawaii to study at the University of Washington when he was about 1 month old leaving Barack Sr in Hawaii. Then a year later Barack Sr. left Hawaii to go to Harvard before his mother went back to Hawaii.. Obama's first visit to Kenya was after his father was already dead.
  6. What does a 1990 NY times article have to do with anything? Where were you born? Should I ask somebody else where you were born? Where would I obtain that information if not from you? Where else would Acton & Dystel obtain that information? They got it from him. As I said Obama supplied that information to the literary agent. Either he was lying to spice up his bio or he was actually born there. Why are you tards so upset? He already was president for 8 years.
  7. According to WG the last person you would use as a source for knowing where somebody was born is that person. Unreal.
  8. Did not say what? If that was in his bio he obviously(To a person of normal intelligence) must have told them that. Fucking duh. It's not a big thing. Barack tell us about yourself so we can out it on the sleeve. So he did. There was no fact checking there was no need for conspiracy, no deep background. He was a guy with a book he wanted published. How am I the liar I gladly tell people where I was born?
  9. Nothing I said is racist and you know it. Obama told people he was born in Kenya that does not make me a bad person but you have made yourself look like a complete fool defending him.
  10. It is not stupid at all it is totally logical.
  11. You asses will defend anything because of your white guilt and honestly you should feel guilty. The bottom line is this and it makes all the sense in the world. The biographical information that agent got about Barack Obama came from one source. Barack Hussein Obama! He is the one who told them he was born in Kenya and that is what they printed. Whether he really was born there or just thought it sounded cool that is the bottom line.
  12. So if you told me you were born in Nashville but your father was born in Smolensk it would be natural for me to write a bio that says you were born in Smolensk? These people are that stupid? So why didn't they say he was born in Wichita? His mother was born there.
  13. Some error huh? Another continent and almost 11,000 miles away. Are they spelled similar? Hawaii and Kenya? You think of one you automatically think of the other right? Sort of like people who confuse Austria with Australia yeah that's it.
  14. This is retarded but that is why we call you libtards. If somebody asked me where I was born I would tell them Rockford Ill. There would be no reason to ask anybody else no need for extensive fact checking. I seriously doubt that some publisher would accidentally say I was born Tehran and 17 years later chalk it all up to a mistake. Tehran would not be in their heads unless I put it here.
  15. Why won't you tell me where you were born? You are full of shit so admit it. If you say Nashville how would I come up with Karachi or Manila by mistake? I would not. I would assume that you were born in Nashville because you told me. So they never asked Obama personally where he was born? They did and that was the answer he gave them. Nothing wrong with being born in Kenya except he lied to the American people. The bottom line is this there is nothing racist about somebody having an issue with him on this.
  16. So the guy vouched for him some conspiracy.
  17. It's not a conspiracy it is logic and common sense. They asked him his bio information and he told them. Where else would they find out where he was born? They simply asked him are you that stupid? Where were you born?
  18. Fact checking my ass Obama told him he was born in Kenya he did not pull it out of his ass. So tell me where were you born? Why will you not answer?
  19. He was bullshitting to protect his boy you idiot. People don't make mistakes like that. So where were you born?
  20. Based on your comments and your hate for our current president you have no business being anywhere near a military installation and certainly nowhere near our president or his family.
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