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  1. Every teams announcer sounds like this to me... it's like they train them to be that annoying.
  2. We have effing Jaquar fans singing "we will rock you"...wtf. I hate our offensive line.
  3. So, how'd that work out for Elway? I can't stand him, either.
  4. I took mine out, but if there was any trouble we went "to the bathroom". Then my head turned around like Linda Blair's in "The Exorcist". I hate seeing parents begging their children to behave... And this woman... sometimes I hate being from the south.
  5. I am out running errands and can't watch the game. You're welcome, fellow Titans fans.
  6. I think some of our guys are just grouchy because our season has basically sucked? So bad we've had to fire a head coach? And our ownership sucks? And we're not sure, but half the players on our team may suck? I don't know... I just know, your team is undefeated and mine is 2 - 6. Congratulations on the record, and we'll just be happy to be highly competitive, or heaven knows get an unlikely win. I'm all about being a realist, not having to eat crow, and good karma. Here's to a good game!
  7. Was the 49ers all black their "color rush" or is that a new look for them this year?
  8. I remember the old red and navy, but that's too close to the Texans now. I like the navy uniforms best, the Columbia blue is a little too blue.
  9. I don't think Cam is a bad quarterback, or even a mediocre one. And I didn't like him coming out of Auburn strictly because of the character issues, but I am old enough to give credit where it's due. He's been good this year, and if it's because of his legs, I'm sure Panthers fans will take it. I took Jake Locker jumping over a Saints D, a TD is TD at the end of the day. (Ask Delanie and Marcus!) I do think Cam is blessed with size, and we'd be silly to overlook that his running ability is a little bit different than say, RGIII or even Kap. However good or bad at passing he is, he's big enough to intimidate opposing D's because he's a HUGE guy, and he's tough. I think our D won't be as intimidated as the Saints or Giants, if they come to play. Let's be honest, as Titans fans we know that have been some Sundays it looks like they didn't. And then, sometimes they do. They have it in them, they just need to get it together. It appears the Panthers have.
  10. I'm not jumping on the trash the other team wagon, I've seen karma be a real mean bitch to us as close as two weeks ago. We are closer to suck than awesome right now, but that doesn't mean we can't be hopeful. This chick is not throwing anything in my glass house.
  11. If I were a Panthers fan, I'd take that win and be happy -if we play like crap with our somewhat suspect roster and win, I'll take it too. As a Titans fans, we rode an aging, subpar Kerry Collins and a mediocre team in chaos to 10 - 0 and I thought we were the shit. We weren't, and I can see that now. We haven't been since way before then...
  12. Either way, I'm sure it'll be a great game. The Panthers are a good, young team and I've never seen their fans be Cowboy, Steeler, Jets, and Eagles obnoxious. I'd even put Saints fans in the obnoxious camp sometimes.
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