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  2. It was really likely before the Tannehill trade. Still possible but I agree that it's unlikely.
  3. I assume what others have said in that there are three groups: 1-White walkers on horses + a legion of wights 2-Golden Company nearby coming from the south to attack. 3-Night King going straight for King's Landing...which would make sense from Dany's visions of the burnt red keep in ash/snow in season 2 and other images of dragons seen by Bran.* *Yes I realize Bran said the NK would come right for him. I mean how effective would dead in the crypts be. The only fresh meat in there is Rickon and maybe Catelyn. Ned was chopped up, and the rest of the bodies in there have decayed too much to be able to even move I would think. I would guess that the people seeking safety down there/her new BAE die and she is running from them and getting above ground to tell them they are being attacked from inside.
  4. Be careful. He's highly respected around here...
  5. I don't know but not interested in an inaccurate, erratic passer that is Jake Lockeresque imo. Accuracy is one of the things you cannot teach a QB. That'd be crazy, but I must admit, it's been in the back of my mind that if a top QB falls, the Titans could be a sneaky player in that area. Highly unlikely though.
  6. I'm not so sure Wilkins isn't explosive. I've watched a lot of Clemson football and I was impressed by Wilkins, Ferrill, and Lawrence. All 3 could be major contributors at the NFL level. I even like Austin Bryant, who could be a solid depth guy in the league. Notes on Wilkins from nfl.com draft profile: Instant snap reaction with fast hands into contact Lateral quickness to disrupt in gaps Short area agility of a linebacker
  7. Sure he does. Hey Kimmie, you’re so pretty, KIMMMMMAAAAY PRETTAAAAAAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Theres definitely something fishy about the locations of the army of the dead. I feel like the scene with Tyrion zooming out at the end and then it cuts to the White Walkers on horses felt like 2 different scenes. Really feel like they split off into two groups or that Tyrion and everyone was looking at something else. Why focus on Tyrion?.. There seems to be a twist building. Was gonna ask where the night king was.. but he could just be on a Dragon flying around like in the next weeks preview at the end Definitely getting in through the crypts... diggin the idea that the night king knows the secret way in because he lived there before. Arya is running through the crypts all bloody, Dany says "the dead are already here" , they all live above and hide in a giant endless crypt full of dead people... and fighting a guy who can raise the dead. Its the kind of stupid move Jon would let happen. Kings landing will be attacked by the dead at some point The fight goes on for more than just episode 3.. more like 3 episodes. Arya... body double or some video editing. still... ewww.. Not buying the sansa / theon thing they can be friends without being lovers.... both arya/sansa being in love feels forced... but whatever.. let them have the first enjoyable sexual experiences of their lives.. well, arya at least. Brianne is gonna die after being knighted and crying. Are the iron islands really safe? Does anyone care anymore? Ready to kill off the fodder. Theres Definitely going to be a return of some Direwolves... and probably some zombie direwolves.. pretty sure we saw ghost. Not a fan of how Jamie was just let in and respected when he killed the queens father and tried to kill everyone else's families. Also.. not so sure the Dany quetioning Jon thing was in anger... maybe refusal to believe - because incest - but maybe also a "sweet! double claim to the iron throne if i'm with this guy"
  9. Tyree Jackson - Buffalo (Combine) David Pindell (QB/WR) - UConn (Private Workout) Amir Hall - Bowie State (Private Workout) Eric Dungey - Syracuse (Private Workout) TJ Linta - Brown (Private Workout) John Lovett - Princeton (Private Workout) Kyle Shurmur - Vanderbilt (Local Pro Day) Unless theirs someone they secretly met with that they love, looks like they are looking at athletic quarterbacks in the 6th round to undrafted range. Shurmur being the only one who could be considered pro style, but was a local pro day visit.
  10. They dont compare at all actually. Casey has more agility, explosiveness and bend.
  11. Not a defensive draft. A defensive first pick.
  12. Actually he is very agile and has short area quickness. I suppose you wouldn't want to draft Casey in the first round? Wilkins compares well to him and Casey did not have good workout numbers.
  13. Me too. Tired of these "solid players." I want a fucking monster that teams have to game plan against.
  14. Pretty much my thoughts. I'm starting to feel like trading back. In all the sims I've done, the value drops off after round 3. Top 10 aren't worth the trades. Between picks 15 and 60. there are tons of great players. I'd rather have 3 of them instead of 2. I don't see a big difference in 2nd rounders and bottom 1st rounders.
  15. Usually bigger guys like Gronk get hurt more because they are a huge target.
  16. It's not like it is unfathomable. Mariota has yet to be healthy during an entire season or lead greater than a bottom 10 passing offense. I find it more surprising that these mock drafts treat Mariota as the undisputed franchise QB and suggest throwing even more resources at the receivers after two years of piss poor production. The pass rush and IOL are two areas where we could realistically see an improvement due to a first round pick. But Unless a WR can throw the ball to himself or run past everyone with the ball in his hands, I'm not counting on getting a boost from our passing game if I was making a conservative projection
  17. 140 contacts with Russia they all lied about and Trump fired people over.
  18. How about many who wanted Landry or Evans and ended up with both. Conklin maybe less so just because we didn't know where he was going to be available. We did trade up to get him after trading out of the #1 spot. .
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