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  1. They wanted to impeach Trump even before he was elected. Does not matter to them what facts there are. Yesterday proved how dishonest their demigods are. Schiff and the fake media absolutely lied yesterday and most of these morons believed those lies.
  2. Changing the subject now? How many times are you tards going to lose? Impeach a duly elected president without evidence and then bash the normal people who think that is wrong? Piss off.
  3. Ouch! Ouch again! The libtards have nothing! Oh you liars will keep pretending there is evidence there. You will keep lying and while you do that you will denigrate half the people in this country for not believing your lies.
  4. Who was monitoring this presidential conversation? But what do you libtards care it was only about missile defense systems.
  5. Idiot, there are clips of Sondland denying there was any conditions on the aid. He was asked this 50 times and denied it every time. Good job being clueless. You morons are too dumb to know that you lost today big time.
  6. What hearings are you watching? You are making yourself sound foolish. Today was a total zero for the pro impeachment tards.
  7. Watch 4:31 on. Sondland gave you nothing and he was the demturds own witness!!! Shocking how dishonest your heroes are. Shocking how biased and phony your news media is.
  8. Nice worthless post. A never Trumper who left the party is the best you have? Bitch?
  9. What actions? We had a witness for the democrats today that destroyed your case. Stop lying that you proved anything.
  10. Schiff lied his ass off in the presser during a break and time and time again CNN and other networks lied about what Sondland said. When Rep Turner asked Sondland if it is true that nobody told him that aid money was tied to anything he said "yes"!!!!!! When asked dozens of times before that Sondland said that nobody including Trump said anything about tying any aid to any investigation. He gave you idiots nothing!!! It is almost like he gave an opinion early on to get you morons to spike the football only to destroy your entire case. Other than his opinions and presumptions he gave you nothing. Not one fact for your stupid case. You lost and your fake media and demigod Schiff were proven to be liars again!!!!
  11. Shokin was going after Burisma according to Shokin himself in a signed affidavit.
  12. Well son of a bitch. Biden cannot get this prosecutor general fired. He is going after Burisma.
  13. Still waiting. What other countries did Biden hold aid money while demanding the termination of a high level government official. Ukraine is not the only corrupt country that receives American aid? What a coincidence that Biden is obsessed ONLY with the termination of one prosecutor who was investigating his son's company. If there was one country Biden should have not involved himself in to avoid conflict of interest it was that one, well other than Romania. So go ahead and tell me all these other countries Biden felt the need to intervene in. Please name some.
  14. There is an out here. All you tards need to do is show us how Joe demanded the firing of other corrupt officials in many other countries. How he also threatened to withhold money to those countries. I mean the Ukraine was not the only one right? I'm assuming he did this many times and with countries that were not investigating his son's company? According to your god Adam Shitt the prosecutor was corrupt and holier than thou Joe was just helping to clean up the Ukraine but what made the Ukraine so special? That was a major point in the democrat questioning. Why was Trump so interested in the Ukraine. So why was Joe so interested in this poor Eastern European country that is not even in NATO? So did Saint Joe try to get corrupt government officials fired in Malaysia? How about Jordan? Qatar? Taiwan? Just name them all for me I'm sure there are many and none of the others had anything to do with his crooked son.
  15. I have to hand it to you libtards. You have super high standards. you are all so moral. Your love for law and order and this country is honorable. Certainly you then agree that Biden deserves to be in prison right? For bribery? That's the new word? I know you are not the brightest people in the world but certainly you can see that Joe withholding money while demanding the firing of a legal official from another country is highly irregular right? I mean how is it his business who serves as a prosecutor in another country?
  16. Apple building a new plant in Texas not in China. Tim Cook saying that we have the best economy in the world. Time to destroy that!
  17. The same people who think Trump should be impeached for this will gladly vote for Joe Biden in November. the hypocrisy is incredible.
  18. Sondland did not say he was a witness to a quid pro quo. He said he was not a witness to any conditions on the aid. He did say that in his opinion it is logical to assume there was a quid pro quo. He has not said he was witness to anything directly.
  19. By the away we have 100% proof you libtards would not care of a democrat did it because one did and you defend him! Joe Biden on video doing the exact thing you accuse Trump of doing! The democrats defend him! Adam Schiff defends him!
  20. Let me repeat. If a democrat president asked a foreign country to investigate a republican you would not care one bit about it. You would defend it. If Obama wanted the Ukraine to investigate Bain capital and Mitt Romney you would not give 2 shits about it. Go ahead and lie and pretend you would. Bullcrap!
  21. Let me say this in the most simple way i can. I could give a flying shit if Trump asked Zelensky point blank to investigate that corrupt pos Biden and his crackhead son. None of you care either. You sure in the hell would not care if it was a democrat president who asked it. If a black democrat asked it you would honor him for doing it. You don't care either!!!!!! It is just an excuse to impeach. Other than that you could give a shit and this would be a little story on page 50 of the NYT or Washington post.
  22. But Zelensky was under such enormous pressure!!! His head was boiling from all that pressure!!!!
  23. Who gives a flying crap? I'm not a damn lawyer. I do not care that he did it. You don't either except it is some dumb excuse to remove a man from office who is owning your party.
  24. If Trump was caught close talking, secret talking with a Russian president the way Obama did there would be loads of idiots like Max Boot on CNN and MSNBC calling that an impeachable offense. That is fact!
  25. Sure it is equal to jay walking. You have no credibility you have Biden on video bragging about quid pro quo and don't care.