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  2. So many choices. It is really exciting. Offense : Davis Smith Hump Evans Defense: Jackson Simmons Evans Brown Beasley
  3. Good article. However....the tone of the article makes it very clear that the containment of the virus hinges on social distancing, testing, and safety guidelines. I can only speak for my own area (Chattanooga)....but my personal observations are that the response is very hit-or-miss. I've been in stores where literally every person was wearing a mask and social distancing.....i've also been in stores where I was the only person who showed any consideration whatsoever. Most places are somewhere in between. Nobody is arguing to keep lockdowns in place. Now argument has turned to whether there's a legitimate need for social distancing and PPE. The state governors (both Dem and GOP) appear to be in tune with the medical experts and are asking citizens to follow guidelines. There's really only a single voice of dissent trying to undermine the medical experts and convince everyone that if they'll just ignore the problem, it will eventually go away on its own.
  4. I don't want to make light of what is a seriously fucked up situation, but it kinda, sorta looks like they arrest a black reporter.... and then go back and arrest the white guys so it doesn't look so bad. Like, why even go after the reporter first? he's not the one there making the decisions if they're being arrested for not moving.
  5. We have economic problems in this country I agree that is why Trump was elected. They are not unique to only people with more pigmentation. We have entire towns in this country economically devastated because businesses relocated. Life expectancy has become stagnant. Suicide and drug abuse are up. So what is the libtard answer to these problems? Let's let more foreigners in to take our jobs. That was in that $3T "heroes" bill. Unreal while we are being devastated from this shit virus let's have more foreigners undercutting jobs from Americans. According to the libtards white Americans are living large on the backs of the rest of the world. Really? You think that? Those people that go to Trump rallies are all millionaires?
  6. I do agree, we've historically done a good job with halftime adjustments. The question I always asked myself is why did we have to pivot so much in the 2nd half? Why couldn't we do a better job in coming up with initial game plans that slowed offenses down in the 1st half? I have no idea what the loss of Pees will do to the defense. It is a concern of mine that Vrabel will be even more distracted with his in game decisions. I am willing to give the staff the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Free shit for everybody! An expansion of programs and ideas that have been proven to not work. Throwing money at schools has simply not worked! With gas at $1.69 a gallon we need no idiot climate agenda. How is Biden going to keep our manufacturing base with a $15 minimum wage? Why not $115 an hour! Remember for the idiots free health care is not just for Americans. It is for foreigners as well.
  8. We need Nate Davis to take a big step forward this year if we want to any success since he'll be playing beside Kelly/Wilson. Defensive I'll go Kamalei Correa he's been improving each year he's been here and really turned it on the second half of the season.
  9. https://www.city-journal.org/florida-evidence-based-reopening-working Bill Lee gets a shout out. DeSantis handling this much better than Cuomo, Whitmer, et al.
  10. Huge sections? I agree there are frustrated people out there but all you idiots see is race. Half of those who feel economically marginalized are white! They voted for Trump! You idiots want our manufacturing base to go abroad to China. You want half of Mexico and Central america living here with free health care and food stamps. Did it occur to you that might not be pragmatic? Cops act in a unprofessional and criminal way you deal with them. Nobody has defended them but for some reason that one incident is justification to trash an entire city. Nobody owes these idiots anything.
  11. They should take this to the bedroom and have make up sex.
  12. Today
  13. Freaking unreal. The crowd is long gone. The CNN crew is being completely peaceful and compliant, trying to follow police instructions and asking an officer to tell them where they should go....and instead of giving them instructions, the cops handcuff them and place the entire crew under arrest. The entire incident happens in real time while the crew is on the air broadcasting. What an absolutely horrible look for the Minnesota State Police. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/george-floyd-protest-updates-05-28-20/h_4ed08403663fa4ed3518221d0f2a1552
  14. a cnn crew was just arrested on the scene in Minneapolis. This is now a full blown police state...
  15. Let's get a poll going. Who is the bitch, merc or ilf? We all know how it will go.
  16. Twitter escalates. This gon be good.
  17. Same questions for him as for Bernie. A, how much of this can he actually get passed. B, what's the realistic plan to actually pay for this that won't cripple us as we come out of an economic recession.
  18. Warren is the obvious choice but I'm rooting for Demmings.
  19. https://www.vox.com/2020/5/26/21257648/joe-biden-climate-economy-tax-plans Not a joke, folks: He’s running on a transformative policy agenda. A big minimum wage increase Biden’s commitment to raising the federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 to $15 an hour is one of the least talked-about plans at stake in the 2020 election. Free college for most Biden supports the College for All Act, which Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced in 2017. The act would provide matching grants to states that want to eliminate tuition at public colleges and universities for any student coming from a household with less than $125,000 in income. Enhancing the Affordable Care Act Public option Dramatic transformation of federal housing policy A huge financial boost to schools with low-income students K-12 education hasn’t been on the political radar that much over the past few years, but Biden is running on a pledge to triple the money the federal government sends to low-income schools and districts from about $16 billion per year to about $48 billion. A labor-friendly climate agenda Major commitments on union organizing Biden has a big Plan A to support organized labor
  20. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20200528/01321044592/two-things-to-understand-about-trumps-executive-order-social-media-1-distraction-2-legally-meaningless.shtml The Two Things To Understand About Trump's Executive Order On Social Media: (1) It's A Distraction (2) It's Legally Meaningless To be clear: the executive order is nonsense. You can't overrule the law by executive order, nor can you ignore the Constitution. This executive order attempts to do both. It's also blatantly anti-free speech, anti-private property, pro-big government -- which is only mildly amusing, given that Trump and his sycophantic followers like to insist they're the opposite of all of those things. But also, because the executive order only has limited power, there's a lot of huffing and puffing in there for very little actual things that the administration can do. It's very much written in a way to make Trump's fans think he's done something to attack social media companies, but the deeper you dig, the more nothingness you find.
  21. It wasn't just that Klobuchar declined to prosecute the one officer in question. She had over two dozen cases of officer misconduct referred to her office. In each case she referred the case to the grand jury rather than make the decision herself. That allowed the decision to be made behind closed doors with no transparency and no accountability on her part. That is what black activists are complaining about and why she got less than 1% of the black vote in South Carolina. They know what time it is.
  22. Unless this is your way of saying your a 7foot black man looking for man pussy you picked the wrong gif.

    Virus in US

    The virus looks to be super contagious but not as lethal to non elderly healthy people. Yea some younger people have died but it's a very small %.
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