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  1. It’s all about fielding a cohesive fundamentally sound team that adapts when you need to adapt..... Catering to strengths and maximizing what our guys do best. He wants people to play fast and know what to do.... He was a fucking brilliant player on the Pats and always looked like he knew what the fuck to do and where the fuck to go and he played fast. He learned under the tutelage of what many consider the greatest coach in NFL history if second only to Vince Lombardi...We’ve gotten younger, meaner, and leaner and Vrabel has me giddy...... If he ends up being a meat headed piece of shit dumb ass prick then sure we won’t just pretend like shit can get better We will run his ass right out of Nashville but Jesus Christ it’s OTA’s and we’re worried about how our coach handles the media when he played under the most stoic coach when it comes to dealing with the media of all time? So much wasted inertia and it’s not even training camp geez Titan Up Ladies Vrabel is fresh air to me..... Besides it’s time for Nashville media to grow a pair and I’m sure Vrabel will know how to deal with the snakes when he crosses the nest
  2. He just strikes me as the kind of person that doesn’t have a lot of time for bullshit..... I see him as highly intelligent and hard working and willing to do things differently if the situation is calls for it. The media has been fortunate enough with coaches like Fish, Munch, Whiz and Mularkey all being modest and calm demeanored..... He obviously feels like he has an idea of what it takes to get there and do damn thing...... I’m intrigued and I haven’t felt so good about where this team is headed ever before and I think he would be the polar opposite mentality around the team in comparison to how he is with the media. He was an awesome teammate and seems like he can let loose and have fun outside of work as well if needed... Kuharsky is a maggot of a human anyone of us would be a dick to that tool of a deushbag...... That being said Kuharsky is also good at what he does and the unraveling of that dynamic will be must watch theater.
  3. Lmao! That was a great photoshop I had no idea! Now that the pic is gone though I feel a weight lifted off of the back of the Titan collective brethren..... May that god awful picture never resurface again for the entirety of humanities existence!!!!
  4. I agree..... JNew any chance you would change that profile picture? I feel like when that pic goes the curse will finally be over and good times will be ahead
  5. I was in Santa Clara at the game that day, It was an awesome game to have watched in person...Marcus took over the offense and called his own plays and had one of his best games of the season that day......Flash forward and now and we have a offensive coordinator from the Shanahan play calling tree the same offensive framework, I was super jealous of seeing Jimmy G under Kyle S....... Pretty sure Lafleur is gonna make us all feel like the drought of competence is finally over
  6. The top of the eight reminds me of Tennessee and I get the sword thing as well two cool little wrinkles to sprinkle onto the uni’s
  7. I think they are gonna be dope as fuck by the way.... In comparison to the old number font they will become our unique look in time and I think the slant on the 8 is a loving gesture to the badass state of Tennessee
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