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  2. Even the Russians are trying to calm the situation down.... Russia urges the U.S. to ‘observe democratic standards’ and respect Americans’ right to protest https://www.marketwatch.com/story/russia-urges-the-us-to-observe-democratic-standards-and-respect-americans-right-to-protest-2020-06-04
  3. Not really about Trump as much as his pick in lawyers: lol
  4. If you aren't caught up, Drew Brees, when asked about the protests changed the subject to the flag. Brees thinks the protests are against the military. SOMEHOW. CTE maybe? Brees's teammates aren't happy with him. If you want to read more, click on this tweet and read the thread of 23 posts (one likens Brees to "kneeling on the necks" of his teammates to prevent them from speaking out with this faux-patriotic threats):
  5. You need to stop. You are making sense. It is frowned upon here. The only problem is when a protest turns violent, its over. The police cannot be expected to figure out who is doing what. That is the real tragedy here. This George Floyd murder should be about police reform in Minnesota and throughout the nation. It should be about the eight figure settlement the city and state should have to pay to his family. Now its about violent mobs roaming the streets murdering, looting, and burning while the mayors and governors of the states/towns fail to execute their oath to keep the people and property safe. Now good law abiding people correctly turn their energy inward as they get ready to defend their family and property against these emboldened destroyers. The democrats have attempted to turn this murder into an anti-Trump movement because Biden is such a weak choice. The despicable nature of that attempt disgusts me. This far left movement of anarchists, communists, and criminals needs to be ended. This is the left's job as they have propped up these anti-American movements for decades. The urban centers of the country will not survive this Jim Jones like cocktail of poverty, lack of good education/public schools, and high crime. That statement cuts deeply especially being a former educator. Again, RIP George Floyd who is becoming the forgotten man...
  6. Yikes. 1) Don't say racist shit 2) Be more selective about who you casually text with
  7. The distinction I made was descendant vs. direct descendant.
  8. Oops. Guess he's not laughing at the joke now. I thought young people were more adept at knowing how text/social media works.
  9. He was obviously making a joke.....but, I really don't give a shit if they cut him or not. I hear State Farm's hiring.
  10. This is the least of his problems. The bigger issue is that he sucks.
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  12. Everyone see the new fence being built around the White House? He finally got his wall - too bad it was built to keep his citizens out.
  13. I was not making the article up: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/03/donald-trump-church-photo-op-evangelicals The Horbowys had gathered in Tallahassee, Florida, to watch live as Trump walked from the White House to St John’s. “My mother just shouted out, ‘God give him strength! He’s doing a Jericho walk!’” A Jericho walk, in some evangelical circles, refers to the biblical book of Joshua, where God commanded the Israelites to walk seven times around the opposing city of Jericho, whose walls then came crashing down. Horbowy already supported Trump politically – he heads the local chapter of a pro- Trump motorcycle club and is campaigning for a seat in Florida’s state senate – but when Trump lifted the Bible, Horbowy and his family felt overcome spiritually. “My mother started crying. She comes from Pentecostal background, and she started speaking in tongues. I haven’t heard her speak in tongues in years,” he said. “I thought, look at my president! He’s establishing the Lord’s kingdom in the world.”
  14. Shapiro is the type that frustrates me because I don't disagree with him on every point - and he make many valid ones along the way, but he consistently seems to have too much of an agenda to both be right while making others wrong in the name of monetizing a political bent. And again tends to call out others for what he himself has so often done (mini-example: stop calling Trump/repubs Nazi/fascists; has often called Obama/Dems Nazi/fascists). He listens for rebuttal only, like the annoying kid on the Jr High debate team who was trying to get back for the times he got picked last at kick ball. Just not much patience for people like that at this point in my life. Though if I were about 20 and approaching things from not only the right but an aggressive, combative, reactionary right sided stance I would probably find him to be my guy. Hitchens was on a different level altogether than the lot running around these days although they might count him as inspiration. Shapiro has often misrepresented his "facts" to win in the eyes of his audience: doctored videos, out of context quotes, false indignation. He's a bit of an ends justify the means kinda person. Peterson as much as I love parts of him - mainly the one sec calm but just underneath the overtly emotional ready to break down in tears, really really CARES guy - gets caught up in a bit of circular reasoning at times that he grounds in a shaky underpinning of mythological/biblical foundations. The fact he has tied himself to that mast tends to obscure a broader vision, creating blind spots in his arguments that seemed to expand as his fame, finance and ego rose. Which is a shame to me because I think he is a great guy at heart with a fascinating way of processing information. I still encourage many to give him a fair listen (like say adult women/moms, especially with sons) while at the same time pointing out that most of his active core audience would not be their cup of tea in the slightest.
  15. I disagree. This is going exactly how trump wants. He wants civil unrest because thats what Putin told him to want.. He has the cops and (suprisingly) the military on his side becuase these people aren't taught to think critically and to obey the chain of command. Sure.. 55% of the country hates him. 10% dont like him... but it doesnt matter. He has the ability to do what he wants whether he wins the election or not. It's exactly what he wants... to cause a war in our streets, to ostracize our allies, to lower the world economy so that those with fucktons of cash can profit on everyones losses.. and to have the gun power to stop a revolt.
  16. There are not "lots of people" alive who are children of Civil War veterans. There are lots of descendants yes, but not children. And who said she was a widow? You must have an issue with comprehension.
  17. no way in hell is Butler a top 12 corner. On a good secondary he's CB3
  18. Lewandowski a scholar, Idiocracy full steam ahead.
  19. Our weak link in the secondary is Vaccaro. He can’t cover and sometimes he looks like he is running in mud but he is great in run support and blitzing and is good to cover someone for a few seconds but after that his speed won’t allow him to recover when a QB breaks the pocket or we don’t generate rush. I think we see a shift from Vaccaro to Hooker at SS this year.
  20. There are lots of people descended from Civil War veterans . . . And she wasnt a widow.
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