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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    ESPN (so woke)

    Anyone who has followed me here for the past 15 years know that my politics run a little bit to the left of Che Guevera. So my aversion to social justice warriors isn't typically high. In fact, I often resemble one. But last night's ESPN debacle on Jeffrey Simmons was just the most ghoulish side of liberal social justice. For ESPN, that was their moment to inject 'drama' into the draft coverage. They had Trey Wingo set up on his own desk to properly intone all the right words. They warned us of the 'graphic nature' of the video. Then they proceeded to truth/explain how all of this went down four years ago. They forgot to show his on-field highlights. They forgot to show him taking the phone call from the Titans. They mentioned in quiet whispers his 4.0GPA as a Freshman, the support of the AD, the support of the head coach. The fact that he had been a model citizen on and off the field. They mentioned it -- knowing full well that the 'graphic video' was the only thing that people would focus on. In short, it was made for television melodrama that falsely shapes the narrative around the kid. I watched the video of him taking the call from Strunk, Robinson and Vrable. With his baby by his side, he literally cried throughout the 2 minute phone call. On what should be the happiest day of this kid's life, he had clearly been NFL-shamed by '11 teams who took him off the board' (Chiefs better not have been one of them). We all get second and third and fourth chances. In the case of the most rich and powerful, the chances are infinite. In the case of this young man, the chances were limited. I wanted Ed Oliver. I thought Sweat made more sense given his edge rush skills. But I will now cheer more loudly for this kid when he gets on the field -- precisely because of the 'social warriors' ridiculous melodrama in the ESPN coverage. F'em. Welcome home Jeffrey.
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    This team has been so overlooked it's not even funny. When the playoffs first started the Titans were 60-1 to win the SB, they are now 7-1. I believe the team is overlooked for a few reasons. They struggled to make it in because of the 2-4 start and were lumped in with teams like the Steelers, Bills, Colts etc.... pretenders. Down the stretch without Henry and the top 2 or 3 CBs the defense stumbled and they lost to NO and the Texans. People refuse to believe Tannehill is playing at an elite level. Honestly I believe the Titans are as complete as any team left, maybe the best. They have all the ingredients. This team has the most efficient passing game in the NFL. LOL @ passing yards. They make big plays and prevent big plays. They are dominant on both lines. They can run the ball at an elite level. They are one of the best coached teams left. Their defense is back to being very good. It wasn't a fluke this team beat NE or the Ravens, they are better than both those teams. If they played the Ravens next week they'd likely win again. They are more than capable of beating KC. It's more than possible this team wins the SB regardless of whether or not the football world understands they are one of the best teams in the league, maybe the best team.
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    As a starter, he was killing the Titans O.
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    Here it is. I had her change the big ribbon to a streamer that just hangs off of it like I originally asked for. Didn’t nail the colors but it’s a nice and really big arrangement.
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    New Design is Up

    Hey all, I just pushed out the new design. To be honest, I pushed out sooner than I was going to because after I upgraded the board the whole design, which was built on a previous version, started to cause some errors. So, if you come across anything weird or some text that isn’t very readable due to the colors or whatever please let me know so I can fix it.
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    Ordered. Gave her the entire budget and said to use Titans colors as much as possible. She can't do a Titans logo, though. There will be a streamer that says "From Your Friends at Titans Report" and a condolences card to his family. She said she would take a photo and send it to me so I can share with the board.
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    Will we ever see Greg Joseph kick a FG?
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    By the way, I just want to mention how good it feels to get to experience this with the most hardcore and loyal Titans fans out there that make up this place. We've been through thick and thin here. We've endured seasons where our playoff hopes were thin to none before we ever got to the end of November and have been split on quarterbacks and coaches but have stuck by the team and this message board. All of that makes this postseason so much sweeter.
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    Just a warning for all: I tire of moderating the hardly veiled racist bullshit posts that some engage in. I'll just start banning instead. You know who you are. You and I both know the explanations you'll give for why it shouldn't be objected to. This is the post to make sure you know that I honestly don't care. At all. Post whatever political opinion you have. That's fine. But do it without the racism or it'll be the end of your posting privileges. Be better or fuck off. Thanks! Test me and see.
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    Please no asshole comments in this thread. He was one of us and deserves better.
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    Evans and Landry

