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  1. Hey Oman, I don’t post much been around here since the move and Campbell fan prior to that. Anyway.


    i have a crappy quality pic of Jevon running down Qadry Ismail and sandwiching Samari Rolle. It’s 11 seconds but too long to post?? Can I send it to you to post?

  2. True. He was more disappointing than anything. Paul Williams was also a disappointment
  3. Yeah he was the shit. If eg and cj had a kid together and you could take the best of their skills it would be the Tyler rose. It's damn good trio though. Beats the hell out of pinket, rosier, white, high smith etc! Go titans!
  4. Bro I shared my first dip with earl when i was 14.. It takes a lot for me to admit it. Btw I love the disclaimer " fan since white shoes" Yours truly, Fans since before the merge Oh and your use if the English language is quite telling of your public dilemma!
  5. Mike, I very respectively disagree! This game is about production. Plain and simple. Not how much effort it takes to produce. It seems by your posts that you place little to no value in this regard??? Or that your understanding of how bad our entire team has been over the past few years. I don't want to get into the qb situation during eg's time vs cj's for one it's not fair to compare instead just know that not only is CJ better than Eddie but he is better than Earl was..... And this hurts to say... I too root for the underdog..... I too held back the tears when Rudy made that sack for Norte Dame. But the bottom line and the only line that matters is that this isn't a league for "Rudys'" it is a league based on talent and production. Did CJ leave yards on field that perhaps could have been gained if he gave everything he had??? Maybe so. But in the same breath you (and guitar playing avatar buffoons ) are too blind to realize that the other backs that you compare to Chris, can do no more than they do. By your own admission they are tough hard nose runners that fight. But at the end of the day can never make a difference. I give Oman all the credit for stating it for a few years now that the rb position is being devalued now mainly because they don't "make plays". The romance with CJ was to us "homers" was that at least at one point in time CJ did.
  6. Ummmmm..... Yes. Hard to admit, but my hero earl campbell was inferior in almost every category to this "pussy" of a running back cj. Damn, damn, damn, I can't imagine how much better earl would be with cj's ability for he "fought, tried, gave it the old college try "every time he touched the ball. He'll he played the game the way it was supposed to be played. Then this 195lb pussy comes and out does him. Shit! Once earl left I didn't care what happened. I can't believe cj is going to likely out perform him AGAIN? Please someone help me find some reasons as to why this could be. Please help make some excuses for Earl. Please!! Sarcasm??
  7. Ummm shawn Alexander Edgerrin James Corey Dillon Too tired to cont.
  8. Sorry but if you look at the stats that he was held to in this forum he kicked Earls ass all over the field......I used to think Earl was great, tough, hard nosed, a beast!!! I was certain that he fought for every inch he got... Now that so many on this board have convinced me that cj is nothing more than a pussy I can't help but think how does Earl Campbell...the Tyler rose... My childhood hero....get dominated by a weak ass, no effort giving pussy. We'll cj you bested earl with his first team. and I'm sure you will best his stats with his second!,
  9. Please scrap my above post. I have had a change in heart and went too far. I have thought about everything and have been convinced by Zeppelin that he knows what is best for an NFL franchise. Sorry if my fanaticism insulted anyone. Go Titans!! I am certain that another rb will get this team to the promise land. You da Man Zepp!
  10. Ok rainbow warrior. Give me some names. Stop whining and give me your plan with names on what should happen. I want specifics. Uh oh.. Somebody figured you out! BTW when CJ is still here next year will you head west? Bay Area or what? You know what is going to haaaapppppppeeeeeeennnnn. Lol Lolbm..
  11. In all my time I have yet to ever read more worthless opinions than the ridiculously inaccurate bullshit from this sexually confused thing. Seriously man I don't hate but you quite possibly are in the top 1% of the worlds dumbest people. Not only wrong but you have no savy or wit to your posts. It's like you are too dumb to realize how dumb you are.lololol! Please don't respond and confirm my suspicion. I'd rather your drivel be channelled towards your mommy issues. Oh and by the way if you are wondering if it's true then........ Yep!
  12. Oman. You are a great leader of people (sheep) You should be mayor or senator. Your following has reached a level never seen before on TR and that includes Jack and nend and ttmstock. I love how the need for approval begins with you. You plant the seed (true or not) and you have the rest feeding on your words. You have personas like afc guy, old school, Titan wycheck, and countless others clamoring for your likes and approval. Simply the best you are!
  13. First off. This will be the only time your words are ever quoted or responded to. STOP and I mean STOP swinging from the dick hairs of a certain poster here. You are embarrassing yourself and undermining your boyhood! Your incessant use of we and us like you are part of some boy band gang is a joke. (A street performing mime has more audible football knowledge than you will ever attain) Oh and finally (just in case you didn't get the memo) your final message on your post above (if really the case) makes you a bumbling idiot. #ifeelsorryforunoriginalthoughthavingshirtlessboyherofetishguy Go make a dollar!
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