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  2. BPA if edge is gone and so is OG and the DL at 19 are similar grade to those at 51 then you have to go BPA. I have a hard time ignoring CB in that position with Ryan in a contract year post injury and Sims hitting FA as well as Smith
  3. The thing escaping 520 the most is that his posting/typing style just automatically makes him look like a fucktard. Don't get me started on his actual views. You're lucky this thread hasn't blown you to pieces yet.
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  5. You can lead a horse to water but you can't keep it from drowning. Fan logic when it comes to team building. Because it would also be a waste for whoever might supplant Mariota if he didn't work out... 😐
  6. It could easily happen, they just have to get Pelosi to sign off on it. I feel like House Dems will continue the investigations for a while before they would decide to push for impeachment. They are still looking for more criminality. Mueller’s investigation was quite limited in scope.
  7. Republican opposition to Obama and the rise of Trump was significantly due to race. Same with trying to keep minorities from voting, the Muslim ban, building a wall, etc... Everyone knows it but the racists themselves. No one really talks about it anymore, it’s just a sad fact of life.
  8. Kiper/McShay's mock had us taking CB DeAndre Baker. Over Greedy, and Murphy.
  9. This change in language suggesting violence and executions for the infidels IMO was always the end game for some of these people. It was always about their hate being represented at the highest level so they have a catalyst for their madness once it is finally rejected. Hopefully for the US it will be isolated and sputtering.
  10. It's funny how the true reasons for the vehemence manages to break through time and time again despite the efforts to conceal.
  11. I'll be curious to see what transpires after this truly awful exit from the playoffs. No doubt Pekka will never win a Stanley Cup, but the team as a whole had regressed and moved further away from winning a championship. The defense, offense, and goal tending are no where near the former Cup contending Preds we knew. And how about that power play?? I imagine heads are going to roll after this one, and expect to see some significant changes in the off season.
  12. Tillery is probably the only guy guaranteed to be there at 19 but probably has the most upside of them all.
  13. They listed their two favorites, Wilkins and Burns as who they like the most.
  14. If you watch Bran’s 2 visions closely you will see the tree with the spiral of rocks is at the base of Sandor’s “mountain that looks like an arrowhead” they went looking for in season 7. So it is definitively north of the Wall.
  15. Not sure how the logistics would work but for some reason I'm suddenly stuck on the idea that the Golden Company comes up during the battle and they think they're saved until... but then nothing quite send to make sense.
  16. Exactly, anyone can list so many players, I also seriously doubt JRob would draft Noah Fant as well.
  17. Listing 8 players doesn't really narrow down things.
  18. I can send texts to some hot girl all I want, but until she actually gives a real response it's not a conversation.... It's just a one-sided annoyance. As I have said which for some reason is too complicated for you, "negotiations" will not take place because the agent and player want and are expecting more than anyone would ever offer at this point. Just give it a rest.
  19. He still believes it, and somehow concludes the Mueller report backs that theory up, despite the fact the Mueller report has nothing to do with a child sex ring. But he believes it anyways. It is a look into the Trump presidency. Conspiracy theorists have the say.
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