    These guys are really playing well. Landry had a sack, tackle for loss and another QB hit. He was pressuring the edge pretty consistently Evans had 7 tackles, 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss and the TD on the fumble recovery. Robinson looks pretty good trading up for these two guys imo. Add in guys like Simmons, Brown and Byard and he's built the defense well through the draft
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    Andrew Luck retiring from the NFL

    @ManningEnvy Bring your sorry ass in here!!!
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    I am so f****ng proud of my city, my hometown. A city is people who love it and are proud to call it 'home'. I came from Miami in 1964 to attend grad school at Vanderbilt. From a big city to a big town in the middle of what I heard described as the Bible Belt. No liquor by the drink. Stores closed on Sundays. Interstates just starting to be designed and built. Only known for the Grand Ol' Opry, and then largely in the South. What a change in the past 58 years. Now also known as the 'It City'. People flocking to join the growth (too many imo). Great dining, although I don't recognize most of the names. NFL. NHL. SOCCER. BASEBALL. COLLEGE SPORTS ACROSS THE STATE. But my city stands out among the other great cities and towns in the great volunteer state of Tennessee. I am proud. So very proud. pro
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    One of the units Robinson has built that doesn't get enough credit is the DL. Casey, Simmons, Jones and even Auston Johnson have been great this season. The goaline stand vs SD to start this run was not a fluke. This defense is great in short yardage and the DL is why. DaQuan Jones is one of the best players on the team in terms of doing his job. The SD goaline stand, the NE goaline stand and last night's two 4th and 1 stops. This team wins the battle on the OL and DL, usually in dominating fashion
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    This wasn't just a win

    This was a full blown ass kicking.
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    A warning about Josh Allen

