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    Virus in US

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    Come on Titans

    Virus in US

    I saw this in the comments section of an article...Trump definitely cost us tens of thousands of lives Trump’s 21-point pandemic plan thus far: 1. Trump shut down the Global Health Security and Bio-defense agency. 2. Trump fired Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossart in 2018. His job was to coordinate a response to global pandemics. He was not replaced. 3. In 2018 Dr. Luciana Borio, the NSC director for medical and bio-defense preparedness left the job. Trump did not replace Borio. 4. In 2018, at Trump’s direction, the CDC stopped funding epidemic prevention activities in 39 countries, including CHINA. 5. The NSC’s Senior Director for Global Health Security and biodefense, Tim Ziemer, left the position on May 8, 2018. Trump did not replace him. The departure occurred the same day that the WHO announced a new Ebola outbreak in Africa. 6. In June 2019, Trump administration discontinued the CDC medical epidemiologist position that was embedded in China – That person left China in July, a few months before the coronavirus hit China. The position’s purpose was to DETECT disease outbreaks IN CHINA. 7. Amid the worldwide outbreak Trump proposed a 19% cut to the budget of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, a 10% cut to Public Health Services, and a 7% cut to Global Health Services, the organizations that respond to public health threats. 8. Trump suggested ingesting disinfectants as a potential “cure.” 9. Trump chose Mike Pence, not a doctor, to oversee the US pandemic response. 10. Trump often sowed doubt about the severity of the virus, using the word HOAX at events and rallies, even doing so at events where the virus was spread. 11. Trump declined to use the WHO’s test. In January, within a week of finding out about China’s mysterious virus, Berlin virologists produced the first diagnostic test. By February, the WHO shipped the tests to 60 countries. Trump officials declined taking any WHO tests even as a temporary bridge. Trump wanted the CDC to create its own tests, possibly to enrich owners of test-making pharmaceutical stocks, but not sure. 12. Trump pretended the virus had been contained many, many times. You’ve seen his quotes. 13. On January 31 Trump imposed travel restrictions on China. Nevertheless, Trump continued to allow China flights with over 40,000 people coming in. The US did NOT test anyone arriving from China, but took people’s temperatures calling that “enhanced screening.” Trump said he “banned” travel to slow the pandemic’s spread. However, asymptomatic carriers were allowed entry. Travel from Europe was NOT halted until March. Before that, flights from Italy, Spain & elsewhere to NYC spread the virus. NYC fast became the USA’s pandemic’s epicenter. 14. Trump left a cruise ship at sea for days, denying people proper hospital care. On March 6, Trump said “I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault.” Trump golfed on March 7 and March 8. 15. Trump stopped distribution of useful information concerning the pandemic many times. He halted CDC guideline release as states began to open, later allowing release of watered-down guidelines on May 20, long after many states reopened. Church reopening guidelines were deleted. Within 48 hours of the release, Trump demanded that churches be opened immediately. 16. Annoyed Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and CDC doctors did not agree with Trump’s lies, on May 19, Trump recruited extreme loyalist doctors to “advise” him to open up states more aggressively. That, not science, was their goal. A pro-Trump doctor handing out acne prescriptions was given more policy influence than leading national experts. 17. On March 19, Trump said: “Nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion.” Daily intelligence briefings, internal memos, and warnings from past Presidents offer evidence this was NOT true. 18. On March 20 Trump tells all of America: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” 19. On April 21, Trump removes the nation’s top vaccine expert, Dr. Rick Bright, as head of the CDC’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. The removal is retribution for Dr. Bright challenging Trump’s pseudo-science claims, particularly his unwillingness to support Trump’s rabid endorsement of an unproven drug. 20. Trump scheduled an indoor rally on June 20 as cases spiked to record highs in Oklahoma. He offered masks to those in attendance but did not require wearing them. ALL attendees had to sign a waiver to absolve Trump if infected. 21. Trump relentlessly searches for scapegoats – he has blamed the CDC, China, Obama, the WHO, “flawed” studies, the Democrats, Pelosi, governors, and he continues to seek out new scapegoats and distractions to deflect. He recently said a good jobs report was “a great day” for George Floyd, a Minneapolis murder victim. -Pandemics are hard to spin, particularly if you are a lying, excuse-making, incompetent, clown, but if you are a gullible rube, Trump might fool you. DON’T be gullible. Thinking is PATRIOTIC.
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    RIP Steve this still hangs on my wall....
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    The White House has effectively admitted that Trump won't read his daily briefings on the nation's current events and issues...and when briefed orally, he only wants to hear the parts in which he has a personal interest or that provide fodder for his pep rallies. His people have learned to be selective in what they tell him based on what he does/doesn't want to hear. Trump doesn't get the whole story because he doesn't want the whole story; he only wants bullet points that make him look good. Willful ignorance. It's not unlike like a 4-year old who refuses to eat his vegetables and goes straight for the dessert. Unfortunately, we're not talking about a 4-year old...this is a grown man leading a world superpower who won't eat his vegetables on issues of national and international security. He doesn't know because he doesn't want to hear it. And apparently we're supposed to be okay with that.
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    More Corruption

