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  1. No one is saying that. 1. Coaches won't be saying their criticism and calling out their mistakes on tv and in public first off. 2. They won't be calling their players losers, mentally weak, noodle arm, scared, stupid, blind as a bat, traffic cones, and whatever other types of derogatory terms certain posters on this board love to use frequently. I'm not sure if you have ever had to work in a large organization before, but good luck on creating a healthy, productive, and pleasant culture if all you do is bitch, complain, and berate your employees. 3. You can get more out of most people (not all) by praising what they did well, and then politely but consistently pointing out what they need to improve on and work on. This is especially relevant to sports where the psyche and confidence of an athlete is critical. Coaches have to be careful on how they coach players without destroying players confidences. 4. "This is a sports message board and what else is the point of a message board" or whatever nonsense certain posters always seem to use when they get called out for immature and trolling behavior, don't bother to respond with a trite response like this. We could definitely stand to have less ego driven armchair sunday qb's running around trying to be right about many of the dumb things they say just for the sake of being right, rather than being a fan. Sure the internet is full of trolls and assholes that love to call other people names, but i would hope\like to think that titans fans can try to be better than the average moron fan in this world. Maybe that is too much to ask. It is not hard to point out things we don't like, players that are not playing well, and coaches that aren't getting production, but it is not hard to do such things in a constructive, reasonable, and non-combative way all the time. Granted having trolls, stupid posters, sunshine pumpers, social justice warriors, and haters of different sorts makes the board more interesting at times, but it also doesn't need to devolve into the same 10 people posting 10x a thread agreeing with each other in their groupthink world and arguing with the other 80% of the board either. 90% of twitter posts are made by 12% of the total amount of twitter users. People wonder why twitter is retarded. You have the largest extreme minorities from each side posting the most......hmmmm why is that. This board is not much different sadly.
  2. We are a different offense with Delanie Walker playing, this can not be stated enough. He and MM have always had great chemistry. I saw enough in training camp and preseason game 1 to see that MM has very good chemistry with Humphries as well. With them finding holes in the middle of the field and attacking the zones, MM will finally have some safe hot route options, this will help this offense a lot and reduce the number of stagnant drives we have had the past couple years. Lol at Saffold getting run over, that looked awful, not a good first showing for our big FA signing, but i'm sure he'll be alright when the season starts. I'm impressed with Dickerson and Mack. I think these guys can help our depth out a lot. I think at least 1 sticks, the other will go to the PS. I wonder if we trade a WR to make room for Hollister \ Raymond. Not sure what they will do with Jennings and Taylor and we will have Batson back next year. I like how Orr has looked, Sims has really improved from last year. Hooker is going to be a stud for us. Vaccarro looks very good. Butler looks good. Ryan looks good. We know what KB is to the team. Secondary is going to be a real strength for us. We will actually have depth for a change. TE roster decisions will be interesting as well. AJ Brown has the swagger our offense needs outside as well. He and Davis are going to help MM out a lot especially with Walker and Humphries in the middle. If the OL does a better job of protecting MM this year, this offense is going to be very good, the talent at the skill positions is obvious. This isn't even talking about Henry, Lewis and McNichol. Our schedule is a monster, but if we finish 10-6 or better, we will clearly be a serious playoff contender.
  3. MM was one of the top 5 QB's in the NFL in his first 3 years as far as red zone efficiency. He had something like 41 redzone TD's without an interception and was ahead of Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees for a long time. There are so many stupid and incorrect parroted narratives on this message board. Mariota's redzone efficiency is one of his strengths. Only a functional retard would use just last years statistics and try to draw conclusions from a 1 year outlier. Why don't you look at his entire career's redzone efficiency numbers? How much do you factor MM's inability to grip and throw the ball all season, losing both of his TE's, losing most of his OL which lead to a ridiculous number of sacks and QB pressures all season long? Instead you choose to draw conclusions from a very poor season and cherry pick those statistics while willfully ignoring the 3 years of top 5 redzone efficiency numbers in the NFL prior to last year...ok got it.
  4. Jonnu obviously has the athletic traits you want out of your TE these days. He also has shown a very good ability to get YAC. The issue besides a couple of timely drops and a couple of fumbles are his mistakes in the blocking game. He has improved his blocking from his rookie year a good bit, but he still has a ways to go. He is still below average as an inline blocker which limits his usefulness in this offense. We don't flex out our TE's 30 plays a game, we run a lot of play-action, so he better get better at blocking if he wants to be counted on as back up #1 to Delanie.
  5. He ran a 6.81 3 cone time though, which means his short area quickness is elite.
  6. He will play early. He is very polished already and he has a great work ethic. They always seem to describe him as a student of the game, loves to study film, gym rat, and things like this in various articles i've read about him. I like the fact that he will contribute early for this offense.
