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  2. I never said never do it. He pays that price all too often in my opinion. There is no exact formula. I'd rather trade down than up as you can see we've had many "hits" from latter rounds and quite a few premium picks (even ones traded UP for) who bust. Volume drafting. Patience, grasshopper.
  3. Joe Biden says he carries a piece of paper in his pocket that lists who to call if lost
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  5. I kinda remember that Tanny was also stinking it up in the red zone during training camp.
  6. I can appreciate that. It may be irrelevant at this point, unless you're someone worried about it potentially happening to the next QB this franchise drafts. But as some of the hate brigade on here have become fond of telling me, for a guy likely no longer in the Titans future plans they sure are having trouble letting it go. The hate that is. I mean... he's not impacting on their fragile psyche and ability to enjoy the games anymore so... why so spiteful? Tanny's the guy now. Let the Mariota hate gooooooooo.
  7. Oh sorry, didnt mean to interrupt you guys talking about Buttigieg.
  8. This part makes zero sense at all. Yeah, Mariota was terrible. He had that 3 game stretch where he threw 0 TD passes and the team scored a total of 14 pts. And Vrabel is in the business of winning games. He couldn't afford to start Hawaiian Tebow a few more games.
  9. And? What does that mean you got dumber as he got better?
  10. I've not heard of PDFs trying to stop printing - it would be trivial to get around (take a screenshot, print that). By default I believe printing PDFs involves some parsing of the characters and formatting etc in the document - it's not like printing pixels, like an image. Sometimes this parsing fails, specific printer drivers have trouble with specific components of a document etc. You can usually go into advanced options when printing a PDF and choose to print it as an image - presumably this takes a snapshot of the document and just sends the snapshot to the printer as an image. I'm guessing one of the Print to PDF methods retained the problematic font/formatting/whatever, whereas the other method did not.
  11. Look at all the games he has won. He turns the table in games and takes the souls of defensive players. They have to have dreams about him. Bouye probably still wakes up at night scared Henry is in his bedroom.
  12. You’re a tard. I actually have evidence of me campaigning for the titans to draft lil Russ lol. like shooting a bish in a barrel
  13. I watched a lot of games and one of my best friends is a Dolphins fans. You of all people shouldn't be judgement on any QB play ...
  14. The crowd made this feel like a NFC championship game.
  15. Not really, makes total sense. Jrob and vrabel had no choice but to let mariota put the final nails in his coffin. I bet vrabel if given the choice 100% would of gone tanny, jrob probably still would of gave mariota a chance. what really tells me vrabel wanted tanny was that mariota wasn’t even that terrible (by mariota standards) and could of easily ridden him for a few more games to build in an excuse at seasons end if we miss the playoffs. But I think vrabel knew the team was watching this guy (tanny) outpractice mariota for months and now they were losing, so it opened the door and vrabel took it.
  16. You had to combine 2 other HBs touches to Blount to make your point. Blount had 299 carries. More than both of those HBs carries and targets combined. That is not what you call a 3 HB rotation. Stop being a dumbass.
  17. Yo the Raptors are for real. Kawh left the better team to go to LA.
  18. Aha! Guru rigged this whole thing from the start! The house always wins!
  19. Better to us because of our emotional involvement. That game was for something and everyone was watching. The pressure was tremendous on both teams. We played a great game, but not on that level.
  20. that was my thought. I also dont understand why Seattle didn’t go for it on 4th down. It worked out but they were playing for the tie by punting it. Doesn’t make sense when you are in a division battle with the 49ers.
  21. Noticed that Kamla has all but disappeared in that NH poll. On a slightly humorous note, at the end of the town hall, Joe was careful to very gingerly shake Erin Burnett's hand making as little personal contact as possible, his handlers apparently have gotten that message across to him.
  22. Top of the Draft order shifted around a bit with wins to the Dolphins/Jets/Browns/Bucs this week, if the top 5 settled something like it is now it would make for an intriguing first round, having the Redskins/Giants at picks 2 and 3 would open the possibility of a team trading up for a QB to get ahead of the Dolphins. For the Titans we hover around the middle of round 1 for another week. 2020 NFL Draft Order after Week 10 1. Bengals 2. Redskins 3. Giants 4. Dolphins 5. Jets 6. Falcons 7. Browns 8. Bucs 9. Broncos 10. Cardinals 11. Lions 12. Chargers 13. Jags 14. Raiders (from Bears) 15. Titans 16. Eagles 17. Raiders 18. Colts 19. Panthers 20. Jags (from Rams) 21. Cowboys 22. Dolphins (from Steelers) 23. Chiefs 24. Vikings 25. Bills 26. Miami (from Texans) 27. Saints 28. Seahawks 29. Ravens 30. Packers 31. Patriots 32. 49ers
  23. I’ll raise my hand and say this was me. It was obvious Tannehill was better yet they wouldn’t open it up to a competition. I still can’t understand it. I thought they would roll with him since they gave him the job. The way they’ve handled it is strange.
  24. Idk... this seems like it'd be slightly better for you on the sodium scale than that monstrosity I posted. I can literally feel the kidney stones forming from here. I wouldn't mind actually trying this once just to see, but I think I'd pick a different kind of meat. Idk what though...
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