    Media needs to STOP covering Trumps culture war bait and cover the fuck out of this corruption.
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    Issue an Executive Order mandating masking in all places of work and public effective at midnight tonight. Centralize testing/supplies and set up ~20,000 Federal testing sites across the country ASAP. No I am not kidding about the number as that is the scale required. There are only dozens currently. Start building field hospitals all over the current hot spots that are likely going to be overrun in the upcoming 2-4 weeks (Houston/Phoenix/etc). Start building up our contact tracing capabilities. You know, just the basic logical actions.
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    You should always wear protection! Shit like this is why your medical license got suspended you fucking dope....
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    Too bad the Colts didn’t give Luck a deal like that right before he got hurt...
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    Virus in US

    Disagree. Some of us actually do have a good idea of how fucking stupid a bunch of us are making the entire country look.
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    JRob's shirt is fucking awesome.....
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    Virus in US

    Whoaaaa. That is sooooo weird. It’s almost as if there’s something about these no-masks/no-distancing pep rallies that’s causing people to be exposed to the virus. Someone should really look into that.
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    Rich people have a really nice closed loop when it comes to government. They get long periods of growth under Democrats and then receive massive tax cuts under Republicans.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/really-trump-fault-090029736.html "President Donald Trump inherited the world's best economy in 2017 and helped make it one of the worst. The coronavirus pandemic would have made Americans miserable under any president, but it was Trump’s defiance of science, muddled messaging and incessant vitriol that has plunged the country into a swamp of joblessness, receding labor participation and slumping business confidence unseen in other developed nations. Trump's four years in office already measure up as the biggest economic disaster for any U.S. president in modern times, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. It didn't have to be this grim. Dozens of nations dealing with the same challenges are showing superior infection, death and unemployment rates and quicker business rebounds after shutdowns earlier this year."
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    Virus in US

    "CBS News host Margaret Brennan said on Sunday that the Trump administration has prevented Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), from appearing for interviews with her network for three months." https://www.newsweek.com/trump-admin-preventing-dr-fauci-tv-interviews-cbs-host-says-1515518
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    A Discussion of Systemic Racism

    Sorry @Little Earl but after the "die for your economy" COVID response the GOP can no longer be called the pro-life party.
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    DeSean Jackson Anti Semitic Post

    Star, although my father was Ashkenazi , my mother's family were Turkish/Syrian , so Sephardic .. Needless to say I can curse in Yiddish or Arabic depending on the crowd.. I grew up facing anti-semitic threats, but never once I entered college.. ironically I attended my 50th high school reunion a year ago, and some of those guys still haven't changed, and would not sit at a table I was at..but this time instead of being insulted or hurt when I was a youngster, I was rather glad not to have to deal with them..
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    Biden owes Elizabeth Warren for making it her mission in life to utterly destroy Bloomberg on the debate stage...
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    Does anyone know what day it is?

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    What's hilarious is if this proves fake, liberals will sniff it out and move on. Conservatives are still after Obama's birth certificate.
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    Washington Reviewing Team Name

    There’s no need to change the team name. Just change the logo and they'd be fine...
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    Virus in US

    Nationwide mandatory mask wearing in public is the simplest solution to curb the spread. There is a great chance you will not die from Covid 19, even less of a chance you’ll die from wearing a mask. It’s retarded wearing a mask is political
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    Virus in US

    NYC started implementing covid restrictions on March 12. At that time there were zero 0 none zip zilch COVID deaths. All of the ramp up in deaths was well after people had started staying home. Deaths are a trailing indicator of this pandemic. By the time deaths start picking up it's too late to prevent the tens of thousands of deaths. Basing decision making on deaths is like waiting for bankruptcy court to manage your finances.
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    Will the NFL start on time?

