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  2. If I could go back in time I’d go to this moment jump these fools and chain em all up and give homie the keys and let him do what he wishes sad thing is dude would probably just let em go
  3. Man I see things exactly the same as you, all the way up to Michael Deiter being a starting option if we go defense. If you look at things rationally & not just pick guys that you want, which many do, Tillery makes the most sense in that there’s not much forecast with him, you know he can flat rush the passer. He can come in day 1 & consistently pressure the QB. He’s not a guy that relies solely on physical traits, which he also happens to have plenty of. His hand usage is very advanced. His game just translates perfectly for what we need most. I think this defense is close to being special, and the spot next to Casey is the missing piece. I actually think Ed Oliver is their dream, but that ain’t happening. They love him. I also don’t think the team feels the edge spot is nearly the issue the fans & media do. Cam Wake has been excellent for a decade now & really hasn’t slowed down. And Landry looks like he’s going to be a very good one. And they really like Finch. For this year at least, edge is just not a need. In fact, most of the edge players they’re looking at are bigger guys who can kick inside on 3rd down. It’s clear as day that’s the spot they want upgraded.
  4. Super disconnected from this draft, but a 5’8”, 165 lbs WR who couldn’t run or test because he was injured lands at 19? This seems like the type of guy who goes late in the first or early second. Perhaps with a trade down or trade up from the second.
  5. Well, alrighty then. All age-appropriate and errthang. You are welcome.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he did go higher than 19 - if Josh Allen can go top 10, after all.
  7. They probably figured he had a chance to be there in the second lol.
  8. I think it's more telling that the Titans studied and scouted all the quarterbacks during this draft season.
  9. Today
  10. Seems like if he did visit everybody is keeping it close to the vest even Lock.
  11. That's what he was after during his time at the Citadel and the arrogant old fart Maesters wouldn't listen. He knew the key(s) to beating the WW/NK were there, but did he make off with the right books?
  12. Now-now Justy, settle down son. Don't be fuckin' up the narrative. LOL
  13. Multiple meetings with Lock... lets count those. Mizzou proday senior bowl
  14. So in the 3HL Lock interview he says he: Met with the Titans a couple times threw for them Vrabel is KC guy so he knew him Loved the staff Coach O'Hara sat down with him Still remembers the play that O'Hara installed and they talked about it in their next meeting Really enjoyed the staff 🤔
  15. The best-case scenario for the Lakers is to give Butler a 4-year max contract and Boogie a 1 or 2 year deal in the $13M-$15M/season range. Then they might win 45 games and finish in 7th or 8th place so one of the elite teams in the West will have a gentleman's sweep in round 1.
  16. Marquise Brown. Want a difference maker. Need the speed on the outside.
  17. God fucking dammit you motherfucker.
  18. Most coaches will tell you a lack of accuracy is harder to fix than most everything else. Even decision making improves with experience/familiarity and knowledge of next level defenses. Bad accuracy not so much.
  19. Man I still can’t get over that win last night. 4 goals in 4 mins. Sharks actually played pretty well despite being down 3-0. We just couldn’t get our shots to go in early on. We were gassed out in that OT but still were able to pull it out. It was nice not being let down like always.
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