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  2. This reminds me, for all the shit the pollsters got in 2016 when Clinton lost but was withing the margin of error, they were more off in 2012. That one was thought to be neck and neck, but Obama won rather easily.
  3. I’m glad they upped the charge to 2nd degree and arrested the other officers. That ups the max charge from 25 years to 40 right? Also it’s being reported the other officers are charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder.
  4. True, but did you see where he took a thrashing over the 1994 Crime Bill and took notes?!
  5. I don’t know. One implies intent and the other implies lack of concern. They’re entirely dissimilar charges. without intent to effect the death of any person, caus[ing] the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life This is the Minnesota law for 3rd degree. Your question is better served for @abenjami.
  6. Not sure if posted but lol Antifa is pretty much a made up threat to try to find an enemy to blame and “go to war” with for political reasons.
  7. Being competitive in more states but coming up short actually could just make the discrepancy between popular vote and electoral college even wider. If those Change Research polls were rightish and we have Biden with a huge popular vote margin but narrow losses in swing states shit is really going to hit the fan.
  8. T279 is turning into a Biden supporter. 2020 is a really weird year.
  9. Listen to both of their most recent speeches and tell me who is the brain addled staring at the teleprompter mouthing the words written for him idiot; this is all you have.
  10. I’ve said for a while it would be one of the best things he could do as president. Trump has exposed systemic flaws in our society.
  11. It’s a really stupid move. I’m not trying to harp on this. Proving he intended to kill him is not easy.
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  13. Try reading an accurate post Reconstruction history book. Confiscation of wealth, shit separate but unequal schools, welfare systems that penalized 2 parent families, legalized discrimination, lack of investment in inner cities....
  14. So basically the curse of the Super Bowl in Tampa continues? The last two times it was in Tampa, the 2000 and 2008 seasons, the Titans went 13-3, had a bye and lost in their first playoff game at home.
  15. Hopefully. This is like Zimmerman on steroids. With the way the jury pool has been diluted and convoluted on top of the charge of second degree he has a good chance of getting off.
  16. Which is stupid. 3rd degree gets 25 years, plus he was also charged with manslaughter. Upping the charges makes it a lot more likely he gets off. I don’t care if his reasoning of the law is correct. This is especially so since he did this alongside charging the other three officers. Common sense and all.
  17. The video is likely enough along with the audio of Floyd pleading for his life but you never know. All it takes is for one soxcat or little earl to get on the jury. 3rd degree Murder would likely be a lock but after reading the differences between the two statutes I think 2nd degree murder is warrented.
  18. No. It was in front of CNN’s building.
  19. @oldschool - Will 2nd degree charges get a jury conviction?
  20. Sometimes, a coach or manager thinks he has to be nasty or dominant to get the results he wants, and sometimes they can shed that style for a more comfortable one when they don't have to be totally in charge..
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