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  1. 6 minutes ago, Titans279 said:

    In 1999 the average passer rating was 77.1 so McNair was actually slightly above average. The average passer rating in 2018 was 92.9. Mariota was essentially exactly average.


    Then there's the passer rating inflation elephant in the room. It's is all due to how easy it is to pass now, and per FiveThirtyEight the passer rating inflation effects a lot of bad QB's passer ratings.


    Unfortunately it actually hits MM and RT really hard. What boosts their passer ratings tend to be things that are not actually exceptional. Things like having a high completion percentage really boosts passer ratings, but it's not hard to have a good completion percentage anymore.



    I get the point, but it still made Steve a middle of the pack QB in 1999.  We know he was more than that.




    I am not convinced the Titans are trying to build a high powered passing attack, though it my develop eventually.


    I see them building a strong D with a strong running game and want a QB that simply won't screw it up.


    Losing Lewan for the first 4 games is the teams biggest problem heading into the season.  But a lot can change from now until Sept 8.


  2. I believe...


    If the Titans go 12-4 with Marcus, some will say that they would have went 16-0 with Tannehill. 


    This is what makes TitansReport so fucking great!


    As long as Marcus can convert 3rd downs, keep drives alive, the team should be fine.  That is what made Steve so good. 


    Steve is my favorite Titan ever, but the dude had a 78.6 QBR the Super Bowl season.  He always seemed better than the stats.  There was absolutely plenty of NOD over McNair talk back then.


    Ultimately, I don't care who the QB is, as long as the team is winning.  Living in South Florida, I have seen a bunch of Tannehill and know he can be just as polarizing as Marcus. 


    Titans look to have a pretty good roster. If Pees doesn't die and Derrick Henry brings it...Titans will win games.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Little Earl said:

    Quite frankly I saw no reason to make a thread on this.    And then you had to throw in the "They must be Democrats" comment.


    Inner city and black makes it almost certain those kids will vote 100% Democrat.  

    Maybe I shouldn't have.


    But with all the posts being made and the hate/blame being thrown around by some, I wanted to counter point with a touch of sarcasm.

  4. 1 hour ago, Little Earl said:



    Well we know these kids are on their way to becoming Democrats.

    Because they are black?


    Who knows, there could be a couple Ben Carson's in that group.  He did nearly stab someone.


    I guess the actions of this group totally justify my original post.


    Silly me.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Rolltide said:


    Moron it is not my opinion that Asians are better than blacks at math. They are!


    Why do you racist assholes hate Asians anyway? Because they cannot be oppressed and do not want to act oppressed? Because they are successful?

    I don't hate Asians.  I also don't believe it is in their genes to be better at math.  Everyone is a product of their environment.


    Why are Asians better at math per that article?


    I was adopted and recently met my biological father, aunts, uncles and grandfather.  I look like them, but I am nothing like them, because I was not raised by them.  I am a product of my environment.


    Maybe if we taught our kids math the way Asians do...


    Everyone does not fit in the box that stereotypes portray.



    Calling me names does not bother me.  Simply because you are nothing to me. 


    You are rigid in your beliefs and blanket statements, that is your cross to bear.





  6. 8 hours ago, Rolltide said:

    I said it three times retard. Everybody knows that is true and there is not a damn thing racist about it. 





    I read that article not that Asians are genetically better at math but that they taught better...


    "“We invented the Singapore math where students learn it in a way that is easier to grasp intuitively, easier to remember and easier to apply. The method is so different from what I learned in school that teachers tell parents NOT to teach the students. It is a method used in top schools in the US,” Ang tells SciDev.Net. Aside from the Singapore math method, quality of teaching comes into play. Ang adds: “I will not say that we have the best people being trained and hired as teachers. But we have, for example, made it a requirement to have a degree to teach in high schools.” Another factor for Singapore’s superior performance, perhaps, is its culture of achievers. “There is a national social stress on education. Most students have after-school tuition. Getting a bottom grade is embarrassing. The [government] ministers have got good grades from kindergarten. Schools are rewarded for good academic performance,” Ang says. Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at: https://www.asianscientist.com/2015/06/features/asian-students-excel-maths-science/"


    When you say it, it doesn't seem to come across that way.



    9 hours ago, Rolltide said:

    No race is better than another that sets me apart from you. At the same time I'm not a politically correct idiot like you. If you asked me if blacks are as good at math as Asians I would say no. Just like I would not try and argue that Asians are as good at basketball as blacks are as good at music as blacks. You ideology makes you an idiot mine does not. 







    To say no race is better than another is great, but to then follow with blanket statement about races comes across as portraying racial stereotypes and that is racist.




    Learn to pronounce


    noun: racist; plural noun: racists


    a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.



    adjective: racist


    showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.


    Making blanket statements that blacks are better as basketball or Asians are better at math are racist statements as not all things are equal, except for human beings.



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