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  2. I can’t really wrap my mind around it even 3 years later. Watching Merc, someone I’ve always respected, go this route is puzzling to me. He’s always been a good guy around here. Yet now there doesn’t really seem to be much of a discussion happening. Nobody is right if everybody’s wrong type thing going on here. I understand the frustration with the Democrats. It doesn’t really matter in the end though except to call out both sides on their bullshit. The left has moved way too far into identity politics, and it’s essentially been a reaction to Trump instead of an organic movement. At least that’s how it feels when viewing the landscape from a macro scale. It doesn’t mean some of the causes aren’t justified, just that extreme swings as a reaction are not usually taken very well by an audience that is still fairly conservative by nature. Poor people in this country still do pretty well for themselves relatively, and we as a nation are still predominately a Christian nation, which breeds a conservative stance. With that said, it’s simply impossible to honestly defend the president’s actions and words at this point. He’s cheated on 3 wives and openly admitted to assaulting women. He’s cow towed to dictators and taken the side of Putin over all of our intelligence agencies. He’s defied congressional subpoenas at every step. He’s consistently off point in his speeches and has uttered things no logical person can reason with. He’s continually demeaned minorities since before his inauguration and continued throughout his presidency. He’s even demeaned a physically handicapped man. He’s consistently thrown tirades at the fourth estate and called one of our foundational pieces, a free press, the enemy of the people. He is the antithesis of a moral person. And now he has even backtracked from his denouncing of the chant at his rally, which is wholly unbecoming in so many ways. His immigration policy is black and white and has led to thousands of children being displaced from their families. Hell, he’s running an 18% deficit in a booming economy, which is unheard of. It would seem he’s hit every angle of why people should be disgusted with him as a person, even if they agree with some or even most of his policies. It would be much easier to understand if these people were outright about the fact they don’t like the man but support his policies (which I still wouldn’t exactly understand, but it could at least bring us to the table of discussion). Evangelicals somehow cheered when he said goddamn twice in one speech without cause. They shouted obscenities and chanted to send a citizen back to her country simply because she differed politically, which is a slippery slope. Fiscal conservatives who railed against Obama for deficit spending during the largest recession since the Great Depression won’t utter a word while he’s running massive deficits without any wars and during a bull market. Those who rail against the left for a PC culture that doesn’t allow people to speak their minds openly now support someone who tells them someone with a different point of view hates our country. It’s logically inconsistent at every level when you look at the fervor this man has brought to our entire realpolitik. I’m not sure what the answer is at this point, because both sides are entrenched for the long haul.
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  4. When you defend the indefensible, you're going to get push back. Some of us are just fed up with watching every shred of integrity being shed away from the presidency of the United States bit by bit. It's way past policy or ideology.
  5. Comparing their performances after leaving N'ville says otherwise. The crop of WRs Mariota has been throwing to for the last two years is either gone or just now coming into their own, and it's almost guaranteed another one of them loses their job before the season starts. JRob won't keep 7 WRs active. Out of Batson, Jennings, Sharpe and Taylor, one of them will be gone. We'll see if whomever it is can land a starting spot elsewhere, or if they go the way of Wright and Hunter or DGB and end up out of the league altogether.
  6. I didn't say anything about production with Mariota. My point is they are better than what Jake and VY had. That's all. When VY was here, people complained about the talent level of his targets, it fell on deaf ears. Deaf ears don't improve with age.
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/berkeley-bans-gendered-words-manhole-195405363.html The City Council in Berkeley, Calif., voted this week to ban gender-specific words in the liberal city’s municipal code, clearing the way for the changes to become official. As a result of the vote on the proposed ordinance, the word “manhole” would be changed to “maintenance hole” in city documents, the news site Berkeleyside reported. “Human effort” would be substituted for the word “manpower,” and “sorority” or “fraternity” would be changed to “collegiate Greek system residence.” When introduced, the authors of the new ordinance wrote that they were putting the measure forth so as to “promote equality.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boo rah, libtards. You go girl it !!!
