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  2. I wish the we had to use our real names on the board and not have avatars so that the bigots could be publicized in their towns, coworkers etc.
  3. Here's the thing. He told them to "go back to their countries." You are whitewashing the comment by changing it to "leave the country." You would not tell a person who was born here and was a white person to "go back to their country." If you said it to me it would make you like like a supreme dumbass because the country I am from is the USA. AOC, Pressley, and Tlaib were all born in America too. Just because they aren't white doesn't mean this isn't their home country. AOC: Born in America. Father, born in America. Mother, born in Puerto Rico (still America). Pressley: She's just black. Apparently that's enough reason to tell her to go back "home?" She isn't even the granddaughter of immigrants... lol. Tlaib: Born to immigrant parents in Detroit. If you can tell AOC to "go back home" for having a mother from Puerto Rico (which is part of the USA) and a father whose father was born in Puerto Rico (again, part of the USA), then I can tell Trump to "go back home" for having a mother who was born in Scotland and a father whose father was born in Germany (two foreign countries). His views are antithetical to my America, so I think it would be better if he just left (to his home countries, of course!) He even already had property in Scotland, so he'll be fine! [Side note, even telling people to leave the country for political disagreements is still wrong. It's also wrong to tell immigrants to leave for that same reason. Seriously pretty antithetical to general American ideals.]
  4. Kittle is on a completely shitty team. Howard's isn't much better. Not really a knock against them, but it's easier to show what you can do when opposing teams aren't really concerned about you. Those two guys are getting s ton of YAC, which indicates to me that teams are kind of letting them run around relatively freely and aren't trying too hard to shut them down. Walker had his two best seasons on shitty teams, and his personal best YPC season came with Locker and Mett throwing the ball. Jonnu actually started the 2017 in higher regards than both of those guys, both as a blocker and receiver. But then it seemed like overnight, every team finally realized how to give this offense fits in every single regard But surely you all realize that this is based on absolutely no information, and is catered to fantasy football and those who did not know that Jonnu missed OTAs.
  5. As an owner of Sony, I hope this pick brings you misery. @notsolegato is up.
  6. When? After they have been destroyed, fined and spent their time in jail?
  7. That cartoon is spot on (despite tard thinking it isn't). We have anti-American not just living here but in our congress. I don't care if these rats are white, yellow, black or whatever.... they are shit. If they were white skin heads my feelings would be the same as would Trump's. On top of that dumbass these four attacked Pelosi as being racist. Same fucking thing moron.
  8. Yeah, I picked this up in the Tevin Coleman deal. Damian Harris, RB New England.
  9. What % of posts by the Trumpees reference either Obama or one of the Clintons? 25? 50?
  10. Today
  11. Hell yea they should go after Clinton if he’s involved and anyone involved What about!!!!!!
  12. Life is a lot easier when you don’t have to pander to one side or the other. SHOULDNT CLINTON BE INVESTIGATED???!! Well yes, he should be if he was involved. See, simple.
  13. They also belong to BDS an anti Israeli movement that is a hate group according to the ADL. https://www.adl.org/what-we-do/israel/anti-israel-activity-bds Talib and Omar hate Israel because it is a Jewish state.
  14. Omar and Talib are members of CAIR an anti Israeli organization that is listed in the top 10 by the Anti defamation league. https://www.adl.org/sites/default/files/documents/assets/pdf/israel-international/Top-10-Anti-Israel-Groups-in-America.pdf
  15. Yeah, they should check into that footage 10 years before Epstein was under investigation. You think they should check into Bill Clinton flying with Epstein 26 times from 2002-2003 right in the middle of the investigation into Epstein?
  16. Keep it up. Looking more fucked in the head with each post. If Trump said anything close to that hateful and racist your head would explode. Amazing.
  17. They don’t have time to go through full impeachment hearings and then a trial in the Senate. But that’s not the point since they know the Senate would never convict. As you said, if the goal is to have a public investigation that airs a lot of his dirty laundry before Election Day then impeachment hearings could start whenever.
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