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  2. When you said "he hasn't said a word about it" I thought you meant the overall situation. He hasn't addressed the violence. Sorry. I misunderstood.
  3. Right - I didn't hear him address the violent rioting but maybe I missed it.
  4. I actually feel the same way about the FO and their planning. So I won’t judge. It just seems like it could be a much much bigger deal than it’s made out to be.
  5. In the meantime, the stitching on the Trump family flag came undone last night and one of the strips slipped:
  6. That’s not what he said though. He said the best ILB tandem since your boys played together in 2013. If you say only 34 ILB you take away over half the nfl and some of the best LBs in the league. If he said best 34 ILB in the league right now then I would say there is a strong argument for them.
  7. Oh, well most of it is unlikely to pass at all, so the provisions to pay for them wouldn't pass either obviously. All of his policy proposals are fully paid for and carefully crafted using the PAYGO concept.
  8. I said realistic plan that will ACTUALLY pay for it. Not a pipe dream that will never pass and would likely never make up for the increased spending even if it did.
  9. Yeah Idk, apparently only 34 of them were made available last night. I agree That doesn’t do much to help things.
  10. It's a huge political liability for him to seem weak on this or get outflanked by Trump and to allow Trump to seize the leadership mantle on this - a lot of people that vote do not want to see police stations burning and cities being destroyed unopposed. I agree he needs to be very careful, but I'm not sure silence is the right answer.
  11. Actually he doesn't need to say shit. He should continue to let the families of Taylor in KY and Floyd in MN call for a stop to violence. If Biden does it its going to piss off a lot African Americans who while disagreeing with rioting and violence, understand the human condition when a people feel opressed.
  12. Was that pro bowl season a breakout year or a fluke? 2016 was awhile ago and people wrote him off. He’s on a one year prove it deal for a reason.
  13. They were around Minneapolis, but they were not in the riot zones, the zones were completely uncontrolled.
  14. Don'y worry. Half that shit has no chance to pass a Democratic held congress. The Moderates won't allow it. Hell I suspect Biden knows this and is just pandering to the crunchies.
  15. At least she is calling for the vandalism to stop - Biden hasn't said a word about it. He is delivering remarks later today, and they better involve calling for an end to violent rioting.
  16. I think people see her and Harris as presiding over a corrupt system and basically doing nothing to change it.
  17. They were there last night too but the fire chief said they only had access to 34 national guardsmen. I agree they were slow to react. I don’t think anyone expected things to get out of hand so fast though. Floyd was killed Monday and Tuesday night shit hit the fan.
  18. Or the possibility that the police officers didn't break the law or any statutes (so maybe some of those need to change?).
  19. All of his plans are paid for - he doesn't release any plans without having a plan to pay for them. This includes new taxes like eliminating the FICA income cap, raising taxes on the wealthy, raising the capital gains tax rate on the wealthy and raising the corporate income tax rate.
  20. ManningEnvy

    Virus in US

    Hoddammit Mercalius, haven’t I told you about fucking with my tard bitch? I need him to get some sleep so he won’t be dizzy when I want him to bend over. You’re not equipped to deal with a retard who has access to the internet.
  21. This is a hit job. Prosecutors use Grand Juries to indict for lots of good reasons. Mainly it give them a trial run before taking a high profile case to trial. The use of Grand Juries isn't the problem. Its who sits them and the fact they routinely allow police to get a pass for criminal behavior. I would agree with the criticism leveled here if she didn't empanel grandy juries and decided not to prosecute. the fact 24 Grand Juries didn't indict is a sign the issue lies with the Grand Juries, not Klobuchar.
  22. I feel like - at least with this FO - there is already a plan in place, and if they weren't confident in it, they wouldn't be implementing what they are. They had to know Pees would be retiring, so I'm sure they made a backup plan. I'm willing to give them the benefit until it's proven otherwise. The FO has earned that.
  23. I think he can out coach bill 1v1 because he knows his tendencies so well and is extra motivated to beat him. .. but that doesn’t mean he’s smarter than him on the whole yet. He definitely hasn’t proven he can call the Defense to the same level yet or take on the extra load. I have faith he could do that one day.. just seems early to hand him the reins unless we have a solid backup plan and it’s been discussed with all parties already.
  24. Where were they last night? Incredibly weak showing by Minnesota officials including the Democratic mayor just standing down and allowing this destruction to happen. I guess they wanted to avoid violence and lock things down today, but you do not just allow violent mobs to rule amuck - we do not have mob rule in this country.
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