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  1. Zero credibility relating to what? You are a fucking moron. People at Fox do not all have the same opinions. At CNN and MSNBC they will repeat the same DNC talking points over and over again. Like the term "manufactured crisis" pertaining to the border. Democrat politicians started saying that and in the next few days those 2 words were repeated hundreds of times on those networks. That does not happen at fox. Lately Tucker has been very harsh towards neocon types who are pushing for a war with Iran. Lou Dobbs bashes republicans all the time. You try to comment on something you know nothing about and claim I have no credibility? You talk out your ass.
  2. So you think it is ok to judge white people harshly but never a so called person of color? That is because you are a racist. MLK said to judge people by the content of their character but you think that is bs. You view these people of color as smaller than you and in need of special rules and special treatment and special protection by you. That is a supremacist mentality.
  3. Libtards are are all hypocrites! Kamala Harris is paying men who work for her more than women. Bernie is paying his staff less than $13 an hour while calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage. Kirsten Gillibrand ignored a sexual harassment complaint brought to her by a female staff member.
  4. This was a study done at Yale university. The people were self described "liberals". It is proof that libtards do not believe blacks are as intelligent as them. I have talked about this for years! Libtards see themselves as the great protectors of the stupid unwashed. While they will pretend to defend black intelligence their actual behavior says something different. They talk down to them and use cheap platitudes.
  5. Thank about the way you would talk to a pet or a small child. You can say you love them and care about their well being but do you respect them as equals? No. That is how libtard whites see blacks. They see them as inferior and stupid.
  6. Where in the hell did you get that? He used to work for CNN. His opinions are not republican all the time. You are ignorant.
  7. Some examples of libtards talking differently to blacks. https://youtu.be/5gII8D-lzbA?t=2
  8. We have an actual study from Yale social psychologists that proves that self described white liberals(Libtards) communicate differently with blacks and whites. They dumb down their communication with blacks using more simple language and smaller words than when they communicate with whites. Conservatives on the other hand communicate the same no matter the color of the person. There is a word for this, I'm trying to find it, RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In the study they had the participants send out an email to 2 women. One named Emily and one named Lakisha. The libtards talked dumb to Lakistha and normal to Emily. I would equate the difference in the way you might talk yo a 20 year old math student vs a toddler. Libtards see blacks as toddlers. I have been saying these things for years now. White libtards see blacks similarly to the way they might look at cats and dogs in the shelter. In no way do they see them as equals. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2018/11/30/white-liberals-dumb-themselves-down-when-they-speak-black-people-new-study-contends/?utm_term=.c8018e7d4e8f
  9. Paid for by the DNC. Perhaps this is not the best time for you morons to bring this stuff up since one of your own tried to fire bomb a government facility the other day. That is bad enough but he was praised as a great martyr by you jerks and not condemned by any of you. What about this Mumia guy who is a left wing cult hero for killing a cop? Bill Ayers?
  10. Let me repeat myself. It is not at all beneath these libtards to purchase a 2nd hand van, slap a bunch of Trump stickers on and go murder some black people and blame it on white racism. It is not beneath a bunch of white libtards to don the confederate colors and go shoot up some black church while spouting racist shit. They have to create this mentality that America is a terrible place that is unsafe for people of color.
  11. Who was that white woman from Clarement college in California who had all that racist shit sprayed unto her car? They were praising her as a great heroine. You go baby thanks for sticking up for us. Then somebody noticed the anti Semitic graffiti. How did they know she was Jewish? Even her best friends did not know she was part Jewish. the bitch did it herself. That's the modern libtard.
  12. No the democrats would be doing it nd pretending it was a Trump supporter. A minority martyr is what you tards want. You were hoping so much that Obama was assassinated so you could call america racist.
  13. The market is supposed to go up and usually does.
  14. In 2016 Jeb Bush tried the typical libtard strategy of victim, diversion and lies and whining. It did not work. He got his ass handed to him. The Donald said that Iraq was a total failure and Bush cried like a bitch about Trump attacking his family. Trump-"There were no weapons of mass destruction it was a lie". Bush-my mother is a great woman." "My father is a great man". You slave owners think that being victims and crying racism will work? Be my guest. Trump will nuke your asses.
  15. He is making your idiot party defend and identify with these extreme haters of America. He is owning you tards.
  16. What about Omar's lie that millions(She did say millions) have been killed by Trump because they have been denied health care. A total fabrication. You libtards scolded her for such divisive rhetoric right?
  17. He has never given a speech about ethnic cleansing liar. He mentioned as always how prescription drug prices are going down and how Vets have a choice in health care. He mentioned as always that black, Latino, female, Asian unemployment are at alltimes lows. That pisses you off doesn't it?
  18. Libtards are racist because they view many minorities, blacks especially as completely dependent on white behavior and white generosity for their well being and that is a supremacist attitude! They get mad when you talk about minority groups that are doing great in this country because that punches a hole in their entire ideology. Asians, Arab immigrants, Nigerian immigrants all have higher incomes and education levels than whites. They put forth this total lie that the majority will always oppress and keep down minority groups and that is a total lie. Colonialism is the opposite of that. I stated an obvious fact, truth that Asians are better at math than blacks and was called a racist.
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