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  2. Josh Allen looks like a poor man's Cam Newton
  3. Josh Allen will likely never be a reliable passer in the NFL. Even if the Bills keep him relatively clean I doubt you'll ever see him become a surgical QB that wins straight from the pocket and IMO if you don't have that upside, you aren't worth drafting high. You keep Rosen clean and he'll pick teams apart, book it. I remember the dropped passes argument being made for Allen last season he had a career comp % of 56.2 in college (similar to Lock) and then proceeded to follow that up with a rookie year comp % of 52.8%. Accuracy rarely gets better and inaccurate passers in college tend to stay that way or get worse in the NFL. Now I'll be totally fair and point out that the Bills receiving corps raked 8th in dropped passes last season but the Cardinals were worse AND even when adjusting for that (PFF) Allen still ranked dead last in the league. Here's an excerpt from a Bills SBnation article: Allen’s critics often cite inaccuracy as a potentially insurmountable problem. His completion percentage of 52.8% only helps that argument. One area PFF examines is adjusted completion rate, which accounts for things like dropped passes, throwaways, and spiked balls. With these considerations, Allen’s adjusted completion percentage climbs to 64.7%, which is a big jump. Unfortunately, when looking at every quarterback with this lens, Allen is dead last in the league. The NFL average was 75.3%. Choosing Allen as an example was a bad move. Fortunately, I'm fair and think Lock is a better prospect than him.
  4. Except the death penalty is borne of the desire to remove an extreme offender from society to prevent any chance of them repeating their crime. It stems from the belief that the offender is irredeemable, and that their crime is/was heinous enough to broaden the belief they will kill again. Malice is not part of it, there is no spite involved. The definition being: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/malice The object of the DP is not to cause harm or inflict injury/distress, but simply one of removing from the offender from civil society permanently.
  5. Can you sever an artery with a pineapple thorn? Asking for a friend.
  6. Well so far they've all been backups. What would you expect?
  7. The joycons make it a frustrating couch coop thing but it more than sufficient, especially if you have a pro controller as long as the game allows it
  8. Ok, then explain Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, some guy named Brady....to a lesser extent Derek Carr and Jimmy G getting picked after Bortles, Teddy, and Manziel. Mahomes getting to #10. No way he'd go that low now The league gets it wrong plenty of times. Not that Lock will be one of those guys, but its happened before.
  9. Basically Ryan Fitzmagic without the intelligence. No thanks. Yall are getting silly even suggesting it. I get why shitty beat writers would post it, but I expect better from posters on the #1 Message Board.
  10. That OT was sooooo lopsided, I can’t believe that the caps still got the better opportunities in it though but to answer your how I had no horse in the race, an ex of mine is a huge Caps fan so I was ecstatic knowing she’s upset about hockey haha
  11. Who doesn't know better than Ruston? Someone could throw darts at a draft board and do as well as he did.
  12. I guess you morons don't get it. We have heinous crimes being committed each day was my point and you don't care about those. And yes, build the damn wall so we can reduce the murder, rape and drugs coming into the country not to mention the human trafficking. Oh, is it horrible if someone thinks Houston is just over the hill when they get to the border and they die trying to walk 100s of miles to get there? Ranchers are finding dead bodies all the time. Not a good way to go either.
  13. Still hilarious that these morons knew better than Ruston Webster.
  14. After tonight, we could have a new Titan Death Pool member.
  15. Good. He's an idiot. Now I'm rooting for it. What happens if they trade up to get him? What if they trade down and pick Lock?
  16. I went to the game... The Canes were the better team for a majority of the series and deserved to win.
  17. https://www.wkrn.com/sports/nfl/nfl-draft/nfl-draft-drew-lock_20190425041853/1951971986 Looks like he's at home.
  18. And why take one that needs so much development in the later rounds just to be a backup when you can get one with first roind talent and be a starter.
  19. Robinson said they planned on drafting a developmental QB, Lock would qualify
  20. Thank goodness we finally executed the last real white supremacist left in America. This will be a huge sigh of relief for the victims, namely President Trump and @Rolltide, who sometimes have to listen to depressing stories about shit like this.
  21. I was hoping just to play with people at my house instead of online.
  22. It’s terrible multi-player if you like gaming just to catch up with people and chat but it’s probably the best system I’ve ever played... Nintendo IPs are still king and the “gimmick” behind the system is flawless
  23. If the Saints move up to draft a QB it will be praised but if we draft one itll be shit on, I dont get it. Its obvious Mariota wont be here next year so why not do what playoff teams do
  24. Just...don’t. i don’t think that word has the meaning it used to... trumping thight coverage now equates to freaking the fuck out and crying openly on twitter about how mean people are to you.
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