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  2. Some of this is a stretch, but still pretty good, imo:
  3. Drogon is worth 100 guards. She clearly wanted to be alone in the throne room. It was also obvious she had calmed down a little bit after her fiery speech and didn't view Jon as a threat. I do not have any issue with the way the scene was setup. Greyworm not killing Jon after he commits the deed is worse and the writers knew it as they punked out and didn't show it.
  4. How the hell does Bran get around in Kings Landing? There are way too many stairs for a cripple. First course of action should be getting that place up to ADA standards.
  5. Assassination at the wall, breaking the laws of the NW ~ prisoners after a war is over.
  6. This conversation never had anything to do with that book. And no I'm not reading it because there is and never was and never will be a case for Trump.
  7. This conversation is over until you read Victory Davis Hanson's book, "the case for Trump".
  8. Loved Emilia's acting the past two episodes. The beginning of the finale was great. The devastation was strong - burned bodies, walking corpse man, etc. Jon being upset with the executions was odd. He himself executed everyone who assassinated him at the Wall before resigning. War is hell, right?
  9. And she sure as hell isn’t left without actual human guards around her at all times. Brutal writing.
  10. It was just so cringeworthy and forced. Yeah, Dany, after not eating a bit at Dragonstone before she realizes Jon is the rightful heir, has a single guard, Drogon. Yeah that makes all the world of sense. It was pitiful how bad they played it out. I’ll go back and rewatch it. The first 15 minutes were powerful. The line with Jon was so bad it ruined the entirety of the show in my opinion. Like damn, you have to be convinced of what after walking through that kind of wreckage and then watching her commander at arms ruthlessly slitting people’s throats? That is only to go onto once again say there’s no chance he actually gets to see Tyrion. If he does she knows about it and immediately puts him to death as conspiring with the enemy.
  11. This conversation is over until you read the Rick Reilly book. Which, again, has nothing to do with politics, a point you seem to be missing. Unless you want to say that someone who's as bad a person as Trump should not be leading anything, let alone the entire country. Which of course goes without saying.
  12. We could start Walker and be every bit as good on the pass rush as last year. He might have a few rookie screw ups but my guess is he would be serviceable. Considering Walker is our 4th best OLB right now we aren't in bad shape.
  13. Nixon's domestic agenda was the worst of any president in my lifetime. He was a war monger and assaulted civil liberties. He is why the libertarian party was formed. Not sure if he lied about his golf score or not.
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  15. The thread says nothing about a book. It says that Trump is an awesome golfer. I agree. https://www.amazon.com/Case-Trump-Victor-Davis-Hanson/dp/1541673549/ref=sr_1_1?hvadid=77653108864890&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=the+case+for+trump+victor+davis+hanson&qid=1558356473&s=books&sr=1-1 Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative historian who is far more knowledgeable and far better educated than Rick Reilly. He wrote a book called the case for Trump. Read it now!
  16. Anyone saying this was a fabricated crisis would normally be ripped by the media and anyone with a brain cell. Since people like OMan lack any brain cells.....
  17. lol. It was his ending; D&D just suck as writers. Dany arc - 100% this is how GRRM planned her tragic arc to come to conclusion Jon - While the writers did a horrible job showing Jon come to the realization he had to off Dany the scene in and of itself was perfect. He killed the woman he loved because he finally saw what she had become and that she wasn't going to stop. Bran - This one is a little iffy for me but I think it's more about the ideal Bran represents in that he understands the best and worst of humanity which makes him unique in ruling. Jon part 2 - Even though Jon did the right thing, the lords knew he had to go in order to break the wheel. Again D&D just suck as there was no need to go with the confusing Night's watch crap. Just exile him north and make sure he can't hold title or lands to prevent supporters from propping him up at the rightful heir. I've heard some view R+L=J as pointless now but I would argue otherwise. GRRM hates preordained destiny and in the end he subverts one of Fantasy's most prevalent tropes by having Jon exiled.
  18. Compared to Trump they're all good people. Richard Nixon was a good person compared to Trump.
  19. Here is an idea. Run a good person against him in 2020. FYI Biden is not it.
  20. I didn't expect you. But if you're not going to read it don't come here trying to defend the guy when there's a book with legitimate sources showing what an absolutely terrible person he is. And, again, it's about way more than the fact that he lies about his golf scores.
  21. He will be a bad person until Jan 2015 when he hands the keys if the whitehouse over to one of his kids.
  22. He defeated another lying piece of shit. I like his policies better. Watch the libtards claim that Hillary was not a narcissist. lol
  23. This isn't about democratic versus republican. Left versus right. It's about what a bad person Donald Trump is.
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