    This thread is weird. It starts with talking about the NFL season. Then some posters show they don't know how to calculate the death rate of a disease, and even double down on this (sorry, triple...shit, quadruple down??). Then about half the thread is just people calling each other stupid. Unfortunately, it's also where updates from the actual league are posted; so I have to wade through this nonsense to get to the actual good information. Is it really too much to ask that some of you use fucking Google and just look up how death rates of diseases are calculated? Hell, @oldschool even posted the links for you. You don't get to just redefine a known term because you made a mistake. You eat the mistake. At best, you can say "Oh, sorry. I was just looking at how many have currently died, meaning what are my odds that I am dead right now if I'm an American?" Still a weird thing to check. I would try taking my pulse. But whatever.
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    Opening schools is just hilariously dumb. There is no way to do it safely. And then what do you do if you have an infection in a classroom? Do you quarantine every student in that class? Do you quarantine their families? If a teacher gets sick, do they quarantine? What about their students? What about the teacher's family? Lots of teachers are married to other teachers, do we quarantine their spouse's classrooms too? What if a substitute teacher is diagnosed? Do we quarantine every class that they've been in for the last week? If teachers have to go out on leave due to getting Covid19 in the classroom, do they use their vacation time? Do they do use their sick leave? Do they get that time off for free? Are they even paid? Kids are germ factories and they're not going to socially distance appropriately. these are going to become centers for spreading this disease. And that's only going to be determined if we actually test but it's doubtful that we actually test students and teachers on a regular basis. Are we going to take everybody's temperatures, at least? Probably not. Are parents going to be allowed to send their students to school with a runny nose? Is our society going to be responsible enough to actually keep kids home when they're not perfectly healthy, when they are just maybe a bit under the weather? Fuck no. Not in America. It's asinine to think that this can be done safely. With that said, our society is stretched so thin (yay capitalism?) that both parents work in the majority of families and we can't stay at home even if it means life ... even if it means that people will live and not die to this illness, we can't stay home. Not for a month, not for two months, not for half a year, not however long is necessary to safeguard lives. We can't do it. It's out of the question entirely. The wealthiest nation in the world will fucking crumble because we are that close to the brink of disaster at all times. Meanwhile billionaires exist. Meanwhile we've spent trillions of dollars propping up the stock market to be artificially inflated, which benefits those billionaires. It's fucking sick. It's just fucking sick and there's no other way to look at it and be honest. Covid19 is exposing the bones of our society and those bones are diseased.
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    Republicans are such a fascinating lot. They’re still on Benghazi when we’ve lost at least 130k Americans and Russia is putting bounties on our soldiers without a single peep.
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    In a bizarre interview with Fox News last night, President Trump stood next to a sculpture in the Oval Office that he said depicts former president Teddy Roosevelt, and explained that statues are vital to learning about history. Trump went on to complain that some people want to tear down statues of President Roosevelt, just like the art in his office. The only problem? The sculpture Trump was talking about isn’t Teddy Roosevelt. It’s an anonymous cowboy from the 1890s.
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    If Bongo is against masks then I'll wear one non stop
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    I’m a non-typical type 2 diabetic (that’s what I’ve been told). I’m 6’1 and 185 pounds and in good shape. I was diagnosed at 35 but more than likely had it since my late 20’s and only found out after I started experiencing symptoms from it in 2012. I feel like I’m immunocompromised by it and I worry about being exposed. I’m wearing a mask and I hope everyone else will. I have no idea what would happen if I got it. I imagine there are a lot of people like me out there. So.... Wear a mask! Please!
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    DeSean Jackson Anti Semitic Post

    Yeah, bye Reb.
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    This pandemic should have been an issue that transcended bipartisan politics. The virus doesn't give a damn about political leanings or socioeconomic philosophy.....or even nationality. In one way or another, this situation has literally impacted every person in every nation in the entire the world......and we all have to work together to overcome it. But instead of promoting a unified approach with Americans working together to contain the virus' spread, Trump fired up his spin machine and created a political firestorm by encouraging all Americans to choose sides: you can listen to the doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists to protect yourself, your family, and the people around you.....or you can listen to ME! Even months later, with the USA reporting more cases and deaths than any other country in the world and new cases going through the roof.....Trump is still publicly downplaying the whole thing and pretending it's not a big deal, hoping to convince America that this virus will simply go away on its own. I mean, sure.... 130,000 Americans have died, which is unfortunate.....and yeah, the economy is still in shambles. But we can't worry about that right now; at this juncture, it's absolutely critical that he steer the national focus to a much bigger and far more important issue: his re-election campaign. Throughout this entire ordeal, Trump has done everything in his power to divide Americans rather than unite us.....and the divide grows deeper by the day with battle lines drawn straight down party lines. In my opinion, POTUS' divisive actions during this time of national crisis constitute an abhorrent dereliction and abdication of duty as the elected leader of our country....and I fail to see a position that suggests otherwise.
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    Attempted Lynching in Indiana