    He sucks
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    The site may go down or be slow at times until this is fixed. I woke up at 5:00 and am working to resolve the issues. Today is a pretty light day with work so I will keep at it during any time I am not in meetings.
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    Hey everybody, I am just passing through and checking out how Tannehill was doing from a Titans fans perspective. From a content stand point it's pretty much a desert in dolphin land right now, so I thought I would chime in a drop a few dimes on you guys on what you might and might not get from Ryan. Forgive the long post, but it's been a while since I have had anything to post about in a dolphins forum, so I am going to just get it all out/ Let me start by saying that on the subject of quarterbacks, some of your guys are as brutal to Mariotta as some dolphin fans were/are to Tannehill in the fin forums. A situation like this is always polarizing. You were right until you were wrong and then you were right again....until you wrong again... That's the life of being a sports fan. You could literally take the two names and swap them and you would get the same results when it comes to vitriol. I am not going to say to much about this guys, but a little perspective when it comes to passion for the game: don't let it consume you. At the end of the day, weather you win or loose on Sunday's it's all about the moment. The anticipation, rituals, and the ice in your veins during that final minute when you don't know if you can take it any more, as either your team marches down the field for that game winning touchdown, or is trying to put up the final defensive stand that makes your Sunday dinner taste that much better. Just enjoy the moment. Both the high of victory and the low of defeat will pass by Wednesday as you prepare for the next gut wrenching grinder of a game. Be thankful that you are not a dolphins fan for this season! Anyways, on the subject of Ryan Tannehill, the best advice I can give you is to keep an eye on your coaching staff. The man literally does what he is told and transforms into whatever they want him to be. His accuracy is not going to go away at the strike of midnight like so you are fearing/predicting. It's a fundamental part of the athlete that he is. He keeps his focus down field (to a fault) and will deliver the ball where it needs to be unless he get's hit before that happens. That's just who he is. If the play calling sucks, he will suck along with it because he will do everything they tell him to do exactly as they tell him to do it. You will find that he has a high completion rate weather the game is good or bad. As a result, their will be perception by some people that his yardage numbers are only garbage time stats (that's what you get when you are dealing with garbage play calling by the way) Another thing about Ryan: He can be the Mad Bomber once he gets in sync with his receivers, and believe me when I tell you, he knows how to get in sync with his pass catchers. He throws to "The Spot" very well. There is no two shakes about it, he has the arm strength to get it there on the time that they practiced. So as long as they are willing to put in the time on the practice field, it's a pretty simple philosophy when you have the accuracy the arm strength to get it there. This is what you tell the receiver: if you can get to the 50 yard line before the man that is covering you and they don't get to me as I am going through my reads before it happens, expect the ball to be there. Now tell that to all four of your receivers in the huddle. Ryan is going to make someone happy, so everyone is fighting to get to their spot as quickly as possible. Weather it's a quick out, a curl, a fade, or whatever that the offensive coordinator can cook up, the receivers will always not where the ball will be when Tannehill is under center. If Ryan delivers on a consistent basis, you build that trust that it takes to become a special group. If you guys are interested in reading, this article shows you how good he was at this in 2016/2017 season: https://brickwallblitz.com/2017/03/26/the-2016-17-deep-ball-project-part-33/ An under the radar quality that Ryan has that may go unnoticed unless you are looking for it, is his ability read defenses and audible out of bad situations. If you pull up old dolphins press conferences, one of the things that we Adam Gase consistently praised him for after most games was his ability to get the offence out of some bad situations by adjusting the personnel on the field. I actually went through of your most recent press conferences to see if the trend continued or if Gase was just blowing smoke, and it looks like it has. Vrable has recently given him credit for doing the same things. Coincidently, these type of things don't happen unless you are in the two minute drill or are so far behind you just let him sling it. Gase also indicates that Tannehill was instrumental in the game planning segment when it came to the play designs. It will be interesting to see if Vrable and company, put any more trust in him when it comes to this outside of the two minute drill. By the way, if you want to get the best out of Tannehill, the one thing we learned over the years as dolphins fans is that Ryan is his best when is out of the pocket surveying the field. He can thow across his body with the best of them, and that bootleg is so dangerous because he can run like a deer when he is free. I just didn't like him taking those chances. I still believe that he is receiver at heart and therefore cant resist those opportunities if they present themselves. Finally, here comes the bad: Interceptions, injuries, and sacks. Yes, you will get all of those. He is not a pure pocket passer so he will take a beating. You will find that the situation with him taking on tacklers he shouldn't is not just the exceptoin. The same focus that helps is accuracy is a double edged sword for Ryan. I don't believe that he does not have the vision to see the entire field like some of the best. I think that his extreme focus down field can sometimes lead telegraphed passes and to blind spots in the coverage. Sometimes this leads to really horrible results such as: big hits, fumbled snaps, poorly released ducks, and ill timed interceptions. Fortunately, It's the quantity of of the issues, it's the quality. When they happen, it tends to look really bad, especially the throw to "The Spot" interceptions. He is good for a whopper 1 out of every 5 games, but if your defense holds, you will probably win ugly on those days. Either way those games will be hard to miss, so expect them. No body is perfect, but from what I am seeing in these forums, he will get run out of the house on his very first bad game. Either way here is a few more links on Ryan: https://www.thephinsider.com/2018/8/20/17757970/miami-dolphins-ryan-tannehill-breakdown-expectations-outsider-view And for those who just want to see him being a cool dude her is his Trick-shot video if you haven't seen it: https://www.stack.com/a/ryan-tannehill-dude-perfect Who knows, If you guys keep him, I might become and undercover Titans fan. Its been fun reading your post on this forum. It's actually some good stuff if you keep you head out of all the Mariota love\hate battles. If you haven't noticed, I don't really care to much about grammar and missing words. I program all day and the last thing I want to think about is what people think about my bad spelling and miss-placed words. Life is to short guys. Enjoy it.
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    Tannehill Named Titans Starter

