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  2. Stop quoting him. You are cluttering the board. Its a total waste of time.
  3. The market is like the honey badger, it just doesn't give a shit! The market says it's been open for business since March! The market says it feeds on fear mongers! What a beauty this biotch is! EATEATEAT!!! BUYBUYBUY!!!
  4. Trump absolutely is a draft dodger. So is Biden. But you should be able to talk about one without bringing up the other as an excuse. it’s hilarious that you always try to deflect back to a dem to make yourself feel better about who you support. BUT HILLARY! Bahhhhhhh BUT OBAMA!!!! Bahhhhhhhh BUT PELOSI bahhhhhhhh BUT BIDEN bahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  5. Riots nationwide and the president is literally locked down in the White House, yet the market can't find a way to fall even half a percent.
  6. Real estate is a normal place to stash wealth. Byard is paying the tax on his investment property.
  7. The asshole called Trump a draft dodger. Like Biden is not one? The idiots cannot even be consistent with their own arguments. To prove how much they love diversity they vote for a senile white guy.
  8. Seems to be Titans day on NFLN, scheduled segments on NFL Now and NFL Total Access discussing the Titans Roster and whether they have done enough this offseason to take the next step.
  9. Says the network that lied for the last 4 years to destroy the sitting president. Real persuasive there.
  10. Noted. Is he just constantly sliming on everyone and everything?
  11. This is how Seattle started contending for SB. You looked at their roster and wondered where did they get all that young talent? You have to draft well to build a perennial contender. The next problem will be keeping players because other teams will start overpaying for Titans.
  12. Since I know how much the media pays attention... I’ll say Casey 😂 edit: OMG I looked it up.... they really are fucking clueless.
  13. Today
  14. Taking this post out of context, it describes about 90% of all internet content.
  15. IMO RT is the biggest question mark simply because early on we either have Kelly or a rookie so down grade from Conklin there. Still, that is off set by Davis not being a rookie some. I'd also say our DL is potentially better even if we don't get Clowney with Beasley and Simmons right out of the gate. Technically we are going to have to figure out the secondary minus Ryan but we have two good outside guys barring injury. We made it to the AFC championship with guys off the street playing CB last year. Now we get Butler back and have a 2nd round pick. And yea, Smith has experience now and we have the horses who can make plays.
  16. I'm not going to link anything to this prick- you are welcome to find them. I find him totally disgusting and a total pussy who says anything on twitter but I doubt this guy has any balls to say it to anyone.
  17. I've never paid any attention to him. I enjoyed him cussing like a drunk sailor. He's also pretty spot on.
  18. Just in general. It's not a real group anymore really, but a name people hijack for their own agendas, or easily can be. That agenda could easily be misinformation.
  19. I know. You hate Trump. But this guy is such a total pussy and ass. I dont see him anywhere but at home posting vile shit. You of all people can find someone better than this douche bag. This asshole deserves to be buttfucked by Michael Moore
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