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  1. Really good job with the redesign
  2. I wonder if they made the playoffs how many votes CJ2K would have got
  3. Anybody like Derrick Henry to lead the league in rushing paying 13/1?
  4. Meh as in a world class city. Yup
  5. I just realized this guy is from my hometown. I will be cheering harder than ever for this 1 year stop-gap Jeffery Simmons placeholder!
  6. They are fine at RB. They resigned Fluellen so they wont need to draft one.
  7. I dont see us drafted a TE as between Walker, Smith, Firkster and Pruitt we are pretty well set for this season.
  8. Love it! I wonder who Tajae will be knocking out tonight??
  9. The NHL has partnered with Canopy Growth (the largest licenced marijuana producer in the world) to run trials on former players to see if marijuana can be used for pain management and to wean them off opiods. There are clear medical benefits that are becoming more accepted and there is plenty of research going on to discover the plants full medicinal value.
  10. The fact that the NFL has marijuana as a banned substance with severe penalties is a complete joke. They will eventually come around as the US and the rest of the world start to legalize and there becomes less stigma associated with it. With that said, the players who risk everything by smoking it are a special kind of stupid. Make your money and then you have the rest of your life to get high all you want.
  11. We need to get Mariota back to the way he was playing during his most successful stretch in 2016. His ceiling is still pretty high IMO it's just becoming more unlikely he will ever reach it with every injury and setback
  12. This actually makes a ton of sense. He is definitely mind fucked
  13. Can the Ulnar heal fully over the offseason? Even if it does he will prob just injure something else