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  2. I wanted to do this in the format you requested but I didn't want to go all in on each game knowing some expected wins will be losses and losses wins. 4-2 or 5-1 in the division 5 or 6 wins at home 3-5 wins on the road That puts my expectations at 8-11 wins 10 if you were to push me for a number. I like that most of our tough games out of the division are at home. We have played well at home recently and that gives me optimism. If we are banged up like last year this could be bad though.
  3. That was way more serious of an injury than the way it was reported by both the team and the media.
  4. My orthopedic colleagues have been saying that for a grade 3 MCL injury , it sure has taken a long time to heal.. they believe there is something more wrong with his knee
  5. That was the best you had? As I was typing the title I knew you were gona say something. Idk why I expected anything descent though.
  6. It's all tribalism. Probably the biggest positive to come out of WWII was that vast numbers of Americans from particular regions and backgrounds were thrown together in a life and death scenario with people from completely different backgrounds and they discovered that all those differences that they were taught were so important were actually meaningless. We actually held that together for the most part for a couple of decades afterward, thanks to things like that we could unite behind like the space race. Then came the Vietnam war where we divided again over a stupid war that pitted the my counrty right or wrong crowd against those who were saying what the hell are we doing; the fact that once again, instead of everyone being forced to take part in that war; it was mostly poor people with poor educations who couldn't afford or were unable to get into college were made to do all the dirty work fueled the division. We've been slowly but surely dividing back up into tribes again ever since.
  7. There was both collusion and obstruction. It’s in the report. The problem is that “collusion” isn’t an actual crime, and conspiracy to commit treason against the United States requires you to prove intent which is next to impossible in court.
  8. I'd take the money every time if i were him. Especially on my second contract. This is his best and possibly only chance to really get paid. Then third contract you can ring chase or go to a nice place.
  9. Also being reported that he overrode his own civil rights division to make the call to not prosecute a civil rights violation in the Eric Garner chokehold death by NYPD. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/16/nyregion/eric-garner-case-death-daniel-pantaleo.html
  10. This likely plays into this recent outburst. He knows the majority is against him.
  11. Gotta beat the Colts at home to be taken seriously.
  12. You just said you equate killing to murder. Thus you think our troops are murderers. Omar is not the one who came to that conclusion. It’s all on you you un-American bastard...
  13. Not a synonym; the point she was making was that it was not only tragic that Americans died that day, but that a lot of her misguided countrymen who were raised from birth to believe that any white soldier with a gun is the devil also died that day. She was ten years old and living in Kenya because her family had fled the violence when it occurred, btw.
  14. There is clearly a distinct difference between the 2 but don't let that stop you from being a dense ass.
  15. Gotta use up all the tread while you still can. I bet Henry will be on another team after this season! We already passed less than any team other than Seattle (51.5% vs 47.5%). I wonder if we'll actually go even more run heavy than that.
  16. Today
  17. My apologies. I said murder instead of kill. Forgot Democrats are fucking retarded and don't know what a synonym is.
  18. “Jim Wyatt of the Titans' official website reports new OC Arthur Smith said he intends to "ride" contract-year RB Derrick Henry this season.”
  19. He needs to make sure he donates his brain to science; some very interesting brain chemistry at work there; you try to leave him on ignore, but he's just too entertaining.
  20. That 10 more games than Kawhi could definitely impact who holds home court advantage if..... I also believe he will talk PG into load managing as well. They are good enough to get #1 for sure. But much like how GS came to be, I just dont think they'll care enough and therefore will ultimately come up short. They'll care about getting rested for playoffs and finish 3 or 4 imo. Because the west is that tight and one or 2 games can be the difference between 2nd or 6th.
  21. Finally someone with a brain speaking the truth! Instead all we hear daily is these hicks, sticks, and honky talks.
  22. He was robbed of calls multiple times in the NE game. I don’t know how corners are even going to exist anymore due to the new replay rules. Sucks.
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