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  2. Hey Touched The Tard, did you get the beer foam washed off your head before you went to bed last night? Oh wait....... NEVER BACK DOWN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Worst Republican in Congress for sure. Now do Louie Gohmert.
  4. A democrat congress would not try and limit Biden's power and he would never sign a bill into law that limits his own power he is power obsessed.
  5. There is way more black violence. Why is that not a problem? Or are you really so dense you don't see that? As in we have thousands of blacks murdering blacks every year. Perfectly balanced report that bashes both sides but pay special attention to who the violent people are: Like the black guy beating the shit out of an innocent woman trying to defend her business. What we have here is pure hatred and racism directed on people of white skin color. I'm going to smash your face, your car windows, destroy your business because you are white. Imagine if this were a bunch of white thugs doing this to black people. You are an idiot and dense as hell.
  6. If that’s what it takes to remove President Shit Stain from office then I’d be all for it...
  7. Sleepy senile Joe with both houses in congress? What kind of fantasy land are you people in? Why no concerns about excessive presidential power when Hussein was president?
  8. It all but guarantees a Republican will keep the seat, but I’m glad that asshole is gone regardless
  9. How long before the libtards start calling Feenstra a conservative christian a RACIST!!!!! Is Feenstra a Joe Biden republican?
  10. This is just another example of Trump's brand of leadership and management style. Instead of asking the state governors "What can I do to help? What do you need? "....he berates them and calls them weak. Great leadership, there. Instead of encouraging discussion to find a solution that addresses the root source of the unrest, he encourages a heavy-handed authoritarian response, telling states to forcibly detain and shut down protestors by whatever means necessary. Because that type of response always ends well. The bottom line: once again, Trump sees this as a "you" problem....not an "us" problem. YOU need to fix it.....he refuses to accept any role or responsibility whatsoever. But you can be damn sure that when the immediate threat has passed, he'll be first in line to take credit and tell us what an incredible job he did fixing the problem.
  11. You are so butt hurt over being wrong about that. Now get back to your Hamas meeting. Lots of Jews for you to hate out there.
  12. Even the Whitehouse is saying it was orchestrated. Trump hatched the plan, Barr gave the order to move the protesters back. The park police should have just kept its mouth shut. No one is blaming them for what happened.
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  14. If only you were this skeptical about the park police statement. The fact you can't see your hypocrisy is the entire point.
  15. Where radical militant extremists are concerned, I see little point in identifying them as far-left or far-right.....both sides are firmly and violently anti-establishment. Their ideologies aren't about fixing a broken system or finding a better way....they want to blow up everything and let the chips fall where they may.
  16. 33% of the 1,000 people polled. How was the question framed? Do people understand that mayors and governors are the ones that control/allow the protesters and rioters and looters? Were the people polled in a majority of the cities that are being vandalized? What do they disapprove of in Trump's handling?
  17. The biggest difference between that Jaguars team and the Titans is the Titans have been decent for a while. 9-7 for 4 straight years. While the Jaguars came out of nowhere after 6 consecutive losing seasons, all of which were 5-11 or worse.
  18. My point has been that there's too much White violence. I'm familiar with the skin head vs punk divide and it doesn't matter. It's still White violence. What does matter is this attempt to make it a vague "leftist" problem, which then is a prelude for a partisan witch-hunt of continuing violence.
  19. White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/02/tech/antifa-fake-twitter-account/index.html
  20. Only 33% of the population support Trump's handling of the protests. Americans know what they saw with their own eyes and no amount of spin changes it. It's not just a few posters.
  21. Stay tuned as Durham finishes his investigation and comes out with indictments. And by the way the IG already exposed the FISA abuse and we know for a fact the Steele dossier was a fabricated pile of shit/dirt paid for by Dems and Hillary. Your example makes my point. Peaceful protestors being disrupted by violence and destruction.
  22. It's the same 15 posters who hate Trump so bad, it is sad. The complain about hate in this world but their hate shines through everyday. I actually watch MSNBC for as long as I can take it every day, but EVERY story starts or ends in Trump bashing. It's the channel of hatred.
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