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  2. I don't know if they said they would address the deficit or not, but Republicans at least implied it would be something they'd fix given how vocal they were about it under Obama. This so far seems like a major failure on their behalf. Is there really any penalty for such poor management though? it's all about ideology now and failing the basics hardly seems to matter.
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  4. Why would we sign the highest paid slot receiver in FA if this is the plan? Obviously Robinson and Vrabel simply don’t agree with you.
  5. Ridiculous, but I was never planning a move to Berkeley anyway so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Rookies/QB's/Injured players all report for Training Camp in the morning, will be interesting to see exactly who ends up getting put on the PUP/NFI list tomorrow, we know Simmons will, guys like Conklin/Smith/Walker/Jackson/AJ Brown were all dealing with injury issues as the team broke from Mandatory Mini Camp.
  7. You aren’t going to trigger many snowflakes being reasonable.
  8. Those would be called mistakes. Every coach makes them, even the better ones.
  9. How can that be possible when just one year before he ran for 308 yards on 60 carries for 5.1 ypc in the first half of all games vs 182 yards on 50 carries for 3.6 ypc in the second half of all games? If the talk was just "man, Henry is really struggling in the first half of games. What's going on?" that would've been fine. What people essentially said instead was "All Henry can do is be a closer against tired defenses". It was lazy reasoning. The idea that he could only run well against tired defenses was dumb from the start because he had already shown he could produce just fine in the first half of games just a year before. The Bills actually traded Marshawn Lynch. The Eagles actually traded Shady McCoy. I guess that means they suck too...
  10. The title of the thread seems a little misleading. They are not really "banning" non gender neutral words. They are simply replacing such words in the City's municipal code with gender neutral terms.
  11. How do you get a one armed DT out of a tree? You wave at him
  12. When LBJ cam out behind and pushed the civil rights act in 65, he was warned that it would cost the Democratic party the south for a generation or more, he said he was well aware of that but he felt it was the right thing to do and that it had to be done to finally fulfill what had been promised for decades. In the early 60s, there were still county clerks running for office in the deep south under the promise that not one black voter would be allowed to register to vote.
  13. Now this is just in poor taste: How you going to taunt someone who lost their arm by waiving at them? You think paying them hush money afterward makes it right?
  14. They lack leadership because there isn’t a leader. That will change as soon as they have a presidential nominee. The party is diverse running the gamut from liberal to mildly conservative. That is unlike the GOP that walks pretty much in lockstep with the far right Tea Party/Trumpist line. Nothing to do to change that dynamic.
  15. You have been saying that for 3 years. Shut the fuck up moron.
  16. FACT. Historically the stock market does better under dems. In recent history, the dems have been much better with the deficit than repubs. A person only has to be intelligent enough to ask a stock broker or read or google.
  17. It's actually part of their plan, they passed permanent big corporate tax cuts and didn't close loopholes so many are paying effective rates at or close to zero; jacked up defense spending majorly; and based it all on unrealistically optimistic growth projections. When the big deficits come, it'll be their excuse to go after all the spending programs that serve the less fortunate that their base hate; and they'll justify it by saying they're trying to protect future generations. You saw it in their failed health plan with what they tried to do to Medicaid.
  18. Unless AJ comes out real strong out of the gate, willing to bet that Humphries gets lots of snaps outside as well as in the slot; Tampa had 2 stud wrs who both played primarily outside.
  19. He's one of the question marks going into the season for sure
  20. Deficits matter. It wont screw over all the politicians though, so they don't care. Its all the normal everyday people that will get screwed.
  21. @TitansGuruis up. @NashvilleNinja is on deck.
  22. I think most people lack understanding of what the repub party is. The repub party is the rich man's party. The dems are the working man's party. The repubs were the liberal party on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues. The dems supported unions and adequate welfare for God's people who live in America. Prior to the 1960's, a repub could not win a race for dogcatcher in the south. Then along came Kennedy who was for equal opportunity for all, including the so-called blacks. The solid democratic south became the solid red states. The repubs have not changed. Obamacare is still in effect. The biggest legislation DT has passed is the tax cut. Rich people, the true repubs got the overwhelming best part of that deal. The solid red south got the least. But you are 100% right about the dems, more because they are democratic in their process. When rich people(repubs) argue about dividing up money, the rank and file don't hear the fight. When the dems fight, it more in the open because they represent many more people--the factions are much more diverse. Some of the really intelligent people here can probably explain it better. That's just the basics of what you see.
  23. Lol okay. Half the shit he says is useless and not grounded in anything current. Hes a classic example of a former player who doesnt do any prep. Trent Greene is another one. If we've learned anything from former players turned analyst over the past 20 years it's that alot of them dont have a clue. Irvin anyone?
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