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  2. The whatabouts don’t even make any sense anymore. They at least used to have some semblance of a logical point. It’s down to ‘yeah so what the president lied about his golf score? You support some person or people I won’t name that I don’t know you support but suppose so because you would mention the fact it’s a strange anomaly for the president to lie about his golf score, so fuck you.’ It’s absolutely retarded.
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  4. At first I thought she was riding off for good (without knowing what was in the next ep trailer), but one way you could interpret her scenes in the end was that she tried the being a normal civilian thing, and it almost killed her. She saw brutality and madness up close and personal, and hated being on the helpless end of it. Her calmness could be a realization of purpose fully understood (to die ridding the world of tyrants), along with the sudden arrival of a horse convincing her of a divine purpose she must fulfill.
  5. Is this your response in reference to the pm I sent you about letting me lick your taint even though I'm out of dental dams?......or is it about a month? Please lmk...
  6. https://www.foxnews.com/us/hundreds-of-migrants-to-be-flown-to-california-in-as-many-as-3-flights-a-week-officials-say I thought you pro border jumpers said it was decreasing?
  7. huh? I'm saying it's obvious what happened in week 1 and how that would skew a stat-line comparison. Also though, we played tougher teams earlier in the year. And mariota had a couple of his best games of the year before the bye.
  8. It sucks we couldn't have gotten rid of Whisenhunt, his staff, and Webster a year earlier than we did and brought Robinson in as we brought Mariota in. Having said that, I'm one of those board homers oldschool was talking about. I'll believe Mariota is the future around here until he's not. I've seen more than enough good from him than to just give up now. The organization is headed in a steady, positive direction. Walker will be back, Davis is headed into his 3rd year (typical breakout years), Brown will be an early asset, Humphries will be another Walker out there, and Henry will (hopefully) be a beast behind an improved interior OL. I expect Mariota to perform well and he will. 30+ passing touchdowns 3,800 - 4,200 passing yards < - 9 ints
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/18/third-generation-manning-already-an-impressive-quarterback-prospect/amp/
  10. You’re going to have to find something new to whine about very soon...
  11. Senate is the problem. They could easily vote to impeach tomorrow if they wanted but they don't have the votes in the Senate. And trying to impeach and failing would embolden Trump even more bc they're unlikely to try twice. Opening an impeachment inquiry though is very possible.
  12. Hey Touched The Tard, let me know when you're ready to play the IQ game in front of the homers. THINK QUICK!
  13. https://theundefeated.com/features/baltimore-black-neighborhood-complicated-relationship-with-the-home-of-preakness/amp/ Entertaining read.
  14. It’s the attempts that are futile. It’s goodnyou brighten other people’s days. I won’t knock you for that.
  15. Less than 1 day until Dumb&Dumber phone in their final pathetic episode. I was so excited for this season too.
  16. All what finally comes out? Perhaps you should be more concerned with what Barr is looking into first.
  17. If they would just admit that he's a bad guy but support him for his politics then fine. The issue I have is that people try to act like he isn't a bad guy. That's really what bothers me about the supporters.
  18. How about what he did to the 5 year old kid? Or what he did to the people whose houses had items in their backyards that they'd bought before Trump had his course? Or the people that he stiffed for payment? The man is a complete loser and a disgrace.
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