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  2. Hell, Jon alone in the past season-ish has gone from Winterfell to Casterly Rock to above the wall to Kings Landing and back to Winterfell. That's a huge chunk of time right there. Probably easily a couple years.
  3. I agree, but what can we do about it? Just make comments online and enjoy what's left. Reo's link was a nice read. Basically, everything is blamed on child-actors and writing around that (not on the skills of the writers ).
  4. Really? Man I must have just glossed over this. Were Vrabel or Robinson on hand at the missouri pro day?
  5. Figured you’d at least name your “shot” Money...
  6. The news the Titans worked out Drew Lock isn't exactly shocking, Titans Online had cameras at the Missouri pro day where they filmed an interview with Lock, certainly not some hidden/stealthy operation to conceal the workout.
  7. Nah, I don't buy that explanation either. The time lapsed between season 3 and 4, for example, is negligible to the point of probably being within a week or two to a month or two at most. They go directly from the immediate aftermath of the Red Wedding at the end of season 3 to Tywin melting down Ice to start season 4. I can't imagine a year having passed between those events.
  8. The Nashville radio had this as a topic this morning so clearly it made news. I have no idea if it's just a rumor or not as Robinson does a really good job of keeping things close to his vest. Saying that, QB is absolutely a possibility. Do you seriously think that the Titans have not evaluated the QB prospects knowing they have none under contract for next season? If one they love is available, they are going to think about it as they should. Also, when have Robinson or Vrabel stated their love for Mariota? It's always faint praise or "we want to make the team better" stuff. Oh year, they also added a new QB to the mix "to push Mariota" in the GM's own words. Andrew Locker. Sure you are not Blake in disguise?
  9. Rogue

    Cohen testimony

    Trump hires the best people.
  10. We should just draft Will Grier in round 4 or something. Then next year draft someone in round 1 if necessary.
  11. Shae's turn in the books wasn’t exactly the same, but it was close enough. Pretty brutal for Tyrion.
  12. Says the guy who has never played the game. You're a bigger joke than what you pass off as analysis.
  13. Absolutely. And the fact he used Mariota and Tennessee as his go-to says something doesn't it? If you're going for a rumor, you go with something that's taken somewhat seriously or what's the point?
  14. Also, GRRM was planning to have a 5 year gap between books so the characters would be older by the end of the story. He ended up shelving that, so it makes sense for the show characters to be older than their book counterparts.
  15. There have definitely been huge leaps forward the pase 2 seasons alone. Theon alone has gone from Winterfell to Kings Landing to save his sister and gotten back now. Jon has made that same trip too and he's gone north of the wall. And they largely didn't travel at the same time so that's possible a good year or 2 there. And somewhere in there Arya practically walked from Braavos to the Freys to Kings Landing and back to Winterfell (minus ship travel between land masses).
  16. Lol, you’re not just a homer but an idiot
  17. She was a dirty little try-hard thot so thinking he'd given in to her isn't a stretch. It's actually quite impressive for such an intercourse connoisseur like Tyrion to resist those temptations, especially when his forced-upon wife wasn't in any kind of mood to give it up. Shae showing up at the trial was so guttural. You expected Cersei and Tywin to pile on, but Shae showing up and turning into a vindictive lying ass hoe was Red Wedding-level mind fuckery. Was it as bad in the books or was it worse (without giving much away, since I eventually plan on reading the books)? I didn't realize skeptic mind girl was preggers. Interesting.
  18. Didn't look to closely at it but this is a site I've found some things on. https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline
  19. I still want that monster TE. And I still believe Hockenson will be that guy.
  20. If he really hasn't been with anyone since marrying Sansa, I think that's potentially significant since that's a writer's choice as well. There's a reason Martin had them get married instead of just getting betrothed. It could just be a nod to his moral character though. We'll see. I think there could be something there though. Would be interesting.
  21. I'd like to see the show timeline in how they explain all of the events and the passage of time.
  22. Bullshit. You were dead serious because you can't tell good from bad. And you make that painfully obvious every damned day.
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