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  1. One of the dumbest decisions this franchise has ever made.
  2. Doesnt make any sense. Allen did really well on Sunday
  3. He is projected for over 1200 yards if u average his numbers over 16 games
  4. Should he be considered a Belichick disciple because of his playing career or do you have to coach under somebody to be part of their coaching tree? If so, would he be part of Urban Meyer or BOB's coaching tree? The most common belief seems to be that he was most heavily influenced by Belichick and Patriots culture. This makes sense and would align with J Rob et al. FWIW, I think Vrabel is his own man because a super alpha CEO like Vrabes cannot be groomed. He is just born that way.
  5. They are not worried about Correa enough to care that it's within the division.
  6. With the addition of Clowney, I'd say it's better, otherwise I'd say we took a small step backwards.
  7. Thanks for the reminder lol. Still the right move in hindsight. I am still happy he got it.
  8. It appears he can't kick touchbacks off kickoffs and that really hurt us today
  9. So win and in the week? Why arent they saying that on our broadcast?
  10. Still, it really sucks he hurt the hammy or I think he would have won it for sure
  11. When they added Dawkins to the active roster I cashed out. Luckily bet365 is not as up to date on these things and offers the ability to cash out lol
  12. I bet $100 on Henry to win the rushing title at the beginning of the season at 13-1. I have the option to cash out for $300 right now or let it ride for the chance at $1300. I just don't see any way he wins it now with the injured hammy. What would you guys do?

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