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  2. Okay, let’s say you are correct. Do other liberals not make statements you and the president don’t like? Why hasn’t he said anything of the sort to any or those people?
  3. Truth. So glad so see a Democrat actually talking about this reality.
  4. Wrong. AOC, Talib and Omar have all made anti semitic statements. Pressley is just a racist. They are all pieces of shit.
  5. I dont like red in general for the Titans i like the two tone blue.
  6. Wait...that was all a joke right? Upon researching it apparently it isn’t all a joke, or hopefully it is and the guy is just making money off the suckers.
  7. You have to give.it to Trump. He knows his base. Trump did not single out Omar. However, to justify Trump’s comments, his base is focusing on Omar for a reason to be angry. They are totally missing the point about the racial dog whistle or that those comments are beneath the dignity of the POTUS. These Trump supporters like @Soxcat and @Little Earl who got so offended and mad at Obama for saying “clinging to guns and religion” or “you didn’t build that” are now okay with this bullshit. Trump was asked about Putin killing journalists. You know what was his response? “We kill people too. Do you think we are innocent?” He basically labeled America the same as a murderous, Russian dictator. Where was the outrage from these so call America loving patriots like @Rolltide .
  8. Flake Nation and their cohorts in the Democrat Party hate Trump because he doesn’t act like past Republicans when challenged by them. Trump dies not cave and he does not yield . That’s why he had an approval rate of 94% with Republicans.
  9. Have nothing with Trumps name on it or that has to do with him although I've been wanting a hat. I just dont like purchasing online. I'm not sure why it would embarrass us.... Not sure how much of a hand he has in it. If it is taking any of his time I would prefer he doesnt deal with stuff like this until hes out of office. Then again I think he puts in more hours than most POTUS' have. So maybe it's not that big of a deal. We know who will see it as a big deal though.
  10. I don't like jerseys that look like they were made using a color swap in Madden when we could use baller throwbacks and color schemes that trigger Texans fans. These don't look unique or interesting. Why couldn't we do something with Oiler blue or, if they don't want to go that route, something around the Predators color scheme?
  11. Ok Tux, Jake, Ben, Rolltide, Little Earl and you other Trump supporters, how many of you have one of these collectible Trumpy momentos? Come on, honest answers........and I have to ask, doesn't this embarrass you on a global level to know the president of our country approved the sale of these? Do you think Putin has one in his office that he pretends to make kiss his ass when he gets bored? And here's Jimmy Kimmel's answer to Trumpy bear.
  12. I'm not sure but I dont think he will sit out 20+ by choice. I can buy he wasn't totally invested last year. Imo he has no choice this year and AD promised to play all 82. Not that I personally will hold him to it, but I think these guys are taking this season very seriously. Especially compared to last year.
  13. How many games you think Lebron plays?
  14. Stop being stupid and trying to circumvent the point. It is clear in the article. ""I'm particularly offended as an American and as a Muslim that nobody is holding her accountable for these radical views that really view our soldiers as the problem rather than the solution," Jasser said. "She doesn't see terror groups as an issue. She's asked for lighter sentencing for ISIS war criminals. She ignores Al-Shabaab recruitment from her district – the highest in the U.S" You know if Democrats like you stopped defending pieces of shit like this and put them in place before hand. Then there wouldn't be so much support for Trump and his crazy rhetoric. But when Trump is the only person willing to stand up to it, it leaves people little choice.
  15. The ONLY counter I have is how I’d personally go about it. I’ve been a Titans fan for as long as I can remember. If I had the opportunity to play for them, I’d give my favorite team a discount based on my fandom (and that’s assuming I could still live my lifestyle with what I would make).
  16. https://sonsof1776.com/2019/03/09/omar-bashes-obama-calls-him-murderer-for-killing-terrorists/ Sorry this wasn't on CNN.
  17. https://www.investigativeproject.org/7894/ilhan-omar-slammed-us-soldiers-involved-in-black
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