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  1. Fant was the best redzone receiver in this draft. Among all the TEs and Wrs. Robby likes prospects early in the draft that did not workout at the combine.
  2. He looked big and bad beating down that girl. Must have impressed Robby.
  3. Noah Fant was one of the most extraordinary athletes to come along in many many years. We passed on him to draft a guy with injury and character issues. Fant has no such issues.
  4. Should have taken Fant. Stupid idiotic pick.
  5. There is a netflix series of documentaries called "I am a killer" where a guy named James Robertson petitioned to be placed on death row so he could have a more spacious cell, tv and better food. He killed a cell mate just to be placed on death row.
  6. How did he make him legit? People know he is there and people know he is a potential threat. As for the training exercises who cares? North Korea is dirt poor. They need money. Taking photos with the guy means nothing.
  7. https://shadowproof.com/2011/06/29/what-obama-fights-for-giving-9-55-billion-to-north-korea-to-spend-on-nukes/ Obama approved a trade deal in 2011 that would allow North Korean produced goods to be imported here. According to the deal we can import South Korean goods can be 65% manufactured elsewhere and nobody bothered to exclude North Korean manufactured goods from the deal. This article estimates that this could bring in over $9B to North Korea over 9 years with over 50% of that going directly to Kim. Well that was 8 years ago. Of course it also costs us jobs here.
  8. How is Trump Kim's bitch when he has not given him anything? Not one single sanction has been lifted and Trump imposed greater sanctions with executive order 13810 in 2017 which effects individuals and companies that do business with North Korea. . https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Executive_Order_13810
  9. What about sleepy Joe or the fact that Trump will out work him 2-1 and Biden will be hard pressed to get feminists and blacks motivated to vote?
  10. Biden will find a way to blow this. I cannot think of a more uninspiring, lame personality. He will look so awkward trying to stay in the center while kissing up to blacks and women. Wow a 3 minute video to call Trump a racist how original. Biden will almost be 78 by election time. Good luck.
  11. The death penalty is not murder. I am also against state sanctioned killing.
  12. Oh so it has nothing to do with the death penalty? There is no debatable issue here. Normal sane people do not do those things or defend those who did. You just wanted to push this libtard narrative of white people being hateful towards blacks. The narrative where blacks are helpless victims is an obsession with you libtards. Robert Byrd southern democrats lecturing the rest of us about racism and hate. rich.
  13. Here is the post that started this thread. Where is the death penalty discussion or debate? The race of the people was clearly stated and we get lot's of emotion and detail of the violence. I do not see anything that indicates a desire to even discuss the death penalty. Somebody is a liar then right? If 3 murderers were the same color as the victim this is never national news and this thread never exists.
  14. You never initiated a discussion about the death penalty. You could have started such a thread at any time on any day. You could give a fuck about the death penalty. I'm the only one who stated any personal views on that subject and then you attack me for not talking about it? Are you brain dead?
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