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  2. The eagles offered us pretty great picks that year too.
  3. But isn't that true of the entire "Penal" system? Of course it is. That's why so many people find the glorification of gangsta/prison/thug culture so offensive. I would argue that the prevalence of that side of popular culture is a large part of why the death penalty and the penal system in general is inadequate to the task of crime deterrence. For some segments of society the stigma of prison and even the DP has been replaced with glorification and martyrdom. This is part of the argument against video games like GTA etc.
  4. Really doubt Wilkins last till 19. Gary is kinda meh. Brown is better, but not one of my top wants. This board has been quiet today. Let's get the chatter going!
  5. How close will the next presidential election be to a Jimmy Carter election? Carter was elected after Nixon resigned. Carter was a "washington outsider" who promised to clean up Washington. He was a moderate candidate that was mostly a "good guy" to come after the Nixon taint. I look at how Biden has opened his campaign around saving democracy and saving the US and the world from Trump and I look at Mayor's Pete's decision to talk about values and principles over policies. The place where Trump is the weakest are on issues of values, honesty, ethics and principle. You could say that's even Bernie's method though he is more about ideological. There are lots of differences. The obvious is that Trump won't resign like that. So Carter never actually campaigned directly against Nixon but someone with some distance from the scandals. The electorate seems to vote in opposites when they want in change. Obama's intelligence followed Bush. Trump - low iq and crassness contrasted Obama. The best contrast to Trump would be one of moral principle- a "good guy" that reflects Trumps nature back on him by his very presence rather than direct confrontation to every slight. Pete's intelligence and calmness is a good contrast. Biden has a "man of the people" image. I think Booker tries that with his love vs hate but comes across hokey. Bernie is a contrast of ideology. He doesn't highlight character contrasts. I think this election will be about who can come out of the attacks, campaigning, etc with the highest character marks. Biden has already been smeared there before. We'll see if he can stand through it. I think Warren's style doesn't fit that- though is trying to be one to fight for ideals. I don't think it comes across the same. The candidate that reminds me the most of Jimmy Carter is Pete. Moderate, calm presence that often evokes religion and focuses on values over policies. My biggest concern with him right now is his ability to handle the big stage and a national campaign for the first time. Thoughts?
  6. I personally want Dexter Lawrence just knowing how valuable Haloti Ngata was to the Ravens D. But I truly think OL upgrades will help Mariota more than a top skill position in this particular draft.
  7. The term be careful what you wish for seems pretty appropriate right now.
  8. Guy dies a heinous death for being black in his own country --> BUILD THE WALL!!!
  9. The Titan one is wearing #8.......
  10. Hot take....... Most likely he'll be bad (like the vast majority of drafted QB's!).
  11. Honestly, IMO everyone should hold their hot takes on Lock being good or bad until after the draft. Save your sanity and breath. It's too close to the deadline for it to matter. Right now, it's all about: "Can this actually happen?"
  12. The outrageous reactions of some people make me want to see it happen.
  13. Surprised the consensus on the board is that people think Hock will be there at 19. I don’t see how he possibly drops past the top ten, let alone a possible Jets trade down to six or making it past 7.
  14. Kiper's Final Mock: 19. Tennessee Titans: Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan Gary is dropping a little bit, but he has all the talent in the world to be an all-pro player. His issue is consistency. Could Mike Vrabel and Dean Pees get the best out of him? McShay's Final Mock: 19. Tennessee Titans: Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma Brown could slide a little due to his foot injury, but he is an absolute burner. Opposite Corey Davis, he could pile on big gains all season long. Brown can pluck on the run and dash upfield, making defenders miss along the way. The Ringer's Final Mock: 19. Christian Wilkins (They have a cool format with lots of info on their site https://nfldraft.theringer.com/). Kiper has Lock going #15 to Washington. McShay has him #17 to NYG. The Ringer has him #5 to the Giants. FWIW Cosell seemed convinced NYG wouldn't take Lock.
  15. They play almost identically he just doesn't have the stamina of Casey right now or probably ever, that dude is a flabby freak of nature.
  16. That’s one awkward, gangly looking motherfucker. Oilerman and PK would be best buds
  17. I'd argue the death penalty is often considered as a deterrent for heinous crimes, but it fails miserably as currently implemented.
  18. Lol Paul knows where his bread is buttered ... Again, a great chance it doesn't happen but it's not an afterthought.
  19. He seems similar to Cutler in skill set but seems to have better leadership/interpersonal skills. I've seen a few interviews with him and he presents himself like a top tier QB. I bet he will tell the coaches what plays he likes.
  20. The easy thing will be to talk about how bad those guys' careers have turned out but I can't lie, this clip is funny and I felt the same way that draft night.
  21. Josh Allen looks like a poor man's Cam Newton
  22. Josh Allen will likely never be a reliable passer in the NFL. Even if the Bills keep him relatively clean I doubt you'll ever see him become a surgical QB that wins straight from the pocket and IMO if you don't have that upside, you aren't worth drafting high. You keep Rosen clean and he'll pick teams apart, book it. I remember the dropped passes argument being made for Allen last season he had a career comp % of 56.2 in college (similar to Lock) and then proceeded to follow that up with a rookie year comp % of 52.8%. Accuracy rarely gets better and inaccurate passers in college tend to stay that way or get worse in the NFL. Now I'll be totally fair and point out that the Bills receiving corps raked 8th in dropped passes last season but the Cardinals were worse AND even when adjusting for that (PFF) Allen still ranked dead last in the league. Here's an excerpt from a Bills SBnation article: Allen’s critics often cite inaccuracy as a potentially insurmountable problem. His completion percentage of 52.8% only helps that argument. One area PFF examines is adjusted completion rate, which accounts for things like dropped passes, throwaways, and spiked balls. With these considerations, Allen’s adjusted completion percentage climbs to 64.7%, which is a big jump. Unfortunately, when looking at every quarterback with this lens, Allen is dead last in the league. The NFL average was 75.3%. Choosing Allen as an example was a bad move. Fortunately, I'm fair and think Lock is a better prospect than him.
  23. Except the death penalty is borne of the desire to remove an extreme offender from society to prevent any chance of them repeating their crime. It stems from the belief that the offender is irredeemable, and that their crime is/was heinous enough to broaden the belief they will kill again. Malice is not part of it, there is no spite involved. The definition being: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/malice The object of the DP is not to cause harm or inflict injury/distress, but simply one of removing from the offender from civil society permanently.
  24. Can you sever an artery with a pineapple thorn? Asking for a friend.
  25. Well so far they've all been backups. What would you expect?
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