    I saw an article recently that had video of a BLM protest in Knoxville, TN. This woman (in a UT shirt) was yelling at the protesters "white lives are better" in response to "black lives matter" chants, and another guy yelled "We should have kept ya'll as slaves" at this young black girl. I really didn't understand the extent of racism in the country until Trump was elected and brought the vile bastards out of the woodwork. This kind of shit makes me want to see a black VP, another black SCOTUS judge, and most importantly a black AG to enforce civil rights protections and prosecute hate crimes, and moreover to send a message to these racist fucks to crawl back under their rocks and stay there and STFU. But I think if Kamala is VP that Yates will be AG. She's good on civil rights but also is an expert on prosecuting corruption, we need justice badly on both fronts in our society. People have freedom to say what they want in this country, but the rest of us don't have to tolerate hate, and society itself can and should enforce higher standards. Good to see a lot of these racists and anti-COVID restriction assholes lose their jobs who are getting caught on video being despicable assholes.
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    Virus in US

    I'm watching a video of 40 physicians from all over TN, pleading, urging Gov Lee to take action to help control Covid. They explained the spike that is going on in the state and the lack of awareness of Tennesseans understanding of how dangerous Covid is. Tennessee is a red state and they had doctors from the entire state cautioning people not to politicize the pandemic. We have the "best healthcare system in the world, if you can afford it" and our doctors are begging people to listen to facts. Meanwhile, potus is trying to pack 20,000 people inside and telling them people wearing mask insult him. This is like something out of the Twilight Zone.
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    Virus in US

    These idiots have been voluntarily carrying around smartphones for years and they track you better than any device in human history...
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    I heard Warren Sharpe the other day explaining how the Titans are a pass first team. He correctly pointed out the Titans want to hit big pass plays and score early, then they want to run you over with the lead. The Ravens playoff win was their dream formula. Henry is the best RB in the league for the role the Titans use him in considering their overall strategy and philosophy. Robinson has wisely placed the correct value on him with the franchise tag while drafting Evans. When the Titans get a lead and start hammering Henry over and over and the OL starts to dominate and open holes there isn't a better thing to watch. Henry turns into a man among boys when it unfolds. I do think because it's so great to watch fans overate it a bit in terms to the value.
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    More Corruption

    I guess Trump is trying to help Biden out by not releasing the totally exonerating redacted portions of the Mueller report
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    Come on Titans

    Virus in US

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    Virus in US

    A play in two acts: Act 1 ... Maskless Hubris Act 2 ... Life Consequences
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    Imagine if Trump ran and won in 2008 and took over during the recession. He would have further buried us. The fact that he took over when the economy was stable and good, and could then simply take credit and make bombastic claims was the one thing that gave a ton confidence to his dumb as shit followers. At least there was some basic logic there. The economy was good and Trump is president. But once challenges arose and he was needed to actually do something-- well we see the results. Utter chaos and unrest. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted this. The guy is not smart. The guy inherited his wealth. The dude bankrupted a bunch of casinos. He has trouble speaking, writing and thinking coherently. He is woefully unqualified. This should not be up for debate! I have serious doubts about the guy's ability to point out Idaho on a map. That's not me just shitting on Trump. I 100% mean it. Even people on the left underestimate just how uninformed the guy really is. Trump's term has been revealing as to how naive people really are in thinking that because a person has a lot of money, that they have to be smart and competent. I figured even dumb ass small town people have some smaller scale analogous example about, say, the guy who took over his Dad's hardware store but is dumb as shit, yet wields a ton of power locally and gets elected mayor. But no. People are retarded and simply assume Trump is smart and competent because he has money and they've seen him on TV for decades.
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    There really is nothing that could wake the heedless on Trump. It's fascinating to watch.
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    Lincoln Project Pouring it On

    LP right on cue attacking the enablers.
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    Virus in US

    Karma in action in Brazil: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/07/jair-bolsonaro-coronavirus-positive-test-brazil-president
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    LongTimeFan is nothing like Rolltide. He reaches a point where he's not willing to think critically anymore, but Rolltide started that way and added in raving aggression about random Fox News bullet points. He was a rabid dog.
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    Trump sucks. Failed president. Worst president in modern American history for sure.

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