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  2. Some late night sports talk jock was moaning about this game. Said thank God it's only on NFL network. It's a stinker. I dont know how they decided they were our rivals.
  3. We wont know Tannehill's strengths and weaknesses until he gets in a real game. He appears very smooth in the pocket, makes small adjustments to stay in it with little side steps and keeps both hands on the ball until he's ready to throw. Appears accurate with nice touch when needed. Maybe his faults would be holding the ball too long or trying for small windows. I just can't see how he could be worse than Mariota, even without the running part. Maybe Vrabel is going to give 8 his final shot with Lewan back for a few games. I can't see how that could help him much. I would like to see Tanne for Atlanta.
  4. Douglas has been adequate and has provided a solution to the RG dilemna, at least through two games. Otherwise, we'd have another thing to complain about.
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  6. Still haven't heard what the mystery injury was/is that has put him so far behind.
  7. That’s one of the crazy parts to me. We win the game if MM just makes the check down on those sacks. I said the the other day I want him gone. I’ve said the same since last year. I didn’t even think this was necessarily a prove it year, more an our team is deep and talented and can make a run with even average play. We can’t get that. I thought we could, but that’s not the case. Regardless of our disagreeing he simply doesn’t even physically look like the same player he was in 16, moreover mentally. I don’t care about the argument, in my opinion he looks like entirely different QB from what we saw his first two years. He’s regressed tremendously. Something not really even discussed after the game was the throw to the backup tackle for the TD. Five yard crosser wide open and he puts it behind him...I think something is actually physically wrong with him. Maybe not, but how the hell do you not put that on the money? That’s a high school pass. Same as the last play. That’s a six yard slant. Put it in his chest and hope to get a spike. Damn. This team is ready to make noise in the easiest AFC in a decade and our QB is missing five yard slants.
  8. For some reason, this just makes me remember the Wag The Dog line about flan. "There are 2 things I know to be true. There is no difference between good flan and bad flan. And there is no war." Sadly - for me at least - because I really liked him(Hawaii thing doesn't hurt), MM has kinda turned into flan. It just is what it is. But eventually, even a true blooded patriotic Mexican has to acknowledge flan is just a shit dessert, and move on (to creme brulee, pots de creme, WTF do I know)
  9. This is the real question. After watching him choke away that game with Davis and Henry barking at him to throw the ball I think 7-9 is the best we’ll do with Mariota. If Tannehill can consistently come close to matching the opposing QB then our ceiling is a lot higher than 7-9. The defense is legit and the offense is waiting for a game manager. The only threat to the season with Tannehill is turnovers, but watching that last game it’s simply a risk worth taking. Mariota looked like a combination of Rex Grossman, Jake Locker, and last year Peyton Manning.
  10. Douche move by king douche of this board. Problem is, if you didn't expect this level of douchiness, you aren't paying attention.
  11. All the rotating is what I think really pissed Delanie off. Play your best players
  12. Incoming thesis paper from big as to how you’re feeling (in his opinion) and how you should actually be feeling. All topped off off with an “edited by” moments later.
  13. Well he was seen as a guy who might not be ready to play as a rookie when they drafted him. And that was before he missed all of camp. I don't really expect anything out of him of him this year.
  14. Vrabel has said that Davis isn't ready due to all the time he missed in camp, pretty telling he has been a healthy inactive the first two weeks of the season.
  15. “Due to injury” perhaps. Feel like he’s 3rd on the depth chart for RG with a healthy Pamphile. Which is sad.
  16. For anyone saying they're in the middle ground of this poll... That means you're not done with him. The question for this specifically doesn't fall in some arbitrary middle ground, it's a yes or a no. Yes you're done with him or no you're still holding out hope. End thought process there because the rest is just excessive.
  17. I've only seen reports of him practicing, not even any info on whether it's with the first team or not. Is there any real expectation of him playing meaningful snaps this season?
  18. Honestly, week 2.. no, I'm not done. There's nothing that says he could be the guy anymore, but it won't help to just cut bait so early in a season. Miami has all but locked up Tua, so what are our options? Ride Ryan to a 7-9 season at best? Just keep MM out there, see what we get. If he shits the bed, wash our hands of him in the offseason. I've thought this team was talented enough now, to risk "mortgaging the future" for a QB. And maybe we still could this year. But Miami holds all the cards. Maybe it's best to stop-gap next year, and go all-in the year after. But how many other teams are also thinking that? Idk, Marcus has made some plays that might make you reconsider, but when I watch real QBs, I think that we should strive for more. When Drew drops back, I don't put my head in my hands and think "oh here we go", bc he makes shit happen. Whoever the best guy out in the next couple years that can make shit happen... all in, baby. All fucking in.
  19. So Ramsey goes to Kansas City, calls Andy Reid a fat walrus know the rest. Take a page from New England. Just don’t stand suspiciously naked behind every woman you get in your house and things’ll go a lot smoother.
  20. All sitcoms eventually obtain a dated look. Ever watch an episode of I Love Lucy or Mr Ed? Original Star Trek? Welcome Back Kotter? Taxi? Family Ties? Cheers? Seinfeld? Friends, especially those first 3 or 4 seasons? How I Met Your Mother seems modern because it's recent, but it too will take on that vibe in about 10 years. They're all basically time capsules.
  21. I just wonder what we would have done at QB that year. I guess roll with Mettenberger. I guess we presume we qualify for Goff or Wentz the following year regardless. The 2015 draft at QB was barren after the first two picks. Dalton is good in the regular season, but is 0-5 in the playoffs. More success is more success, but I’ve never felt envious of the Bengals or said to myself, You know, I’d really like to have a QB like Dalton, who was blessed with AJ Green from day 1.
  22. No team is giving up multiple premium picks without having a contract extension in place, its why any trade involving Ramsey might take a while to be done.
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