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  2. I never really seriously thought about the idea that we live in a simulation but shit like this really makes me wonder. I mean who the fuck designed this crazy ass Sims game? The thought that anyone would look to Trump as a religious or moral guidepost is both baffling and horrifying.
  3. It’s stupid for him to take that position right now after the entire world has seen taking a knee before games had merit. There was justification to do it. Had a real conversation about the subject started then, maybe we wouldn’t be where we are now. Past that the idiot has to think about how what he says effects teammates. He has to be with them for a whole season. Just stupid.
  4. This is one of those times when white people should be listening, not speaking.
  5. Worse for him, but the USA and it's citizens are better off!
  6. LAS VEGAS, Nev. — U.S. Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich for the District of Nevada, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, Special Agent in Charge Aaron C. Rouse for the FBI, and Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced today that three alleged members of the “Boogaloo” movement — a term used by extremists to signify a coming civil war and/or collapse of society — have been charged with violations of federal and state law for conspiracy to cause destruction during protests in Las Vegas, and possession of an unregistered destructive device (specifically, an improvised incendiary device commonly known as a Molotov cocktail). “Violent instigators have hijacked peaceful protests and demonstrations across the country, including Nevada, exploiting the real and legitimate outrage over Mr. Floyd’s death for their own radical agendas,” said U.S. Attorney Trutanich. “Law enforcement is focused on keeping violence and destruction from interfering with free public expression and threatening lives.” https://www.justice.gov/usao-nv/pr/joint-terrorism-task-force-charges-three-men-who-allegedly-sought-exploit-protests-las The boogaloo bois are a white nationalist group dedicated to creating a second civil war. This arrest probably explains why AG Barr found it necessary to hold a press conference today with no new information but point the finger by name at Antifa. He mentioned other political groups but didn't mention them by name...only Antifa.
  7. I'm up to +39% today after a big win. Started buying XSPA at 0.70 and averaged up until 0.90. I held for several weeks and sold out at $1.90 today then re bought the dip down to $1.52. It's back up to $2.
  8. We're all somewhat hypocritical in some ways. People are imperfect. The whole "clean your room" stuff is a bit contrived but I find a lot of his ideas interesting especially those about archetypes and how religious mythology is at its core an attempt to convey universal truths by people who lacked the secular philosophy to do so. His musings on Freud and Karl Jung are entertaining if you're into psychology at all.
  9. New to the forum. Why cant we create a thread? Is there a certain amount of posts you have to have to be able to create one?
  10. I believe he is entering year 3 of his 3 year extension...
  11. Oh FFS. She was the child of a civil war veteran - that's the point. I'll change the OP for you so you can rest easy about the semantics.
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  13. Lots of people are direct descendants of Civil War veterans. You know what "direct descendant" means, right?
  14. Jordan Peterson’s not a great listen. If he’s in your top 5, you’re a bum. Dudes a fucking hypocrite.
  15. What a dumb shit. As dumb as Trevor Lawrence is, I couldn’t imagine him saying racist shit like this. The best part is Fromm isn’t good and might not get any more chances professionally.
  16. If you’re white and famous your best bet is to stfu and not open your mouth. Look at these idiots. Running their mouth and showing their true colors.
  17. I agree. He makes a few good plays, but I feel like he's not very smart sometimes and it appears he is guessing when he shoots a gap. Seems almost wreckless to me. Obvious PFF does not like his play at all because he gets graded terribly by them.
  18. Yea, Prager and Shapiro have very similar religious views. So what? One makes monologues only based on his religious views and the other goes out of his way to make the secular argument and separates his religious views from his political arguments. I appreciate the political arguments and try not to delve into the religious stuff. Prager can do whatever religious bs he wants... way over there. I avoid Shapiro's religious talks as well, which he makes very easy to do.
  19. Pretty lazy and intentionally dishonest summary view of the interview with Brees that got folks upset. It certainly had a level of tone deafness to it but his response about that was based on a direct question about what his response was if players returned to kneeling during the national anthem in the upcoming season. Here's the actual interview..... https://finance.yahoo.com/video/drew-brees-possible-return-nfl-164917013.html
  20. The entire quote adds some nuance to what he said. I took it that he is pro protest and BLM, but can't agree with that particular variant. He's an absolute moron for taking that stance in the current environment, however. His PR team is gonna be earning their keep the next few months, lol. I read that Kamara and several members of the offense immediately un-followed him on Twitter, lmao. It's obvious he been sipping at that Nyquil.
  21. One of the victims I saw was from big sandy tennesseee they had a titan up decal next to his picture. They still don’t know why this guy paddock did what he did.
  22. This is already turning into some witch hunt. My social media feed is full of screenshots of past posts that, AT BEST, are insensitive...but they have people posting their address and phone numbers for others to harass them. Humans are great at making things that have potential positive impacts and fucking them up by going overboard. The comment is a stupid joke, and that girl is white knighting and being just as ignorant as him.
  23. Is it funny how bills drafted two racist QBS? Allen and now this douchebag
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