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  2. I would tend to agree but at the same time what if the best player on their board is a QB? I guess the point is that I don't see Robinson making a key decision with concern about Mariota's feelings and that probably was considered more in past seasons. It would be completely different if they were committed to a QB long term.
  3. My perfect scenario would be something like this: 1st Hokenson (TE) 2nd:Khalen Saunders (DT) 3rd: Michael Jordan (C/G) 4th: Austin Bryant (Edge) Hokenson gives us instant help on offense with his receiving and blocking and a long term replacement for Walker. Saunders gives us a 3 Tech we can use with Casey on passing downs and eventually replace Casey in a few years Jordan is a quality starter at OG or C. Competes right away at RG and takes over for Jones down the road. Austin Bryan is the lesser known edge guy at Clemson but would be a quality swing player and potential starter if he can get stronger. 8.5 sacks, underrated IMO This also gets us a quality mix on both sides of the ball and gets guys in place to eventually replace player we will lose in a year or two. Saunders could be a steal and with Casey really help our interior pass rush.
  4. The Redskins are a disaster waiting to happen every year.
  5. Not the biggest fan of Mariota right now but taking a QB right now is pointless. You better be right if you do. All I got to say.
  6. They should sign Jeff Fisher to a 1-day coaching contract so he can retire a Titan too.
  7. Oh I know. I wasn’t saying it was a bad call in terms of rule book, just that it was a massive obviously game changing obnoxiously severe penalty for what actually happened
  8. Well we actually have been, it's just been hidden. Jeremiah said the GM that said Lock to Titans said: "The Titans have done a lot of work on the quarterbacks"
  9. I'm normally the first person to jump at shadows but this Lock stuff is so overblown, the bigger surprise is with no QB's under contract beyond this year, why we haven't been more heavily scouting these top QB's.
  10. Do you mean Dragonstone? I don't remember anyone but the Unsullied visiting the rock.
  11. "Why do you believe we're going in circles?"
  12. Stidham,Greir,Finley lots of guys with potential in the later rounds.No way In he’ll we take lock at 19 none.You could only imagine the controversy it would cause in the lockerroom and in general.Now If Mariota shits the bed this year,then all The brotherly love shits out the window and 2020 gets real interesting.
  13. We worked out Kendall Blanton at the pro day it looks like - so perhaps on site. Private workouts have to be on site anyway. If you bring them in to the team facilities, it's a private visit.
  14. Posted 2 hours ago 2 hours ago, big2033 said: Lol Huston you're always so scared of displaying your logic when it comes to a subject that people don't agree with. It's like you fear my rebuttal or that I'll somehow "trap" you with my clever "word magic." It's odd. No I dont like circular arguments and actually like to stay on the topic not go off on some other tangent of yours trying to prove how everything negative about the offense is some how is rooted in some deficiency of Marcus.
  15. Not quite what you said: I don't believe he's under any pressure to produce this year, unless it's himself putting on the pressure. As for Conklin, you stated that there was a 0% chance of him getting the 5th year option, then PFT promptly goes and says he's an easy 5th option pick up.
  16. But did we work him out at the pro day or did we bring him in for a workout?
  17. here is the link to the interview with Lock at his pro day, not sure who was there scouting wise. https://www.titansonline.com/video/the-otp-road-to-nashville-who-is-missouri-s-drew-lock
  18. Shocking! See the video JRob doesn’t want you to see! https://www.titansonline.com/video/the-otp-road-to-nashville-who-is-missouri-s-drew-lock Amie Wells went to Missouri which I suspect played a role in her wanting to do this interview.
  19. Anyways - all of this timeline analysis was an attempt to help explain why some people didn't like that scene. The show isn't clear with passage of time, so the result is this split reaction.
  20. Hell, Jon alone in the past season-ish has gone from Winterfell to Casterly Rock to above the wall to Kings Landing and back to Winterfell. That's a huge chunk of time right there. Probably easily a couple years.
  21. I agree, but what can we do about it? Just make comments online and enjoy what's left. Reo's link was a nice read. Basically, everything is blamed on child-actors and writing around that (not on the skills of the writers ).
  22. Really? Man I must have just glossed over this. Were Vrabel or Robinson on hand at the missouri pro day?
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