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  1. Watch the video and listen to how extreme that Rutger guy is. He was advocating wealth taxes and significantly higher death taxes. I bet he wants corporations to pay wealth taxes also. That is hardcore socialism to have the government take your assets without regard to income. We think of European countries as being more socialist but many have lower corporate taxes and capital gains taxes. In the UK you do not have to pay capital gains on the sale of your home. You buy a home for £100,000 and sell it £200,000 you do not have to pay taxes on those gains. As long as it is a residence and not used for business. Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland have no capital gains taxes and the Netherlands capital gains rate is only around 2%.
  2. Not to be mean that was a very poorly written post to start a thread. Not sure anybody cares about Sarah Isgur either. It will take a very long time for many people to ever think of CNN as fair and balanced.
  3. I said you were naive. If you think $175B will end poverty you are exactly that. That was not hateful. If you set up on a street corner and started handing out $100 bills to everybody who claimed to be poor you would find out there are a hell of a lot of poor people out there. If you offered poor people free rent you would soon find more people claiming they cannot pay their own rent. It is human nature. The homeless problem in San Francisco is illustration of that. Their supposed compassion for these people has turned one of the most beautiful cities on earth into a shithole.
  4. Not sure where you get the idea that corporations get refunds the way we do. You invest in the stock market you should know how to read a 10K report. That said even when we get a refund that does not mean we did not pay anything.
  5. As far as cutting $175B from defense spending I'm all for it. My god you are naive about poverty. Seriously you have no idea how our system works. The more free shit we give people the greater demand there will be for that free shit. We have greatly expanded nutrition programs over the last 30 years yet charities claim hunger is worse. It is bullshit. What more do you want us to do? We help 15% of our people with free groceries. 33% of kids can get a free hot meal at school and breakfast also. Section 8 housing. Pell grants. We have free community college here in red Tennessee. Who should be honestly poor?
  6. So what other taxes would you raise? Those non progressive excise taxes? Despite cuts we still have one of the highest corporate tax rates and our capital gains taxes are comparable to most counties. The idea of wealth taxes and higher death taxes are an abomination.
  7. Give examples. I did not trash European people. I did not say their countries are shit. I simply asked why they are so concerned about how we tax our citizens. It makes no difference to them.
  8. Tucker Carlson speaks for himself not all of Fox. "This guy" only advocated 2 things. Higher taxes on the rich(Never defined) and more power for the IRS. There are not enough billionaires to pay for all the shit people want. There is this lie out there that of we just get the rich to pay their fair share we can all sit on our asses and never work and get free shit. It is a lie. .
  9. I'm not. I asked a very basic question.
  10. Some tax facts... The top 1% pay 38% of income taxes and the top 10% pay 70% of income taxes. 47% do not pay any income taxes at all. I seriously doubt if the distribution was better in the 1950s. Among that 47% who pay no income taxes 30% get free money from the government through the earned income tax credit. What more do you people want? Every Republican tax cut, Reagan-Bush-Trump had taken people off the income tax rolls. Every democrat tax increase has increased excise taxes which are not progressive at all. If Bill Gates buys a gallon of gas or a 12 pack of beer he would pay the same tax that any of us would pay and dems love increasing those taxes because they are hidden in the price.
  11. He was a single issue moron. the rich should pay higher taxes. Wow that's original. Never heard of that before.
  12. One more thing: how is it the concern of some European how our government gets it's tax receipts? I could care less how the Dutch pay for their little piss ant army or their social programs or law enforcement. Why are people who will never live here so obsessed with how we do things? Does he think we should be giving his country some of our treasure?
  13. This so called "historian" makes the same lame libtard arguments. The marginal tax rates were much higher in the 50s and 60s ad nausea. Sure but there were loop holes out the ass back then nobody actually paid those rates. How are higher taxes a "solution" to anything? You can be against tax cuts that is fine but if we increased taxes 20% the idiots in Washington(both parties) would increase spending 23%. How is this "historian" such a genius? He argues that Fox commentators are all millionaires and that is why they are against higher taxes for the rich. So the commentators for CNN and MSNBC are not millionaires? It's libtard talking points from 30 years ago pretending to be science. How is that science?
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