  8. Glance at a map and compare the coastlines above the 49th parallel.
  9. Considering he caught more than 70% of his passes where as all our WRs caught far fewer would say that he is a huge improvement at least in terms of reliability.
  10. The Titans offense and team would be more successful if we did run like the Seahawks. Mariotas best chance of staying on the field and being productive is if we can successfully run the ball. If Henry and the OL are on their game early in the season, then I expect a rather successful season. I think the first 4 games will tell us what we need to know.
  11. I played it a few days. Lost every game but then started Tannehill and won 13 in a row.
  12. Yeah this looks baller. It sucks the writing for the Superman movies was so crippling bad because I agree he was good in that role. I haven't read the books, but I have played the video games and they are fucking awesome.
  13. You know how Clinton balanced the budget? By having his budget people realistically forecast expenditure and even padding it on the high side; and by having them very conservatively project revenues and GDP growth. Nobody else has done it since; and GWB destroyed the excellent fiscal gift that was handed him by insisting on a tax cut while fighting a two front war. Trumps projections and budgeting are being done with ridiculous growth assumptions; that's why he's constantly railing on the Fed during a relatively booming economy so that he has a scapegoat for his deficits.
  14. Here's the thing you guys need to realize... people who support Trump don't feel empathy for others.
  15. It's the combination of idiot and narcacisst. You can tell he doesn't have a clue about who she is or her situation, but instead of saying something like, 'that sounds like a very bad situation, I'm going to let you fill in one of my aids on the whole situation and we'll see if there's something we can do to help' and coming off like a hero; he has to sit there and as soon as he hears ISIS, he's just dying to take the opportunity and brag about how he was the one who single handedly defeated ISIS.
  16. The problem wasn't just that Nick Williams was out there dropping balls, it was that he was out there dropping balls by week 3. It'll be interested who will be out there to start the year when they go with 2 wr sets. Hopefully by the end of the year it will be AJ.
  17. Part of that, though, is that a lot of the media are lazy when it comes to doing in depth analysis on small market teams. They see a bunch of other media picking the Colts to be really good, and a question mark surrounding Mariota at QB and just feed off the narrative. Guarantee when they're making their cheat sheet to make their picks off of, the Titans are one of the last ones they're working on.
  18. Is this you saying stuff like LaFleur is gonna coach Gabbert into the HoF? IIRC that was your prediction last year. Now, that's a hard one to top, but I see you're well on your way to trying. ROFL
  19. Sure it's feasible. I actually think the schedule would be easier to put together as they have to work through thousands of schedules to find the right one. Just schedule the 13 opponents in the first 14 weeks and then weeks 15-17 are the repeat games against divisional opponents.
  20. I don’t like how some of the characters look but I LOVE how it will be a lot about Ciri and her story about Geralt and her finding each other and their relationship compared to Witcher 3 which just has her as a character that moves things along my guess is there will be a lot more human interactions/fights and wars than Geralt being a monster hunter that I’d like because the slogan of “the worst monsters are the ones we create” is about humans
  21. And Delanie has had good years with Marcus. Corey is just getting started. 2018 was his 1st full year. Matthews had the best years of his career with Marcus. But 2018 had no veterans with a full year under their belt that played a full season. Jonnu and Taylor didn't play the full year. Dion had a better year with Marcus than the previous one with Brady. Outside of Davis, the rest were rookies. The 2018 receiving corps besides Davis sucked. And Davis had a decent year considering his experience level, and playing in a new system. But previous year's receivers have been listed. And they sucked. And they still suck. They didn't go elsewhere and ball-out, they sucked some more. Britt left N'ville and had a 1k yard season, so your reasoning sucks as bad as Justin Hunter and DGB.
  22. One of the main Developers is a huge Colts/Manning fan. That should explain it all.
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