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  2. If we had a passing game Henry's game would be even better !!!
  3. Barring an otherworldly performance tomorrow, I think we move to Tannehill in the 10 days between games.
  4. Henry didn’t get any real carries his rookie year and he didn’t have 3 years worth of bad play, it was a few games here and there. Comparing a RB to a QB doesn’t help your cause either. He absolutely will not get the rest of the year if he keeps playing like he has not just last game but the past few years.
  5. You will be saying the same thing next season if he's our QB this year... he's gotta go!!
  6. And after 2.5 yrs, 90% of this board wanted Henry gone. Now he is a must sign. You never know when the game slows down for a player. It would be 1000 times better for the Titans if it comes together this year for MM. Therefore, he will get the year to prove his worth to the coaches, not some message board users.
  7. Lower the kool-aid!!! Lower the kool-aid!!!!!
  8. Biden needs the senate so he can pass entitlement reform and replace RBG with a moderate already 60 year old Supreme Court Justice! 😏
  9. Trying to match the game clock to the play clock it was about a second. Its at 2:53 and doesn’t go to 2:51 before they snap it. I took a few times with the stopwatch on my phone averaging 1.0-1.1 seconds from the moment it hit 0 to the snap.
  10. I didn’t want to pick them as I wanted to fade the public but cowboys remaining schedule doesn’t have many more weeks to use them as a great play. They have already played the giants and redskins 1 time.
  11. The explanation at the time was that they give an extra beat once it hits zero. But that was nearly 2 seconds
  12. Lewan is pretty much the heart of this team. Him and Walker the most vocal and passionate by far. Both of them are huge assets, and the powers that be better keep them happy.
  13. That's a bigger question than where is Hoffa buried.
  14. Today
  15. It is a fact that RT was throwing for 4000 yards a season after his 2nd season and his last two years were his best for QB rating. The bottom line is he might be as good as anyone who is accessible and affordable as a bridge QB.
  16. Biden has always had a great deal of charisma/ charm. His age is muting it. Warren played the angry note too much for quite awhile and comes off much better when she tones it down. Hillary just had too much baggage. Booker comes across hokey more than charismatic. Pete’s got charisma but other limitations. Harris can show some sometimes but it always comes across forced and insincere (very Hillary like tbh) Just not a great pool of candidates where charisma is concerned
  17. Well...most people do so that MM can get replaced ASAP.
  18. Yea because he has an owner that doesn't expect much and is just tickled pink to be an owner.
  19. Saudi Arabia, on 9/11. Yet they are our allies...
  20. She isn’t as charismatic as someone like Booker, but I’d put her charisma well ahead of Biden or Bernie. I'd also, more importantly, put her level of charisma ahead of Hillary's. Separately, she speaks more like a Midwesterner, which I think will benefit her in a campaign. She grew up in Oklahoma and you can hear it sometimes and it won’t come off as inauthentic. That’s the kind of thing that put people more at ease with a guy like Bill Clinton.
  21. Dion is trash.. get his ass out of here.
  23. JRob has absolutely zero pressure on him.
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