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  1. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-tennessee-cb-malcolm-butlers-2018-campaign-was-a-tale-of-two-halves
  2. Vunce...he had one job. Just read the damn card. Said, "Hon..Honor Landry?" God bless him.
  3. Thank God! I can't remember the last time we won in San Diego. Maybe this will give us a better chance.
  4. You are correct. Unfortunately, 3HL is almost as bad now. Brent's constant awkward laugh, Mickey agreeing with everything, and Dawn is just there. The Wake Up Zone and Midday 180 are both good, but man, there needs to be an alternative in the evening somewhere.
  5. Right. So he wouldn’t do it. He is an UFA, so he doesn’t have to. That’s why this doesn’t make a bit of sense.
  6. Isn't Cousins an unrestricted FA? Couldn't Denver just wait? Why would Cousins want to do this, knowing whatever team he could sign-and-trade to, would be weakened by giving up a 2nd round or higher pick? Wouldn't he just wait on FA?
  7. Mike Vrabel unqualified to be Titans head coach and another example of team falling for 'Patriot Way' Lie A little lengthy but has lots of stats. Lots.
  8. How did he pull the qb coach for a lateral move. Surely his contact wasn’t up after one year?
  9. So Vrabel is interviewing position coaches, without his coordinators in place?
  10. So why wasn’t there a 10 second runoff when the Vikings had a false start to begging that drive?
  11. Was the ball still live on the inside kick when Bates jumped on it?
  12. Is there something I don't understand? https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-pff-elo-power-rankings-week-1
  13. When I heard him say this at the presser, he was speaking much more about backend players, when he referred to "everybody". He specifically said they have 90 players and some haven't gotten on the field yet and they deserve to chance to play, so everybody is playing this game.
  14. Mayock does seem to like Davis at least. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-combine/0ap3000000789922/Mayock-Davis-is-going-to-be-a-high-level-NFL-player