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  2. Longtimefan: show me proof the intelligence agencies aren't lying about Russia. Longtimefan: show me proof the FBI isn't lying about Flynn Longtimefan: show me proof Vinman isn't lying and that Trump asked for Biden to be investigated Also Longtimefan: the park police issued a statement protesters got violent in front of the Whitehouse, I'm good!
  3. I assume JRob is not the type to go begging for any player and the players desire to be part of the team weighs into if we want him here. So putting a reasonable offer on the table and leaving it at that makes the most sense. Again, we basically released Casey and immediately used the free CAP space to sign Beasley.
  4. Militant left wing organization that is a real threat. I don't know how many cops, former cops or whatever are in this group and does that really matter? Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring this is pretty damn stupid. Their preference for change is violence and property damage. The vast majority of people don't care if these are skin heads, fascists or whatever. They are violent and dangerous. Oh, they are anti Trump.
  5. Looks like it will be late July at the earliest before Clowney is allowed to take a visit to a teams facility.
  6. Didnt use tear gas and more than water bottles were thrown. Do peaceful protestors throw objects at police?
  7. Remember what happens to some of y'alls favorite gang
  8. Well actually almost 100% of the people in this country, Dems, Pubs, any race, religion condemn what the cops did. So right off the bat this asinine perspective anyone thinks this is acceptable behavior and feel the same way this cop did is bogus. No reason to even take that moronic stance. Police brutality is an issue for a small % of cops that are either not trained properly or have other issues. This is not the first time nor will it be the last but I'd like to hear some solutions rather than a pile of bitching and hate going the other direction. We all know no matter what Trump does he will be slammed. Now in these riots people have been killed, people's businesses have been destroyed and these rioters have an agenda that goes way beyond George Floyd. Anyone supporting these rioters is no better than that cop and they should be a target for scorn. But the worst problem is directing hate toward entire groups of people be it Trumpers, white people, white cops or whoever. That is the epitome of ignorance. People breaking the law should be held to account no matter what their skin color or political leanings are. That is why justice is blind. Those black guys beating the hell out of a little woman trying to save her jewelry store should be condemned no matter what and if you are too damn stupid to under stand.
  9. A bit of Titans love on GMFB today there was a discussion about who is more likely to make it to the Super Bowl Tannehill/Titans or Brady/Bucs and the majority view was the Titans were more likely to reach the Super Bowl. Was also refreshing to see members of the national media look past the ridiculous narrative that the Titans are going to see a massive regression like the 2018 Jags after they made the AFCCG the previous season.
  10. So Joe has had 40 yrs to supposedly change that. And yet it is what it is today. Just shoot them in the leg!
  11. Guess who posted this word salad: Antifa exists they are white kids who where black and hide their faces Watch out they are bad!
  12. This will be just like the voter fraud routine. ANTIFA IS A TERRORIST ORG ANTIFA is a fake org filled with cops ... ... ... (Silence) ... ... ...
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  14. Ipsos/Reuters poll: Approve of Trump's handling of protests 33% Disapprove: 56% https://www.ipsos.com/en-us/news-polls/reuters-ipsos-civil-unrest-george-floyd-2020-06-02
  15. Fine but everybody knows Antifa exists they are white kids who where black and hide their faces. We have known acts of violence. It is not like Donald Trump made them up.
  16. King was a disgusting person. Glad to see Republicans clean up some of their own. He had largely been rendered obsolete as it was but a strong message in my opinion and a good one from Republican voters. Long overdue.
  17. I would love the libtard to explain why he used the NFL a meritocracy as an example of "equality". The nfl is not equal in any way. It lacks diversity, it lacks quotas and affirmative action and only a tiny number of people can earn a living from the nfl. American society should be a meritocracy like the nfl but libtards call a meritocracy racist. The nfl is not equal.
  18. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/02/voters-historic-june-primary-despite-coronavirus-civil-unrest-297350
  19. If only we could go back to the podcast days where he admitted he was an incel who was taken pity upon.
  20. Anyone see the white guy with the skateboard in front of CNN? He was leading the charge in a city of blacks. Only a dum dum wouldn’t understand the psychology and political structure as a circle. The fringes of both sides end up aligned with their disregard for any type of order. Of course you guys should continue on giving shade while casting it.
  21. Of course it’s a structured group. It’s a bunch of entitled white people walking around causing destruction acting like they stand against the government.
  22. They didn’t. The excuse is water bottles were thrown at the officers. They’ve actually went as far to say they did this without knowledge of Trump about to walk the streets with a bible in his daughter’s purse. It’s absurd.
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