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  1. Thanks but I can't take credit for it as I found it on another board...
  2. I think during the game the announcers mentioned that the Chargers were, indeed, 11-1 all-time against the Titans...
  3. With Carr getting benched today...maybe JR should get on the horn to Oakland to seek a swap for Mariota. As the timing might be right & given Gruden's praise of him in the past...
  4. With the Chargers poor O-line...Simmons might well be a difference maker today...
  5. So...I'm curious...how do those "retards" differ than those who think the Titan's offensive woes are just at the QB spot...lol!
  6. For many, it starts from the "Mariota is the problem" narrative which then they just ball everything else into...
  7. I think he will wreak havoc & help to transform the entire unit...
  8. Sadly, given his idiotic defense of his decision to kick that FG yesterday...I think to only way Carter gets fired is when/if Vrabel & the rest of the coaches are shown the door...
  9. Mike Sando of The Athletic uncovered at least one reason for Mariota’s continued struggles: “The familiar part appeared under the column for touchdown passes,” writes Sando. “Mariota had zero (vs. Jaguars on Thursday) for the 22nd time in 58 starts since entering the NFL in 2015. That’s seven more than any other quarterback over those four-plus seasons. It’s the most for any quarterback in his first 58 starts over the past 20 seasons. Mariota has 19 starts without a passing or rushing score, six more than any quarterback since he entered the league. The recently benched Eli Manning is next.” https://clutchpoints.com/titans-news-nfl-executive-explains-why-marcus-mariota-has-fallen-short/
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/lsu-football-qb-joe-burrow-sets-record-for-passing-touchdowns-continues-to-impress-for-tigers/
  11. Ugh...yes Davis missing camp was a problem. But the point I was trying to make is for "experienced" depth, someone definitely made the wrong call to cut Levin (who was/is competent) in favor of Douglas who doesn't belong on an NFL roster...
  12. I just wanna know who made the call to keep Douglas over Levin? I mean, neither are world-beaters by any means but at least Levin looked competent the few times he started last season.