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  1. Can't wait for the game.  I know the potential is there.


    At the same time, I keep thinking that this team was down 2 scores to Houston and New Orleans late in the 4th at home just a few weeks ago.


    Being a fan of this organization for as long as I have, I will temper my hype. 


  2. 6 minutes ago, Denali said:


    I am certain that upon hearing about Wyche’s death, Glanville has already planned a celebration party.


    I’m not kidding either.  Glanville truly hated Wyche to the core.


    Trying to think of a Sugar Huddle joke...


    in Glanville news...He is going to be the DC for the Tampa Bay Vipers (XFL)

  3. This piss poor kicking situation is the single biggest issue. 


    Yes the staff went to Tannehill too late, but the lack of being able to kick a damn field goal has put pressure on the team to be near perfect in execution, which is impossible. It has cost us a few games, including yesterday.


    Titans should be controlling the division right now.


    Wonder what Ian Howfield is doing.

  4. 4 hours ago, freakingeek said:


    Henry’s health is going to be a big factor. If he’s running well it will keep the Texans defense honest and open up the play action, which is critical.



    I think all he needs is a couple of chunk runs if possible then only his presence on the field should help keep things open.


    Henry could become a legend with a big game on a tweaked hammy.  


    But we all know how hamstring injuries linger and we are going to need the big man ready for all three remaining games.



  5. 8 minutes ago, PhinFan1968 said:

     Why wouldn't you sign a QB to a franchise deal, if he gives you "the means to compete in every single game?"  Why would it be foolish to make a long-term bet on that?



    This is the NFL in the age of social media.  Everyone thinks they are right or has some sort inside info.


    Is Tannehill Brees or Keenum?  We will find out.


    The only potential story I give a shit about right now is the one where Tannehill gets to play another game in Miami this year.


    Of course, it could all go to shit in 3 weeks or less.

  6. 56 minutes ago, OILERMAN said:


    That's the thing. In the past teams have tried to force it or work around it. The Ravens have went all in on making Jackson's running the starting point and working the passing game off of it. No one has ever committed to it like this. 


    It puts so much pressure on the defense I have no idea what defenses should do. 


    He's not a great pure passer but how they use him they have a great passing game and he's extremely effective. On pace for 27 TDs and a 100+ passer rating. 

    Agreed, but he will eventually get injured.  Then what happens to them being so committed to this style?


    I admit that it is something to watch right now, but I am not so sure that Jackson will end up revolutionizing the position.  It wasn't that long ago when everyone was jerking off over Vick.

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