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  1. Tolbert was hired by the Giants this morning I believe.
  2. Biggest thing for me is that you know Manning wants to win as player or part owner. If decisions end up being bad, but I believe they were made in effort to win I am okay with it. I cannot make myself believe the Mularkey hired was made based on wanting to win.
  3. First time play caller Mariota has never worked with = Continuity. Seems confusing.
  4. Did we ever hear why she skipped the owners meeting?
  5. I've always thought it would be funny if no titans fans went to a home game and there were only visiting fans. It's kind of that way now but with some titans fans in there. Maybe the home game vs Houston?
  6. I saw a tweet a couple of days ago that said they requested permission to interview Bengals DC Paul Guenther. What happened with that?
  7. So Haslem was was with Hue Jackson. It would be nice to know exactly what she was doing to focus on the GM and head coach search.
  8. Check out @Midday180's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Midday180/status/687054949965021187?s=09
  9. I feel the same way. This is a great opportunity to turn things around. I cannot root for another team, but I won't pay for sunday ticket anymore. Maybe start golfing and fishing on Sundays
  10. I expect Winston to win. Our defense blew the Colts,Bills,Jags, and Raiders games. If the defense could finish that would be 7 wins.
  11. Definitely ok with new coach bringing in his own DC
  12. It could be my imagination but I feel like every time we get a lead the defense gives it up on the next drive. They get 3 and outs when we are behind or tied, but as soon as we have a lead they imeaditately give it up.
  13. Maybe the titans are taking the colts approach. Look at where having a shitty backup to manning got them. If locker goes down fitz may when you 6 or 7 games, and whithurst may win you 1 or 2 locking up a top 5 pick.
  14. Butler sounds interesting but Horton has been a dc for several years and has done it very well. I will not be disappointed with either.
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