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  1. Why does so much time have to be spent explaining things to libtards? Justafan says that nobody cares if he is gay. Cory booker cares that he is gay!!!! It is Cory's problem! That's the point. Justafan says there are 3 openly gay congressman. Yes but Booker is not open about this. He is so guarded he was willing to claim he sexually assaulted a girl in college. Since dimms say that automatically disqualifies somebody from office(Kavanaugh) why is Cory still there? Think about this. Kavanaugh had a less than credible accuser, denied everything and they still considered him unfit. Booker admits he did it!
  2. Alex Jones is at about the same level as the typical dem presidential candidate. WTF gives a shit about Alex Jones? Retard.
  3. When are they going to just put all of Nines moronic threads together as one. He has started at least 50 threads in the last 50 days and is in love with that moron Bozo. I could give a shit who picks up your trash. The trash is the 5000 Russian collusion threads that were started in the last 18 months. Why are you people still even here? Can you at least bury your heads for a while?
  4. There is no poll data that indicates that at all.
  5. I have never voiced any political support for Roy Moore and would not have voted for him had I lived in Alabama. As for thinking all men are gay? You damn fucking know what I am talking about. You know in your gut that Obama and Booker are gay. Your hero Harvey Weinstein(Uncle Harv) is all super macho.
  6. Some of you might not know this but gay men are more affluent than straight men and more likely to own a business than straight men. This isn't some helpless minority group living in their own feces asking for free handouts.
  7. You people are big time stupid and ignorant. I'm not hating on him because his orientation is gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay and I support gay marriage. My criticism is his dishonesty and the fact he is in a party that he cannot trust to be tolerant. The Pew polls on attitudes toward gays shows the USA as one of the most tolerant. 62% of American favor gay marriage. It is in black countries and Muslim countries that they are totally intolerant toward gays. An openly gay man who is a real pro business moderate would be a viable candidate.
  8. Who had the genius idea of a draft deferment for college? Was Trump president in 1965? So it was democrats who came up with this idiotic totally elitist system that allowed wealthier kids to pursue college while poor and working class kids were getting their asses shot off? By the end of the war you had all these wealthier kids with college degrees, some with multiple degrees while kids came from Vietnam emotionally damaged and totally unappreciated. Thanks democrats!
  9. And by the way why is Ellen an out of the closet successful gay woman providing a platform for Cory booker to lie about his sexuality?
  10. It is rock solid analysis and like my analysis of Kamala spot on. If it seems superficial it is because I'm analyzing the most superficial phony people on earth, libtards! Cory booker is a gay man. Period. The dems claim to be oh so tolerant but they are not. He cannot at this point come out so he has to find himself a girlfriend. What a shock she is black. If he came out and admitted he was a gay man he would lose black votes especially black men. Most of these candidates have a I"m not black enough problem. Joe Biden is so fucked in the head about it he is about to name Stacey Abrams as his running mate even before he announces he is running. It is a fucked up political party when it comes to race and nobody is just an American any more.
  11. Anybody who is quoting George Conway is a brain dead moron.
  12. Starkiller loses it and tears up a game stop. The Mueller report and Cory's pretend girlfriend are just too much for the guy. Nice purse Star!
  13. So when the Clinton foundation took $145M as a pay off for Uranium one that was an act of humble poverty? When Bill took $500K from Putin for speaking for 15 minutes that was humble poverty also?
  14. Libtards want to discriminate against people based on something they have no control over. Parentage. To me that is the same as hating somebody because of the year they were born or the color of their skin. Trump's sin according to the socialists is more acute because he is not contrite about it.
  15. Justafan proving how centrist he is again? He is studying economics from a 1970 Soviet textbook. According to Justafan a good president would be somebody like Vince Young. The main draw back for VY is that he graduated from high school. Justafan prefers somebody who did not.
  16. You cannot run for president as an unattached single gay guy because black voters are the most bigoted towards gays. So Cory looks for ways to establish his macho hetero side and his ebony blackness. So desperate was he to show how not gay he is he actually admitted to sexually assaulting a girl in college remember that? Funny eh? How many men would admit that? After months of searching he finally was able to pay off a dark complected famous female. Rosario Dawson. He is advertising to the world he likes pussy and he likes black pussy. Ellen was dumb enough to allow the jerk a forum. Her latina sounding first name will be a plus in the primaries where dem voters are too dumb to notice the difference. Cory Booker black by popular demand!
  17. Trump is an American, something you hate. You also hate white people. There are very many people of color who have worked for him and been helped by him. He is the best president in my lifetime for Jews, blacks and Hispanics. Another low IQ tactic eh? Russian collusion was a joke so go back to the old charges of racism. Yes Jamal you are a racist.
  18. A quote from one of our great legal minds of our time is appropriate here. Spin it retards!!!!!🤬 🖕
  19. One of America's biggest enemies for a long time is Iran, a country that has sponsored terrorism all over the world and is the biggest threat to Israel. They sponsored suicide bombing attacks that killed our people in Iraq. A president of this country sent them $1.8B in cash in crates. We just gave them $1.8B!. Not humanitarian aid they did not need that they are not a poor country we gave their government $1.8B in cash! We also stopped the freeze of $150B in Iranian assets. We did that and you libtards thought it was a good deal! How dare you morons say you are concerned about a president kissing the asshole of an enemy the dems have been doing it as a matter of policy. https://freebeacon.com/national-security/obama-admin-paid-iran-1-7-billion-taxpayer-funds/
  20. As he should. If economies around the world are flat or in recession mode why would they raise rates last year? They made a mistake and they know it.
  21. You have been making an ass of yourself for 2 years. Almost 60 democrats in the house voted to impeach Trump way back in December 2017. You libtards do not give a flying fuck about this country. You just as soon have a civil war and economic collapse just because you are too infantile to deal with one election loss. I would say you lost all your credibility but you had none to begin with.
  22. One nut should not have effected the freedom of an entire country. Every time there is a tragedy people expect their government to do something immediately and it is a shame. New Zealand did not have a gun crime problem before and would have not had one if nothing was done. Nobody is blaming New Zealand for this attack. The attacker was Australian. You have one of the freest counties on earth do not give in to some extremest moron.
  23. Here is the bottom line. Trump won an election that he was not supposed to win. Yes his combative manner, his policies and attitudes are part of the package but this is about the smelly vagina's entitlement to be president foiled. Because of that they had to destroy and delegitimize Trump's presidency. Dems could care less if another country got Clinton elected. All this big chest thumping patriotism bullshit. They would be high fiving Putin if they thought he pushed Hillary over the top. Dems are always kissing up to other nations and see America as the problem in the world.
  24. Silent about what? Of course any libertarian would be bothered by Mueller's tactics and the violation of civil liberties in this country.
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