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  2. Logistically that would be up to the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate.
  3. Hah I didn't realize her husband was Sheriff of Orange County and current Mayor of Orange County. They could not run against this ticket That said, would she be able to navigate Washington as deftly as someone like Warren and oversee major initiatives?
  4. They were obeying the law. But it's no surprise that you support tear gassing peaceful American protesters after only a few attempts to get them to clear out 30 mins before curfew. I mean... law enforcement had no other recourse. They couldn't have waited another 30mins. They couldn't have tried to disperse the crowd w/ other means. Tear gas the sons of bitches and fire on them w/ rubber bullets ASAP! That's the American way!!
  5. Al Qaeda actually had a leadership structure. ANTIFA is anyone anywhere that breaks something.
  6. I guess Anonymous is like the boogeyman for the intelligence community. Also, it wasn't autonomous terrorist cells who flew planes into buildings on 9/11. Just a few misguided and disgruntled airline pilots unified and pissed off about their Christmas bonus.
  7. That’s actually an interesting point.
  8. That team was lucky. Our team has been held back by the QB. Even if Tannehill's play drops off a little, the team as constructed should still contend for the AFC Title. And what exactly did they lose on defense, Ryan who got torched in the 2nd half and Casey who was disappointing and aging.
  9. Yeah, sign me up for Demings all day, my only worry is the federal experience aspect.
  10. Oddly specific. No way this person actually exists! 😉
  11. That's just the usual Trump "touch" where everything he touches turns to poop. Along with being hateful, they've become brain dead and retarded. If he's not a leader, then he's an awful president. That's in like the JOB DESCRIPTION. He is supposed to be a uniter not a divider.
  12. Well hell's bells, now that you say it like that.... Shit, they should have brought out the flame throwers, that'll learn them damn peaceful protesters to fuck with the Bunkerbitch while he's trying to do some damage control! Obviously never-trumpers, every damn peaceful one of them. amirite?
  13. And btw, Trump is the president, the incumbent. It's his job to deal with these problems, to make them better......not just refrain from making them worse. So where is his plan to deal with underlying problems of police violence and reform of the criminal justice system? *crickets*
  14. 10-6. Division Champs. Loss in 2nd round of playoff after Tanne gets hurt in 1st playoff. pro
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