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  2. It's like this forum has become a trial balloon for the right wing spin machine. Ignore the current POTUS, but throw in Clinton, AOC, Obama with a dash of grievances and a sprinkle of whataboutism and we have a stew ready for the 2020 reelection run.
  3. Not sure about Mariota, but if you change the thread to Tanniota vs Flacco, I'd vote Terry Bridgwater.
  4. This is basically a terrorist attack. The South Africans have been getting shit on by white people for decades. Many of the whites live in affluent gated areas in plain view of starving children.
  5. Yes. Your opinions and faux outrage on destroying evidence is funny. I call bullshit on your concerns regarding destroying evidence because you don't seem to have any issues with the Trump campaign deleting emails and text messages that prevented the Mueller investigation from reaching a conclusion.
  6. Won't have to worry about this stat for our receivers. Only 1 of them has proven they can separate, and he drops it half the time.
  7. Jesus. This is why the right wing spin machine continues to bring up Clinton. It allows them to dismiss anything and everything Trump does or says. Its pathetic and depressing to watch.
  8. Don't mind the ending. They stayed true to the character GRRM created. It was always going this way. Decent final episode but its obvious they wanted to get to this point more than they wanted to build towards it.
  9. Today
  10. The length of the season will be the ultimate what if for me. It certainly feels like the largest unforced error in television history right now. Especially because HBO and the author wanted more and these guys called their shot by saying no.
  11. Yeah, in the tens of thousands of car accidents per year that result in very little injury, there's always some jackass like this who tells this type of story. Or the person who drove their car into a lake but didn't drown because they weren't wearing a seatbelt. But then 100 other people died because they hit a brick mailbox and got tossed onto the pavement head first through a windshield and died. That person doesn't go around telling their stupid story about "seatbelts are dumb."
  12. It's in the financial interests of insurance companies and basically anyone who drives. When you risk your life that way, you potentially offer liability risks to others. The constitution says the government can regulate the roads anyway they see fit, because it impacts commerce.
  13. 1-2 punch? More like a haymaker-feint.
  14. I wonder if Pats message boards have posts that speculate about a player's psyche and confidence level based on jersey font?
  15. Clinton should have gone to jail and obviously obstructed justice along with other crimes. A 5 year old can see the distinction. If someone is so brainwashed or brain dead they can't see that using a hammer on devices, beachbit washing hardrives and destroying e-mails (at the time were under subpoena) while the AG is working out a plan on a tarmac with her husband isn't as bad as bad can get there is really no hope in arguing with these people. We just need to face the facts here. Oman and others are just beyond hope. I don't know if it is a physiological issue (probably too much inbreeding in Oman's case) or just good old deception. Either way it is evil and proof is in how these people aren't just dumb but they are dumb in lock step.
  16. I just read an article that stated that Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are all alive but.............. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/game-of-thrones-cast-what-they-look-like-off-screen-2013273/37145-2/
  17. Some of this is a stretch, but still pretty good, imo:
  18. Drogon is worth 100 guards. She clearly wanted to be alone in the throne room. It was also obvious she had calmed down a little bit after her fiery speech and didn't view Jon as a threat. I do not have any issue with the way the scene was setup. Greyworm not killing Jon after he commits the deed is worse and the writers knew it as they punked out and didn't show it.
  19. How the hell does Bran get around in Kings Landing? There are way too many stairs for a cripple. First course of action should be getting that place up to ADA standards.
  20. Assassination at the wall, breaking the laws of the NW ~ prisoners after a war is over.
  21. This conversation never had anything to do with that book. And no I'm not reading it because there is and never was and never will be a case for Trump.
  22. This conversation is over until you read Victory Davis Hanson's book, "the case for Trump".
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