    Live look-in at Corey Davis.
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    Saw this post on the Ravens message board. This guy went to the game and gets it. Since none of us were there, I thought it was worth sharing (Link) Observations from attending the game. I talked with a few posters and just decided to come back now. After last night, there won’t be too much to say for some. For others, they’ll have a lot to get out of their systems. The only way I could sum it up is by saying, “I was there, it was bad and every weakness this team had came back to bite them, all in one night. The yardage totals are somewhat misleading and the game wasn’t even as close as the score indicated”. When you’ve been to enough games and watched your team enough, you can sense when things are up. This team was over-confident, going into this game. Earl Thomas is going to catch a lot of heat for his comments leading up to the game, and rightfully so, but chances are that he only said what the team was thinking. The crowd was ballistic at the start of the game. So, while I survived the entire game, I’ll be bed-ridden for it the next couple of days. I was dizzy just trying to get to my seat. The fireworks definitely had me PO’d and by the end of it I had a headache. Getting home was a struggle. I left the stadium and somehow ended up on the complete opposite side of the stadium than I wanted, but did make it home safely thank goodness. Coach Harbaugh did not have this team ready to play. I have to be honest, that’s not something I often say about a Harbaugh-led team. I felt like last year was more specifically about the Chargers keying in on certain things and knowing what was up. There was still some of that, but you could just tell right away and the crowd could as well. This team came out flat. Lamar looked rusty to start. Andrews did not look like himself. That first interception was on a pass that those two connect on in their sleep. The Titans gameplan seemed to have stopping Lamar’s big runs as their primary goal. Dean Pees put a good plan together. However, what was more surprising is that the players stuck to the plan. This offense itself isn’t complicated to defend. You don’t need all world talent. Lamar is what makes it complicated, due to his ball fakes and how much fear he puts in the psyche of defenders. Far more often than not, despite being in decent position to make the play if they stick to the plan, they take the cheese. Tennessee didn’t take the cheese. They played a very disciplined game. Taking away Lamar’s big runs was their primary goal. From there, they were willing to live with the backs up the middle and trust their interior. In coverage, they flooded the middle with zones, played more single up on the outside and tried to push everything out there. They tried to force Lamar to throw to the outside. On the quick hitters to the outside, Lamar was okay. On the deeper drops and longer developing outside routes, the ball was just taking too long to get there. When you combine that with the poor, excuse me, horrid talent at outside WR, it was hit or miss at best. They were not going to let Andrews beat them. They were on to those quick outs he does and they did a good job of zoning up where they thought he’d otherwise be. It was pretty clear that the Titans were going to force the Ravens to put together long sustaining drives, without big runs from Lamar and without big plays down the field. Lamar got one or two early on, but there was not much room for him to run wild. Outside of the Roberts drop, there wasn’t much going on deep down the field. It was all-around bad. Lamar’s throws were all over the place. WRs were dropping passes. The main times there were plays to be had were when the Titans mixed in man coverage (Lamar had more space to run), and when they dropped eight (Occasionally, someone would break open over the middle). It definitely came off like Vrabel and Pees were willing to take that risk to keep Lamar guessing. So, although they gave up a few chunk plays doing it, Lamar generally was not reading the field nearly as well as he had been doing most of the season. He was staring down his outside throws and was fortunate to just have the two picks. Roberts was awful. The first drop got into his head and he never recovered. It seemed like he had half of the drops and how he didn’t get enough for the first on that one out route, still escapes me. Now, before I get into the main culprit of the night, I’ll give him this one thing. Especially, early on in that game, the Titans didn’t have a single defender beyond ten yards from the line of scrimmage. It was quite often. That said...............Roman panicked. In the first half alone, it felt as thought I’d seen more empty sets or emptying out of the set, in that one game, than the entire season combined. The Titans came well prepared for what the Ravens normally run. Roman knew it and abandoned it. Now, do I think that Edwards would have been running like that all game long? No. I still think they would have been in trouble, because Edwards isn’t as versatile as Ingram and he had to start playing Hill more. The only reason the Titans didn’t force Hill to block more was, because they had the game well in hand so early into the second half. However, like every fan in my section said at some point, you do what got you here, and you do it until they’ve proven they can stop it. We said all week that the Titans were not just going to voluntarily abandon their gameplan. We did. To add to that, for all of the talk about the efficiency of Roman’s passing offenses, that efficiency stems from the dominance of his rush offenses. He has never been an OC that can put together a stand alone passing offense that will take it to teams when they can’t run or when it’s not working. It eventually got to the point where it couldn’t, but he abandoned it much sooner. Once he did that, Pees (Sad to say) was going to eat Roman. Roman’s not that guy and he’s never been that guy. Lamar has made great strides as a passer. That is undeniable and has been enjoyable to watch, but there’s a reason it’s within the confines of the passing attempts given. A guy throwing for 70% at 20 attempts does not automatically mean that he will be able to do it at three times that many in the same game. For a number of invariable reasons. Especially with this group of WRs. He gave it his all and did make some great throws too (Deep to Hollywood was throw of the night), but it’s like he went from rusty, to pressing, to overwhelmed. He just never settled down and got his composure. The only guy who was consistently getting open was Hurst and you could tell that he was frustrated that he wasn’t seeing more of the ball. Lamar was locking in on Brown and Andrews. The interior line play was not good. The Titans were getting penetration against the run that most teams weren’t. They were constantly (It seemed) running loops up the middle with four man rushes. Crossing the interior defenders. They were rarely giving Lamar space to step up into or run through the middle. He had one or two, but it was just constantly keeping him in and making him pat the ball or flushing him out where they felt more confident in defending his throws. The yardage was misleading to a degree. Yes, the Ravens probably would have out-gained the Titans anyway, but once the Titans hit 28, they just started shifting their attention to forcing everything toward the middle of the field and giving Lamar more of the middle, so that they could keep the clock running. Defensively, the most glaring thing to the naked eye was that the backside contain was awful. I lost count of how many times everyone ran strong side, nobody stayed home on the back end, Henry could see the cutback lane materializing before he even neared the line of scrimmage and was churning out yardage. For all of the talk that they would have this different mindset, it looked like they definitely wanted little to do with Henry. The surprise of the night was how Peters tackled. I have to give him credit for that. Tannehill had to make two or three throws the entire game. The play-action was there for them all day if they wanted it. They just chose to keep running Henry. Otherwise, it would have been more than 28. Front seven didn’t bother him at all. We had to blitz safeties and outside of a free run sack by Thomas, he was invisible. I mean, whenever he wasn’t getting embarrassed. It was bad. It was worse than the score indicated and the yardage was misleading. Personally, this was worse than 06’. There’s really only three main culprits: 06’, 11’ and last night. 06’ hurt for three reasons. What it meant to the city, which cannot be understated. The fact that that defense was so ridiculously good. McNair was supposed to make the difference and we only needed 20 points. 11’ hurt, because it meant a definite trip to the Super Bowl if Evans holds on. But the expectations weren’t nearly as high for that team as for the 06’ team. And Cundiff’s kick only gets us to OT. Last night hurt, because this was supposed to be one of the greatest teams of all-time, one of the most dominant teams of all-time, this was supposed to be a historic team. Expectations were through the roof. To get embarrassed by a sixth seed in that manner. I would rank them: Last night 06’ 11’
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    This wasn't just a win