  7. AJ was a big time player coming out of HS, and he was a star at Ole Miss from the beginning. Ole Miss has had a lot of talented WR's over the past 5 years, but if you actually follow Ole Miss closely, AJ Brown has been the best WR for Ole Miss the past 2 years. He was very productive as a young player when Treadwell was the go to guy. Brown has thrived in various roles for Ole Miss and they have moved him all over. I think his versatility to play slot and the X and Y positions is going to make him invaluable if we have injuries. He can play all of the spots well and he just knows how to get open and is tough. He has great hands and he is very good at making guys miss and juking guys but he also has good power and ability to break arm tackles as well, he is excellent at getting YAC. Jrob got us a good one here.
  8. AJ Brown is a faster version of Anquan Boldin imo. A lot of analysts are making the Jarvis Landry comparison which i can see as well. Love this pick. Brown was as productive of a WR in the SEC as it gets throughout his entire career.
  9. I see the libatards in this thread are still drinking the stupid kool-aid.
  10. I see the usual retards are still posting in this thread lolz.
  11. No one said they go hand in hand, but our OL sucks at both. If you try to convince me that because we are 7th overall in rushing in the NFL currently in a pass happy league that has clearly demonstrated that throwing the ball is the best way to score points under the current rules, well i am not even going to continue talking to you. Using meaningless unrelated statistics to support an argument is silly. Typically, good passing games and good running games have a direct correlation to each others success when looking at football metrics. Sure you can have imbalances and outliers but overall both passing efficiency and running efficiency help the other one out. We are awful at both. Our running efficiency is terrible if you take out the last game. No one with a brain uses total yards to judge the production and efficiency output.
  12. Yes again this is not complicated stuff. It is quite easy to figure out that our RB's are not the issue, our QB isn't the issue. The issue is quite simple. The OL sucks. The play-calling and coaching is poor. This is not very hard to figure out to those of us that are not bullied by the same 5 idiots that post 20x a day. If i listened to Oilerman, Number9, WG53 and that group of titanscentral board idiots we would still have Jeff Fisher as our coach and they would still be bitching and blaming the GM and the ownership for all of the problems of the organization. These guys are the biggest homers blinded by their crazy ideologies and they are consistently wrong about everything. Outside of Bongo, you would be hard pressed to find a group of posters that are worse at their predictions and assessments than this group of blowhards.
  13. The Chip Kelly experiment? He turned a washed up Michael Vick into a pro bowl QB for one year, he got more out of journeyman Mark Sanchez than anyone had or has, and he got Nick Foles a huge pay day and got the eagles a 2nd and fourth round pick along with Sam Bradford in return but sadly for Foles he was sent off to Jeff Fisher, killer of QB's and offenses. Foles went back to the Eagles and won a superbowl once he left Jeff Fisher's graveyard, meanwhile Jeff Fisher's rams got taken over by Mcvay and are putting more points on the board than we can count at this point. Chip Kelly's X's and O's and schemes sent NFL DC's in a frenzy in his first 3 years with the Eagles. Chip Kelly did not succeed in the NFL because of his play - calling or scheme. He failed because his staff didn't like him, he was viewed as racist, he ran off a lot of talented and well- liked players because he wanted to show his team who was boss and has a my way or highway kind of attitude. His off the wall practice schedule and sports science stuff was made fun of by Eagles players initially, and now a lot of those ideas are pretty standard for every NFL team. Chip Kelly has his issues as a coach, but his scheme and offensive mind are certainly not the problem, in fact he is still considered one of the best offensive minds in any level of football even with all of the negative press and his failure with the Eagles and his 1 year stint at SF.
  14. Why does Lewis lead the league in negative rushes as a Titan in his first year? Go look at his stats for negative plays when he was a patriot for 3 years. You will see a huge disparity in that statistic. How come Henry gets big runs when he has enough time to get a few steps in, instead of having to change directions, wait for lanes to never open, and try to read the defense while making such decisions? The issues our RB's face are quite similar to the issues that Mariota has to deal with as a QB. The issue is not the players, the issue is the scheme\playcalling and the OL's inability to do anything well. Sure keep on going down the path of a complete firesale of all our players. I've seen enough from the same vocal minority on this board that seem to think Mariota sucks, Cory Davis, Henry, Lewis, Demarco Murray, Taylor, Sharpe all suck or are overrated, but at some point you would think that maybe it's not the skill players that are the issue. Maybe it is the OL and the coaches. I have seen enough talent, good plays and ability out of a lot of our skill players. We have enough talent at those positions to be a good offense. The problem has consistently been poor OL play and predictable play calling.
  15. You choose to look at his stats and play throughout an entire game as your assessment point. That is flawed. In all 7 of the games we have won for example this year, Mariota has played very well in certain stretches. Taking into account his injury, the handcuffed play calling, the porous OL play into account, one aspect consistently shows up despite these issues. When the game is on the line, and our offense is aggressive \ and in desperation mode, Mariota typically plays outstanding. So i then sit here wondering why they don't build our offensive style to let him and our offense play that way from the very start of a game and see what happens.