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  1. Your party is the race obsessed party. Your party is the one who is constantly telling us that white is wrong. That's why you want open borders to change the racial dynamic of the country. Symone sanders said " "we don't need white people leading the Democratic Party right now." . After the Obama elections you morons were full of yourselves thinking that demographics have given you socialists the edge but 74% of the voters in 2016 were still white. Why shouldn't somebody make a note that the party that lectures the rest of America about race is the one who seems to have no use for minority candidates this time around?
  2. You are obviously not a good democrat then.
  3. Sorry for owning you racist retards. There is one presidential candidate among the dems with any chance to do anything that is not a member of some minority group. He is the one leading the polls by 20 points. Bernie is Jewish, Buttigieg is gay and Deblasio has a black wife. Are you telling me mr retard, that if the only white straight gentile candidate out of 20 was way ahead in the republican race you assholes would not be calling them bigots? Damn right you would be. It goes deeper than that though. Biden is a racist ass who brags about being from slave state and thinks most blacks are dirty. He talks to blacks like they are stupid. That's yout guy that's your hero suck his dick why don't you.
  4. You turds are such fucking liars. If this occurred under Trump you would be calling it hardcore treason. What if Putin had invaded the Ukraine under Trump? Stop lying.
  5. What was "debunked"? We did sell 20% of our uranium capacity to Russia that is 100% true nobody can dispute that. They are our largest nuclear rival in terms of weapons.
  6. Just because nobody will be indicted on the Uranium one deal does not mean there isn't a significant odor coming from it. You tards have spent the last 3 years accusing Trump of being Putin's whore but it was Clinton-Obama who allowed 20% of our uranium capacity to be sold to Putin. You guys are the ones posting the constant narrative that Putin is a major threat to our country. Our government allowed that to happen and Obama and Clinton were the top people involved. this was not some bureaucratic snafu they did not know about. Putin invaded Georgia in Bush's watch and he invaded the Ukraine under Obama. So how does that make Trump Putin's bitch? It is Trump giving military aid to the Ukraine and it is Trump encouraging a stronger military in Europe. None of these things help Putin.
  7. Who is cleaning up your trash? When Wg went on his Jew hating tirade did you clean that up? No you gave him a thumbs up.
  8. Remember when Oilerman was on Jeopardy in the 1980s? What a moron.
  9. What morally pure person did you vote for? Somebody else who hates Jews?
  10. Joe Biden proud to be from a slave state. There is your front runner.
  11. Senator and imperial wizard Robert Byrd. The quintessential white southern democrat. He had a state funeral and was honored by Bill Clinton, Obama and Biden. Biden thinks it is unusual for a black man to be clean.
  12. Sheriff Stuckey in Mississippi burning is the spitting image of Joe Biden. "You all going to help us solve our negra problem?" His mentor in the US senate was imperial wizard Robert Byrd. Justafan is the deputy. Titanruss is the redneck reading the paper. He's too dumb to have lines.
  13. Enlighten me then. Harris for a short while was at the top of the polls and then as each white male candidate entered the race she dropped to 5%. Did voting for Obama 2X cleanse your racist party of it's horrible history? Combined support for white male candidates is 65%. All other candidates not even 25%. This is the party that lectures us about race and privilege but that seems to be exactly what is going on.
  14. Nice try Cliff. Nobody on this thread has accused her of murder. Murder is about the only thing you have not accused Trump of doing. The body count of people associated in some ways with the Clintons is significant and the Ron Brown plane crash and the death of several people connected in some way with it is damned suspicious. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.php#axzz5oWihy2qV
  15. Boomhauer doesn't like my thread. He does a good job of keeping that Bedford Forrest statue nice and shiny though.
  16. You red necks keep lecturing us about political correctness but YOUR polls for YOUR party show what bigots you are. Look at the most recent poll. Biden 35, Sanders 17, Warren 9, Harris 5, Buttigieg 6, O'Rourke 4, Booker 3, Castro 2, Klobuchar 2, Gabbard 1, Yang 1, Gillibrand 0, Ryan 1, Bennet 0Biden +18 White candidates vs candidates of color. White candidates-74% Candidates of color-11% Men vs women Men-69% Women-16% Straight vs Gay Straight candidates-76% Gay candidates-9% The party of Robert Byrd, Stephen Douglas and Andrew Jackson is back!
  17. According to the Robert Byrd dixiecrat Hillary never did any such thing. How dare you bring it up.
  18. When Cliff Clavin starts a thread you know it has nothing to do with anything important. An idiot mail carrier who never really delivers the mail. Nator is Norm? https://youtu.be/y3v-H4y-Bw0?t=104
  19. You are an even dumber poster than Cliff Clavin. Hillary has not been accused of anything she did not do. She is a liar how is that not true?
  20. Mayor Pete aka the gay Andy Hardy basically disqualified himself from half the country by voicing his support for not one, not 2 but 4 tax increases or new taxes. He wants a tax on stock transactions what a genius.
  21. What is most hilarious about the polls among blacks is Beto's 1%. Here is a race obsessed moron who is constantly apologizing for his privilege. Apparently not working.
  22. This conversation is over until you read Victory Davis Hanson's book, "the case for Trump".
  23. Nixon's domestic agenda was the worst of any president in my lifetime. He was a war monger and assaulted civil liberties. He is why the libertarian party was formed. Not sure if he lied about his golf score or not.
  24. The thread says nothing about a book. It says that Trump is an awesome golfer. I agree. https://www.amazon.com/Case-Trump-Victor-Davis-Hanson/dp/1541673549/ref=sr_1_1?hvadid=77653108864890&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=the+case+for+trump+victor+davis+hanson&qid=1558356473&s=books&sr=1-1 Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative historian who is far more knowledgeable and far better educated than Rick Reilly. He wrote a book called the case for Trump. Read it now!
  25. Here is an idea. Run a good person against him in 2020. FYI Biden is not it.
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