    This loss will haunt Ravens fans every bit as much as the the loss to the Ravens in 2000 haunts Titans fans. They were the anointed best team in the league with what they thought was a clear path to the Super Bowl...just like we were. They’ll be lamenting this loss for decades. That makes me happy.
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    If I'm the Titans I start working on a new long term deal with Tannehill right now and try to get him signed before the season is over. He's only 31 and should be good for another 5 years minimum. He's the QB of the present and future. I'm not "targeting" a QB in the draft. If you think one if a good prospect then sure draft one to try and develop. But I'm not dead set on drafting one, or moving up etc......I no longer consider it a need. If you make RT the long term QB you can focus on improving the roster and fixing deficiencies. Upgrade the OL, add playmakers on offense, focus on key free agents and using the franchise tag if need be on Conklin or Ryan. You can contend with Tannehill if you build a good enough roster. It's the best route to take.
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    Listening to Kuharsky last night he was over the top in regards to the Titans going after Tom Brady if he tests free agency after the season. He said you go after him over anyone. I would just laugh this off but when they had joint practices it was pretty obvious he and Vrabel had mad love for each other, PK said Robinson was in that clique too. The one thing that would be a problem is they'll have to have a deal or franchise tag Tannehill before free agency starts. The only way they could let RT go and sign Brady is if they had a deal in place first. If this team let RT go and signed a washed up Brady it would be a total disaster and would end horribly bad.
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    I had several requests for a dark version or night mode for the site. I haven't put a ton of time into it and I probably missed some things so I won't make this available to everyone. But to those who prefer dark mode, you can now select it from the theme selector at the bottom of the page.
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    @Dmeade- was good people.
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    Ownership deserves this

    Seeing Amy hoist the Lombardi would be a glorious sight to behold.
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    ...and that’s probably a good thing. Tannehill is a heck of a quarterback who is capable of putting up big numbers. At some point people are going to completely sell out to stop Henry. Actually, that’s already happening but nobody has been able to stop or even slow it down. Still, at some point it might work. However, the only reason Tannehill hasn’t had a big game is because he hasn’t HAD to have one. Our line, game plan, and Henry have been enough to win these games with our defense holding up their side. Here’s the thing, though...we don’t have a bum or even an average quarterback back there. If we have to rely on Tannehill we can and we have. That makes HOW we’ve won these games so important. We still have a huge, efficient, and potentially explosive aspect of our game that has not been utilized and we’re in the AFC Championship game. Our coaching staff all seem to be coming into their own, too. As long as the team doesn’t let things get too big for them we have a very legitimate shot at winning this whole thing. I’m probably just rambling but I’m on a huge high after this win so forgive me.
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    ? You’re playing the Vikings.
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    That’s it Fellas

