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  2. Well, well, well. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8389163/Ukraine-no-evidence-against-Hunter-Biden-case-audit-former-prosecutor.html
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  4. The company should sue the government for wasted inventory. Probably scared they will get funding cut.
  5. k, err..... that's good? but whaddabout SF? I mean, if we're #1, are they like #0 under Kyle's subset of robotics laws?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/titanswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/06/tennessee-titans-ryan-tannehill-derrick-henry-a-j-brown-best-trio/amp/ He ranks them as the NFL’s best trio Not Rodgers, Jones, Adams Not Brees, Kamara, Thomas Not Dak, Elliott, Cooper Not Ryan, Gurley, Julio Not Jackson, Ingram, Andrews Not Mahomes, Edwards-Helaire, Hill but Tannehill, Henry, and Brown discuss
  7. Well Floyd did resist arrest and refuse to get into the car. Still doesn't deserve to get killed for that but youre acting like Floyd is innocent or something. As far as Rice goes, that one is the worst IMO. That didn't get enough attention and any person should be furious over that one.
  8. Im perfectly open to conversation as long as it doesn't involve someone calling me racist, privileged, bigot, etc. just because I don't have the same view or because I question their ideas. When you are able to change your mindset and have a real conversation, let me know.
  9. If I was a company and I had to do something like throw away a day's production because of Trump, I'd probably be hesitant to blame him because of how thin skinned his cult is and how personal they seem to take things directed at him. He's too brittle to take any criticism at all, or accept any blame at all, and seemingly by extension they are too.
  10. Yeah okay dude. Since personal stories mean everything. I remember when I was in high school. We had just beat our rivals so we had a huge football party afterwards. The cops busted us, lined us all up. Were all underage, weed and alcohol everywhere. The cops tell us to be quite while were standing there. Our black friend decides to start rapping fuck the police out of nowhere, just being a complete ignorant fuck. Oh and by golly the cops didn't do shit, they just told us all to call someone to pick us up (true story). Ironically that same guy is on social media now telling people he was so abused by police.
  11. I just watched this video and he said exactly what I just said. His entire held back by 200 meters in a race comparison is the exact same thing I said about 200 years behind. And I didnt even mention anything about rioting. Like wtf is wrong with you? You are so dense that even when I say the exact same thing you give me "Nuh uh youre racist." One thing I do notice though. He is answering questions from a white person. So this is still only a 1 way conversation. He isn't actually talking to a white person and having a legit conversation.
  12. Soccer has started/will start in Europe, any word of their plans? I think they are going to pack football stadiums. We’re in phase one of reopening. I expect we’re in the last stage by game one, no restriction. Attend at your own risk. High risk people stay home. I doubt they will even temperature check at the gates. Money. If you have a high temp you will want your money back. Ain’t got time for that, the game is starting.
  13. An example of blacks seeking revenge? Pretty much everything Louis Farrakhan and his branch of Nation of Islam has ever said. Yes actually more white people get killed than black people by police. In 2019 370 white people were shot and killed vs 235 black people. White people dont complain when a white person gets killed by the police though. That's the difference. The only disparity, you dumbass, is that black people only make 13% of the population but make up more than 30% of deaths (and violent crime and poverty). Hence, the real issue which is poverty. Less poverty=less crime=less police brutality. Im sure black people probably don't care about my feelings. So why should white people give 2 fucks about them either? The only thing you are doing is justifying why white people shouldn't listen. Youre stupid as fuck.
  14. Most of your takes on here are pretty bad. Lest we forget you championing for Blaine fucking Gabbert to be the future of the franchise? Your obsession with the backup QB. You constantly going into battles on here without correct data and being made to look like a fool. And people aren't afraid to speak up. Plenty post their opinions and thoughts; they just differ from yours because yours are sometimes so outlandish. Like thinking Tannehill is above Mahomes. That's just fucking silly.
  15. I just hope it isn't like the fan participation on draft day. That really sucked with Gooddell asking the live fans to boo him. They could have live gametime broadcasts of fan reactions from fans at sports bars etc,
  16. I missed the part where the President was ordering the Park Police to clear out the peaceful going to pray and the firebugs out back. What you are citing is open to debate, lies on both sides for sure. But this outrage at Trump just shows the left wanted this to energize their base because they nominated Creepy Uncle Joe. I gotta give Joe his cred though, he beat up Corn Pop with a chain.
  17. I think Glennon's Preds coverage was better than his Titans pieces. He would almost always respond to direct email questions. I respect that. COVID has fucked a lot of people up, directly or indirectly and sports journalsim is a pretty cutthroat business. His Mariota infatuation did him in here.
  18. Vrabel just added an experienced coach on the roster. Haslett brings good football knlowlege to the staff. He probably won't have a major role.
  19. Were you a fan ( of age 10 at minimum or so) when the titans, ravens, and steelers would just destroy each other every year. If the afcc was not so brutal all 3 teams may have more rings.
  20. That’s what happens when the president orders a physical assault on peaceful protesters in violation of the Constitution...
  21. I don’t think the Steelers or ravens are anymore. During the fisher era it always felt like any ravens or Steelers game was serious business. It’s been so uncompetitive for nearly a decade that this recent ratbird beat down just kind of felt like any other random team. At least with the chiefs we seem to face them nearly every year it seems whether in the regular season or the playoffs. We’re not schedule to face them this year but if we see them in the playoffs again and kick their ass it will become a grudge match.
  22. Weird, I thought this was about George Floyd and police violence? If hate is a party, party on dems...
  23. https://www.economist.com/podcasts/2020/06/05/checks-and-balance-our-weekly-podcast-on-american-politics This is a daily podcast from England. I like to watch FOX CNN and other news sources. Here’s an outside view of our biggest story. Interesting. If you listen, listen to the latest podcast. Today 5/6. Or 5/5. Fair Cops
  24. https://politicalwire.com/2020/06/06/white-house-wanted-10k-troops-in-washington/
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