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  2. Well I definitely agree with you about him possibly being a target next year, to replace Wake. But as for this year I actually think the board is underestimating Wake & was kind of surprised that everybody almost seemed disappointed in the signing. I understand some trepidation about his age but he was just as dominant the last 2 years as he ever was. He's 37 but he's similar to how James Harrison was, a monster in the gym & literally never cheats on his diet. To me he's almost a perfect signing. I love older players in FA because you oftentimes can get 1 or 2 more dominant years out of an old guy at a cut rate salary, as opposed to being saddled with massive, multi year deals for guys like Preston & Zadarius Smith, who are young but were never half the player Wake was. As for Ramsey you're probably right but I'm just going by some of the rumors about Jax tiring of him.. ...
  3. 3 snaps and Watson has been hit twice already, that Texans OL is going to get him killed.
  4. Taywan Taylor for Clowney would be mint
  5. Texans RB Lamar Miller just went down with some kind of knee injury on his first carry against the Cowboys in PSG3.
  6. There are only so many ways to call someone stupid when they're being stupid. It's like you think people are just being mean or insulting to hurt your feelings. No... you're really just being an idiot in this thread.
  7. I believe last year LaFleur tried so hard to be smart that he was outthinking himself results be damned. I expect Smith with his personality to go with what’s working and keep going.
  8. HAHAHAHA Please continue with your delusions.
  9. My vocabulary is far from limited. You just aren't worth the effort. You say the dumbest things. Your prepubescent logic is on full display for all to see. It is why you are simple Jake. Trump loves stupid people and stupid people love him back. It's why you defend him to the bitter end.
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  11. Gabbert is the backup and he hurt his shoulder. Might be dislocated. His luck continues.
  12. You proved my point for me and dont even know it. Why did you attempt to get it free (again) if $40 a month is nothing for you? It proves that if someone can get the same product for free, they will. Regardless of how deep their pockets are. Thanks.
  13. Until he’s out - then they never liked him and never voted for him
  14. I would say terrible quality is a great reason to not want to pay for the service. If your internet cut out every other hour would you keep on truckin with your provider or look for alternatives? DirecTv having a monopoly on Sunday Ticket and not being able to pay for just the games you want is a joke. Id rather they just get their own network but it would take a decade to get it running, perfected and everyone on board. Not to mention the big contracts they are out with the normal networks.
  15. I agree with this. Many just refused to see it.
  16. Yeah they can definitely hop of their high horse. When Hillary Clinton dies they’ll throw a week long circle jerk celebration. I can imagine the jokes now. “For Hilary’s final act she put a hint out on herself LOLZER HIGH FIVE!”
  17. Sunday ticket isn't really targeted toward local fans like you.
  18. I also think throwing on first down will be good for short gains to the RB and our new slot receiver. Short, easy passes are great on first down and give you a manageable down and distance and keep the defense guessing.
  19. Sure, and then you can quote their brethren on people like Soros or RBG...
  20. I would kind of enjoy his followers get behind him on this. It would make the destruction of the GOP complete
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