    So in Kyle's first week as a 49er fan, they suffer their first loss of the season...and the Titans beat the Chiefs.
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    Ravens have been thugs for over 20 years. They get a little spit in their eye and cry like a bitch. Fuck them.
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  34. 26 points
    This is definitely my favorite Robinson pick he's made since being GM. He ignored the noise, ignored the bullshit, ignored the win now pressure, and picked the best football player available by a country mile. This is why we were looking at 5 technique DEs in FA, to supplement his unavailability for most of the season. I told you guys a couple weeks back that if anyone had the balls to make this pick it was JRob. The best thing is that Simmons is a community and team leader and is a great person. He learned from his incident in high school and grew as a person because of it. He owned it immediately and evolved. That whole thing is a total and absolute non issue now.
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    Do you also post at GoTitans? If not - Gotitans.com is a great forum - check it out! They really need some astute posters over there to help build the culture and elevate the board there.
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    Let's do this! Do it for the boy, Neely! Do it for our guy, Dmeade-! Do it for the rest of us who have stayed true to the two tone blue! Do it so we can finally have an O.G. reunion of the Two Tone Crew!
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    You Phin fans keep coming to the board to warn us like ex girlfriends in the DMs. Newsflash: he's happy now that he's not with you. #shouldaputtaringonit
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    I’ll take those stretches compared to what we’ve had.
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    I agree that a better throw to Brown likely results in a TD. I completely disagree that he had room to step into the throw. Here's a shot as the ball leaves his hand, an instant before he's chopped down at the knees.
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    Titans Trade Casey

    Patriot way. Get rid of players a year early rather than a year late. I would have expected a better pick though, maybe a 3rd or 4th. a 7th is kind of insulting.
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    Ownership deserves this

    Amy and Ken's kids deserve a ton of credit for jumping in and taking over control from Tommy and the sister. Since taking control, AAS has: Fired Whisenhunt and Webster Hired Robinson and Mularkey Promoted Robinson to EVP and let him run football operations, including the coaching change to Vrabel Spent money to re-sign core guys (Casey, Lewan, Byard, etc.) Invested in the facilities (Titans HQ and stadium) AAS lets the football guys run things. That's refreshing when you compare with other teams.
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    Never saw this coming. Got last minute tickets. We drove to the game.....it was loud!!!! For about 3 minutes..... A lot of drops from Ravens receivers which killed big plays or play extending drives. Titans dictated the game. That Jonnu TD essentially set the tone for how everything would transpire. I’m hammered btw. If someone calls out my spelling I’ll come to your driveway. I did a terrible job on thinking we could shut down Henry. Maybe the titans should fire everyone for not giving him the ball this much since he was drafted we couldn’t catch the ball....you did. This was one of the crazier game I’ve watched. Seemed like the lay-off killed the ravens offense and their momentum. They looked lost. As much as I want to give the titans credit the ravens never looked like they did all season. They were pressing. Seemed like the pressure got to Lamar. Me along with a lot of your own posters that thought your titans would lose tonight. Too be honest this is the first year that I’ve EVER been confident in our team and their chances. I’ve always had that underdog mindset. Big big lesson. I’ve always been a numbers guy. Fuck numbers, we got our ass kicked. Any given Sunday for sure. Tannehill didn’t have the numbers but when it mattered he was accurate. I need a win so those who remember I called a trick play for the Titans wound is fresh. Need sleep. Congrats
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    The Titans defensive weakness is outside at CB, that's where the Pats are weak offensively. The Pats are strongest throwing between the hashes and in the slot, that's where the Titans are best with their coverage LBs, Ryan and their safeties. Logan Ryan matches up well with Edelman...... Patriots defensive strength is their nickel and secondary. The Titans like to go heavy and throw from these sets and pound Henry. Another good match-up for the Titans and takes away from the Pats defensive strength
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    Time to end Tom Brady’s career.
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    AJ Brown article with GIFS

    You forgot to post either an article or gifs...
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    For the newer folks around here, there is a separate draft section of the board here: https://www.titansreport.com/forum/23-nfl-draft/ However, once the season is over, we post draft news/updates here on the main board until after the draft. @kyle021 49ers mocks are not permitted and will be moved immediately.
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    Feels good, man.
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    Your 2020 Titans Starting QB Is...

    Mariota sucks btw
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    I'm glad someone had the stones to finally talk about Mariota's status in 2019 and beyond. That's been the elephant in the room that no one on TR has been willing to talk about!

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